February 2017 Newsletter

crow Mr. McKrekor
Mr McKrekor here….

First day of 2017, like anything changes just because we flipped the calender….. but that is what people like to believe so let’s go with that.

Lilian drove to town, as always , with me in tow. She mentioned to her passenger that things felt weird and he agreed. A Red-Father-Hawk followed her…he must not have seen me because they have known to attack a little fella like me and I was a bit nervous… Traffic lights were out on Olympia and they had snuck an oil-train in on the town. Guess no-one was looking for a fracking oil train on a holiday and with that they “ People of Olympia” were outsmarted and it kept protesters away.

A blue small SUV cut in front of Lilian and the bumper-sticker read” When People lead the leaders will follow. Lilian thought that was a crazy sticker with our new President and all…but it got better. Another sticker: EVE WAS SET UP.. Oh, Oh here it comes….I wish she, Lilian would quit doing this, stop people to ask questions. It is a nice little town, the Capitol of Washington State , but in this day and age you have to be careful with all the shooting etc going on everywhere. And there she goes…. gesturing for the woman in the SUV to pull over and SHE did. How ya doing? Nice Bumpersticker. Did you have a nice New Year?” Hi there…I did and thank you.” Here is Lilian, I knew it, I knew it! What does EVE was set up mean? “Beats the hell out of me I just thought it was logical… There you have it, they got back in the cars and went on their merry way.

It was so cold, snow on the mountains, Ice and on pavement and one of the prettiest Sunsets I have seen…. I was so happy when Lilian went home to feed the cat, she said and of course there was a bit of food for me also. Nothing fancy, she just threw my food out of the front door. Wonder what she was thinking.

Inauguration Day came and true to their word MANY people joined the boycott on TV and refuse to watch to keep down the TV ratings in protest of Donald Trump becoming President. I was puzzled, as much as I can be puzzled… remember now I am a Crow… Lilian got in the car, me in tow and to the movie she went. Imagine how complected it was for me to sneak by the checker and hide between the seats without anyone noticing me. Champ Crow that I am I managed somehow…undetected and indulged in the movie…. not sure if indulged is the proper word….hanging out with Lilian taught me to just go with the flow of flight….she makes up words and expect people to know what she means.

People were crunching on their treats and talked about the new Laws in effect since the first day of the New Year. Only driving in the right lane unless passing. Very funny, Lilian does that all the time and people tease her. They say she drives like and old Lady, guess what. She never has to worry about a ticket now.

The Rumor of having the Power Grit having been hacked my Russia did not hold true and the conversion shifted to reincarnated Crusators, Templars and young people being upset with the Illuminati. How am I suppose to relate to THAT? I have positioned myself behind a shoe the lady next to Lilian kicked of, great hiding place. Aha, now I get it. The lady recognized my friend from her TV Show and they are actually talking about the Show Ancient Aliens Season 9, Episode 3 and comparing it to present day aggressiveness of people who don’t think the way some believe the world should function.

The movie has started. HIDDEN FIGURES…. the story of the 30 Afro American woman which worked as “HUMAN COMPUTERS” for NASA, calculating all figures needed to get America to the moon.

I am so fascinated what the human species can accomplish when they set their mind to it, at the same time it is amazing how competitive they are….at ALL cost. Guess I should not say that; we Crows are survival oriented also and we are thieves. We like shiny things and have been known to fly off with things not belonging to us. But if you think about it, we don’t know the difference we use what is available and laying around. We just park ourselves where we please and do what we do, which reminds me, what am I going to do if I have to poop. …

John Glenn insist on using the figures of the women to allow himself to be shot off into space…. Lilian is doing a low crawl to get to the Latrine…. it is a long movie and my problem is solved. After I worked myself back to the show I was hiding in I thought I felt a little shaky, as it turned out later I found out there had been a few earthquakes over a period of a few days. At least it my shakiness was not from the droppings of popcorn on the Theater floor….remember I take things where I find it.

earthquake map of Washington

Lilian fills a large trashcan on rollers with firewood. She keeps it on the porch my the front-door, so that is where I will sit for a while and eavesdrop on all the going no’s. I can see through the window and make sure I am not missing anything. Inauguration is done and OH, OH here it comes.

Someone is airing photos from President Obama’s Inauguration and today;s festivities. Guess it worked in more ways than one, not too many people. Using Fair Use I will show you the picture.

Obama vs Trump Inauguration size

Top is 2008, bottom is 2017. Our new President is VERY upset and at a later time demands a new picture. According to him in what is called Alternative Facts…..the new phrase of the year I am sure, he feels that he had the LARGEST ATTENDANCE EVER.

January 21st was the day of the WOMEN March, It is said over 3 million women, some men along with children marched in protest all over the country. Many Cities in other countries also participated.

There was no unrest or arrest, an unheard occurrence as far as I heard. It is amazing what people can accomplish in Unity. Suppose they are taking lessons from my Brothers when traveling South for the Winter? On the other hand I heard Lilian tell someone she saw Canadian Geese fly North, trying to get away from the Chaos of the Election I wonder? Well, that was not nice for me to say but I am a Crow, so I can think what I want, I live by a different set of rules. Rather orderly I might add.

Women Marches in US map

Lilian is famous for knowing where all the public Restrooms are in town, so it was only natural for her to do her part for the March in Washington D.C. And find a map to post of all the restroom on the marcher’s route, since she is in no shape to march anywhere.

map public restrooms

Trump Unites America Against Trump

In Olympia 10,000 marched and this is what one of Lilian’s relative wrote:

Women holding rights placards

“I marched because I can. I marched because a lot of women can’t, even if you don’t see them. I marched for women of privilege, women who don’t have shit, women who are raising awesome children with their same-sex partner who has to legally adopt the child that is biologically hers, and might find herself spontaneously unmarried in the eyes of the Supreme Court. I marched for women who need reproductive healthcare of any kind. I marched for the 17-year old pregnant girl who dropped out of school to sort my clothes at the dry cleaners for $7.25/hour. She has to quit when the baby comes because she doesn’t get any time off, paid or otherwise. Her next job will be minimum wage, too, because she hasn’t gotten her GED yet and doesn’t know if she can get in the night school program because she’ll need someone to stay with her newborn. I marched for the woman who was raped in college and still hasn’t even told her best friend, after all these years.”

Here is a peace of paper with addresses on it about the March around the world AND a video timelaps from the protests in Seattle WA. https://www.facebook.com/KOMONews/videos/1309514549116874/?pnref=story


I am so in thought, the mailman almost caught me peeping in the window. He finally delivered Lilian;s heart medicines. They were delayed by 3 weeks because because the Lady at WESTERN UNION convinced her a WU Money Order was being honored all around the world. It was NOT TRUE. Western Union does NOT sell International Money Orders. It too 4 weeks for the momey to be returned, when Lilian was attempting to get a refund by canceling the MO she was told it would take 30 days, a fee of $15 plus mailing has to be included. It was urgent for her to receive her pills so she submitted the order a second time and was without Medication. SO DON’T DO IT! Purchase your International Money Orders at the US Postal Service!

All the Hoopla and for the second time in a year Lilian missed a Doctor;s Appointment do to a Weather Event. The fist time a windstorm and the second an Ice Storm. She was told to find a new provider because she canceled twice in 6 month. She was able to keep her appointment with her Cardiologist and was told that it is ILLIGAL to deny a patient service because of an act of Nature, even under the Affordable Care Act, what everyone refers to as Obama Care. President Trump to the rescue in form of MANY totally damaging Presidential Executive Orders, which in many peoples opinion are practically dismantling the world as we know it. STAY TUNED!

I managed to see a clip on Television where President Trump teases everyone with a letter he said President Obama left for him, but he was not telling what it said. I wonder if that is a copy of a letter Lilian is passing around to some of her friends after a discussion about secure they use to feel with the 44th President, even when sleeping people felt he had their back. That feeling is gone and everyone is suffering from a new Syndrome which manifests in Depression, FEAR, Uncertainty, Anxiety and Panic Attacks. Imagine, even the time on the Doomday Clock was changed. The clock is now the closest it’s been to midnight since the 1950s, with scientists citing “alternative facts” and threat of nuclear arms.

One can feel the the restlessness in the air. People and yes, us animals also have an uneasiness about us which is hard to explain. Like sensing a storm except it is not in physical site yet. A premonition of something and it results in ill-feeling, lack of patience and rudeness. People can’t sleep and act out doring their waking hours some without realizing how it effects everything including nature. Sometimes I wish I could share a little knowledge of the mechanics of the way nature is part of reality for us animals and people most Humans have lost the ability to follow their instinct. Imagine, they are now worried about Robots taking their jobs. I kid you not, I heard it on the News.

I got so sidetracked…here is the letter.

Obama parting letter

Scientists talk about Time-rifts,unfortunately President Trump took down MANY of the websites that are regular information centers for may who have followed such subjects for years. I so hope a list of the total amount and meaning of the new reality we are facing. Maybe next month. I also like to mention that the promised report of the UFO Sighting in Guatemala is not available at this time, still waiting.

Due to Global Warming it is snowing in Afrika. The Sahara is white instead of the reddish gold color the sand usually looks like. Lilian;s Friend Saada from Batna, Algeria shared her new hair dress with her.

Saada new hair dress

Lilian’s Aberional friends living in the NT of Australia send out a call for help. indigenousX

Hi all,
Thank you all so much for your concern and generosity. The response has been overwhelming, and unexpected. I’ve spoken with Sherrie at the Kalumburu Remote Area Health Service and she has requested everybody please refrain from calling with their enquiries. It’s a health clinic and they’re flat out busy, and are being distracted by the telephone calls.

However they are still accepting donations of the items below:

  • Size 0 to 1 babies (as new born babies basically don’t have anything to wear)
  • Underwear of all types
  • Summer kids cs, tops and skirts for older ladies (big sizes only)
  • Men’s shirts, T-shirts and cargo shorts in large or XL
  • Towels, single linen sheets & pillowcases
  • Thongs all sizes (not for toddlers) clothes in all sizes as many only have one change of clothes
  • Large cotton dresses

Kalumburu girl

Here is a wonderful Video which explains what Skin Names actually mean. I know several people who have adopted a Native name, sometimes unauthorized, but maybe it is the changing to other realities some humans need to get through this very hard adjustment time.

Skin Name


The neighborhood cat is on the prowl, I had better move to higher ground. This cat can climb with a speed seldom witnessed. I will Daydream of Spring, a girlfriend perhaps? I will imagine a light at the end of a tunnel…Oh Oh. Here she comes with a mouse in her grip… I guess I am safe…this time…

And So Will You.


Love and Light

Mr McKrekor

Here are a few things of interest:

woman pink silhouette

The Obama Years with Brian Williams


SNL said good bye to PREZ and it is moving


A visit to Mt Rainer in one of Lilian;s shows , something to relax to.

Trillions Magazine Explores Multi-Temporal Consciousness

The progressive magazine, Trillions, has an article in its October issue about being multi-temporal entitled “Management Mojo: Being Multi-Temporal“.

Multi-temporal means being more consciously aware of the past, present and future.  Some remote viewers refer to connecting to the future as getting “feedback from the future”. More commonly it is called precognition.

In Associative Remote Viewing, the viewer connects with their future self to receive perceptions from their future self about target feedback.  Sending information backwards in time to influence the past is called  “retro-causation” and is a widely accepted phenomenon in quantum physics.

Combining precognition with retro-causation enables a person to establish a channel of communication between their future self and past self.

Check out the article on Trillions to learn more.


March 2016 Newsletter

February was a complicated month, or was it. In some ways it was boring because the news was pretty much the same each day. Weather and the Presidential run for the Whitehouse.

Like every February our local Pow Wow… Sa-Heh-Wa-Mish-Days took place on the 20th and 21st. Like every February I drove the back roads to attend the event, recharged my etheric batteries… as I call it… and checked the state of the season on my way there. I had estimated the first trees to bloom by the 23rd and it appeared I was right. Like each February I wrote my newsletter in my head on my journey there and like each February I forgot every thought I had by the time I got home. Like each February I regretted not having followed friend’s advice to carry a recorder and tape my thoughts. This February I carried a Smart Phone which I use as an alarm clock, since the phone is much smarter than me and I do not know how to operate it.

One of the great things about attending yearly events one sees old friends who have come from all over, the kids are a year older and we are another year wiser. To share a meal and catch up is such a wonderful institution and … wait for it.. sunshine instead of snow and ice … is the icing on the cake.

Snow moon
Snow moon



I wondered how come I was able to see the full Moon in broad sunshiny daylight and found out it was really a special day, the night of the Snow Moon.

Pow-Wow Dancers
Pow-Wow Dancers

I sat with the friends while watching the Grand Entry of all the tribes, a glorious site to see, the honoring of all the Vets, which is a very big part of a Pow Wow, to thank the warriors for their service.  The little ones, ages 3-6, did a Chicken Dance and it always moves me to see all the different tribes in Unity teaching culture to the young.  I always wonder why it is that the world cannot follow this example and live in peace, it can be done, IT CAN BE DONE!

Unable to walk the distance from the Parking area to the event, I had brought my walker so I was able to sit in the Sun.  2 Young women asked me if I had already eaten, I had not.  So they brought me a REZ Burger…. a double hamburger in Navajo Frybread and we attempted to sort out subjects which were of interest to all of us in the little group which had congregated in the food-line next to where I was sitting in my little space in the Sun.

We always have floods this time of the year but it has seldom been so much and everywhere.  Not just where I live, tribal members from Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Utah commented on the vast distance and severity of the floods of 2016.

11 States were greatly affected by Storms, mostly blizzards and Tornadoes.  Mother Nature is truly angry about something and we speculated what it could be.  It only took a moment to list a multitude of reasons, since the world is in such turmoil.

We learned a new word, which will surely make it into the dictionary: Trumpertandrum

A Neolithic woman was found at Stonehenge and we talked about regardless of how educational it is, it is sacrilegious how we continue to dig up everything and everybody.

A friend inquired if I finally had hot water and if all worked out.  She was talking about an incident I posted on my Facebook.  My hot water-tank was leaking and a relative offered to help by loaning me part of the money needed for the repair.  I went to Western Union as requested to retrieve the money when it became apparent he had not himself wired money and asked a friend to take care of it for him.  I was unable to pick up the money since I did not remember his friends last name and had no phone number to call and ask.  It took a couple of days before I was able to get back to Western Union at our local Fred Mayers.  It was late in the afternoon and the shoppers were tired or laid back, some resting their arms on the shopping carts they were pushing.

I re-submitted my pay out request with the proper last name listed on the form. It also showed I expected $100.  The clerk in a very loud voice announced that Allah did NOT send me $100.  Allah sent $500.

The shoppers became alive and went into protective mode.  The whole store went into semi panic mode by the name Allah.  It was very disturbing to me but I was glad to experience the behavior of the shoppers, as well as the clerks.  So sad, so sad.  Eventually….3 weeks later… my hot water problem was resolved and I returned the money to Allah.  A new solution was found and I am happy to report that the 3-week cold water dilemma was solved.

My friend Bill Ramsey started to record sound in outer space long before I met him in 1993.  He called it MUSIC.  The frequency is not compatible with me and interferes with my balance and demeanor.  However, over a period of time I managed to familiarize myself with the sounds of certain planets.  I made Bill Ramsey’s recordings available to some of my Techno Musician friends, who worked it into their work, as far back as 2009. At the end of the newsletter is one of my shows that covered the subject in 1999.  There is also a show which explains the mechanics of frequency and sounds in space.

Right in line with this is what I found on my Facebook page a couple of days later.  For the friends without a computer I have copied what that looks like.

For all my musician friends who think I know what I’m doing with the cables and wires and stuff behind my keyboard and inside of the whole set-up, and can discuss it intelligently, well, as you can see from this pic, I am majorly confused! tongue emoticon I know the technicalities on how to make the music, but I can’t always answer your questions about the cabling, devices and all that stuff. I have a techie for that. Okay, enough of this, just get me out of this tangled mess and back to the front where the good stuff is! – with ALiEn TriBe.


Lilian Mustelier I had issues today also, I screwed up everything….

Lilian Mustelier Had not thought of it, but I think you are right. Remember when I offered you the Space sound my friend records and I offered it to you? WELL that is what they talked about in the news today….new discovery, except that was 6 years ago

Lia Shapiro Oh gosh Lilian, do you ever feel like it’s your electro-magnetic frequency that can mess with electronics? I know mine messes with it!!

Lilian Mustelier May I use your post in my newsletter please Lia Shapiro

Lia Shapiro My electronics get messed up if I’m rushed or stressed too much, Lilian. Yes, I remember when you offered it to me. Back then I wasn’t doing collaborations or working with anyone else’s’ material. Do you have a copyright on it? I couldn’t just use something like that if someone has a copyright on it or even if it belongs to them. It would be cool though and especially now that it’s coming out in the news.

Lilian Mustelier yes, I have permission to use it as I see fit. So, can I use this post?

Lilian Mustelier I take this heads up to be a YES. Thank you!

Alien TriBe Lilian, I’m still not sure what you want to use in the newsletter, but whatever it is, I give my permission, it’s okay!

Lilian Mustelier The picture and our conversation, it fits right into the subject of my newsletter

Lia Shapiro Oh, okay Lilian. Please send me a copy of your newsletter when done. Actually, I think I’ve been missing them.

While at the Pow Wow I ran into some old friends. We belonged to the same church at one time.  Over the years some of us have found it necessary to form support groups on the internet to help us deal with issues keeping us from living a normal life.  MANY people who have left the Church, along with some Scientologists and Mormons have reached heights in our lives that would not have been possible in a regimented, constrictive and mind controlled environment.

Here is a post I received from someone looking for explanations in reference to the treatment of some.  This came out of a handbook.

There are different ways this pattern applies to Jehovah’s Witnesses. The most obvious are the failed predictions, of course. Funny how nobody seems to care among Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is due, in part, to the Governing Body claiming affiliation with prophets of ancient time who seemingly had the gift of foretelling future events. So, if it worked out for them, it will have to work out for the Governing Body in the long run, right? We just have to believe. Plus: It says so in the Bible. On a smaller scale, we are all prone to fortune-telling. Did you ever think you’d make a perfect ass of yourself doing an assignment in the Theocratic Ministry School and then it didn’t go so well indeed? Classic self-fulfilling prophecy. Why? Because we were made to believe that if something goes wrong it is always our fault or our lacking of faith. If things go well: Thank you, Jehovah!
In my humble opinion …. Could it be that is why some of us are declared as EVIL and shunned because we actually have a gift from the Creator and use it to help people to maneuver their lives. Especially of we can convince them everyone has free will and can make their own choices. We solve crimes, help find missing persons, and actually manage to give people hope based o their circumstances … LOVE rather than FEAR … and oh yeah, some of us … as it turns out use our God Given Gift and are actually right.

In my book I introduce you to some of the people this applies to and mankind would have missed out on some brilliant discoveries had they stayed in a manipulating environment.  Feel free to download your copy at the link below.


A couple of friends I discuss in the book are James Clarkson, Director for MUFON of Washington State, Peter Davenport Director of the UFO Reporting Center and Derrel Sims THE ALIEN HUNTER will speak at a UFO Conference on March 5th and 6th at Ocean Shores, WA. Quinault Beach Resort Ocean Shores Hotel and Casino

DERREL SIMS, in Kansas City, receives award for teaching symbolic profiles and using the rules of Grapho Analysis to underscore the effectiveness of his innovative new evaluation tool.

Alien Hunter - CIA agent Derrel Sims
Alien Hunter – CIA agent Derrel Sims

These are some of Derrel’s Implants he and the late Dr. Lear claim to have  removed from people’s bodies which got there in strange ways.

I was still looking for my family to find me when a Ogalala Dancer stopped and talked to me.

I said: “I remember you from some of the YouTube postings and like the way you dance.  He said: “I remember you too from YouTube.  It is spring, you are so pretty but what are you doing sitting on this walker?  GET UP!”  I did and he said: “So now I am sitting on it.”  He materialized two drums from inside of his regalia and said: “Now we drum”.  I answered: “what are we drumming for.”  He said: “we will drump TRUMP’S ass right out of here!”

Love and Light

Edited by Roberta Apple

Here is a video about bullying and suicide

Ernest Richard visited from Maine and shared research about Schumacher/Teslar Tech with us in plain English. This discusses his and Bill Ramsey’s work.

This was the show in which we explained the physical effects space “MUSIC” can have on the body.
Rose…Take 2 aspirin

NASA Makes It Official: 2015 Was the Hottest Year Ever

Thanks to a team of worldwide scientists and high-end computer models, it is now official:   2015 was the hottest year on record.

Thanks to the human impacts on climate change, a strong El Niño almost as big as the record-setting one in 1998, and a flywheel effect of what happens from past almost-as-hot years make the next one even hotter, the Earth’s global surface temperatures registered an average +0.87°C (~1.6°F) hotter than the 1951-1980 base years measured in NASA Goddard’s GISSTEMP analysis. That makes it the hottest year ever for any year with temperatures scientifically verified by instrumentation.

2015vs2014+2010_v4In the chart shown above it is perhaps even easier to see both long-term temperature trends as well as how 2015’s El Niño effects began to make their appearance felt. The three graphs showing maps of globe surface temperature anomalies relative to the base period are well-marked, with a color scheme ranging from deep purple and blue at one end (where temperatures were actually lower than the base period) all the way up to a dark blood red for the most extreme variations from the baseline.

In the bottom left quadrant is the 2010 data set. In that one, note that even though the baseline was still significantly higher than normal overall by +0.72°C and coming in at the third hottest year on record, there are areas on the globe with little to no variance above the baseline. Most of those were over larger water regions and in less populated areas over the eastern and higher latitude parts of the Russia/China Asian land masses.

For 2014, the second warmest year on record, the variations are getting bigger and there are few regions where temperatures are close to the baseline figures. In this case the average surface temperature measured in at +0.74°C higher than the baseline.

In 2015, the globe dramatically rose in average temperature, all the way up to +0.87°C beyond the baseline. That’s a 0.13°C jump all in one year.

In the bottom right hand quadrant of this graph, it also possible to see how 2015’s El Niño made its presence felt. For it and the other two years charted here, through mid-year it could be said that temperature variations were following a similar pattern for each year on a month-to-month basis. After mid-year, however, the earth’s heating system kicked into high gear and surface temperatures began to climb quickly. In July 2015, the mean surface temperature measured in at +0.7°C over baseline. By December surface temperatures had risen dramatically, with a new mean value of +1.11°C.

This much change is bad enough, but another piece of climate change data which has only just begun to hit mass media is how it is the upper latitudes that are seeing the biggest temperature changes overall.

In this graph, starting from the bottom up is a good way to go to grasp its implications quickly. The bottom graph shows the long-term surface temperature trends over time for the southernmost latitudes, starting at 23.6°C South Latitude and running to 90° South. Using other descriptors, that is from the Tropic of Capricorn, the southern border of the tropics, to well beyond the southern Arctic Circle (which is located at about 66.5° south latitude. For this region all values have been climbing over time, but even now – in 2015 – the temperature anomaly runs only around +0.5°C relative to baseline.

The next graph, which depicts temperatures on either side of the equator marking the region known as the tropics, the temperature anomaly is a little higher relative to normal, showing a mean overall rise of between +0.8°C and +0.9°C.

When you get to the highest latitudes, from 23.6°N to 90N, running from the Tropic of Cancer, the northernmost part of what is known as the tropics, to well beyond the northern Arctic Circle (around 66.5°C), the temperature change is at its highest level, peaking as of the end of last year at around +1.1°C relative to the baseline. With such high temperatures in this northern region, one can expect faster melting of the ice caps than in the southern region – along with higher temperatures overall, which will impact all manner of animals, birds, and sea life.

With the current El Niño certainly far from finished in doing its best to continue its work well into 2016, and with the top three global greenhouse gas emitters (China, the U.S., and India) dumping more into the atmosphere, it is safe to assume 2015 will not retain its record at the hottest year ever for long. By next December, a number of scientists are already predicting 2016 will set even hotter records everywhere.

For the full report this article was based on, click here. NASA’s full data bank of information behind the graphs shown in this article – along with access to some of the computer programs used to do the analysis them – are available here.

Data included in this article was provided by the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies and their GISS Surface Temperature Analysis website and in the following publications:

Most Vulnerable Countries Disconnected from the Knowledge on Climate Change

Climate Collaborations on climate change research are divided into separate regions of the world with little knowledge exchange between them shows a new Danish-Brazilian study led by the University of Copenhagen. The most vulnerable countries of the world are largely disconnected from the production and flow of scientific knowledge on climate change, leaving their climate policymaking with little contextually relevant advice. The study calls for initiatives across private, governmental and non-governmental organisations, and from researchers themselves to diminish the knowledge gap.

When new research on climate change is published it most often concerns and is produced by the developed countries and the BRICS countries Brazil, India, China and South Africa rather than countries most vulnerable, but less contributing, to climate change.

The little research that does concern developing countries often lacks a locally based author. For instance, only about one fifth of the publications concerning climate change in Africa have a locally based first author – for the developed regions, it is two thirds of the publications. For some countries, such as the Republic of Congo and North Korea with up to 72 relevant publications, there are no locally based authors, not even co-authors.

“Without locally generated knowledge, it is more challenging to provide and integrate contextually relevant advice, and this leaves a critical gap in the climate policy debates. This is particularly worrying as we are dealing with countries likely to experience severe climatic changes and that are most sensitive to its detrimental impacts” says lead-author and postdoc Maya Pasgaard from the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management at the University of Copenhagen.

Research collaboration is divided into regions

In total, the study analysed author affiliations of more than 15.000 climate change publications published between 1999 and 2010. Authors focusing on the same countries for climate change research typically share geographical proximity, common climate, politics and economic characteristics.

“The regional divides limit critical flows of experiences and competencies across geographical and political-economic boundaries; a flow which is also needed to tackle the many threats and challenges of comparable character across regions, such as changes in crops, pest management and adaptation to climate hazards,” says co-author and Professor Niels Strange from the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate at the University of Copenhagen.

Generally, the European and North & Central American countries study climate change both inside and outside their own regions, whereas, for instance, China, India, Russia and countries in their surrounding regions, primarily study their own region when it comes to climate change. With the exception of some South American and African countries who share research interests, knowledge exchange on climate change suffers from large regional divides, in particular among vulnerable, developing regions.

Researchers should help drive the transition

The study recommends initiatives that focus on strengthening collaborations across geographical distances and across national differences in climate, export, democracy and national economy, as well as strengthening the local production and integration of knowledge.

“There is an array of partners responsible for increasing collaborations, ranging from big international organisations, such as the UN, to individual governments and higher education leaders. We also urge individual researchers and private companies alike to take responsibility for increasing cross-national collaborations and thus increase knowledge exchange between regions” says co-author and Assistant Professor Bo Dalsgaard from the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate.

He is personally involved in a collaborative project across geographical, climatic and political-economic boundaries with UNICAMP in Brazil, the University of the West Indies in Jamaica, local coffee growers from, amongst other players, the Jamaican Coffee Growers’ Association, and the London-based gourmet coffee brand Oubu Coffee. Together they study the effects of climate on the pollination of coffee in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, West Indies.

“This project was initiated through a personal network between me, Oubu Coffee and their relations within Jamaica. As researchers we have to be willing to drive the transition forward through such opportunities and networks. Waiting for international institutions or governments to create new initiatives is not the only way forward” says Bo Dalsgaard.
Maya Pasgaard also has experience with research collaboration across regions, working together with a local researcher from Cambodia on community-based forest protection to mitigate climate change.

 “Cross-border collaborations are not just highly relevant scientifically, but also rewarding on a personal level, as cultural knowledge exchange becomes an integrated part of the collaboration” she says.

A large group of countries has few or no locally based authors in climate change research publications. The darker colour indicates higher percentages of locally based authors. Credit: Pasgaard et al (2015).
A large group of countries has few or no locally based authors in climate change research publications. The darker colour indicates higher percentages of locally based authors. Credit: Pasgaard et al (2015).

Obama’s Murderous War of Lies and Terrorism Out of Control

“Any time bombs are used to target innocent civilians it is an act of terrorism.”- Barack Obama, 15th February 2013.

Even to those who do not watch closely it has to be apparent that Washington’s vast disinformation machine is finally out of control, seriously awry, or desperate.

The latest foray in apparent media manipulation was the claim (1) by US “anonymous sources” that four Russian missiles targeting terrorist groups in Syria, landed in Iran.

US Administrations are serial repeaters of untruths. However talking of stray missiles after bombing a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan under a week before – when coordinates of the buildings had been confirmed to US authorities again just prior to the attack – then changing the story as to how it happened four times in less days, is skating on wafer thin ice.

As Bernard Kouchner, co-founder of MSF and former French Foreign Minister wrote:

“Targeting a red cross drawn on the roof of a hospital is … unacceptable … a line has again been crossed.” Demanding an independent investigation he stated: “It is a war crime.” (Guardian, 9th October 2015.)

Former US Senate candidate, Mark Dankof, speaking to Iran’s Press TV regarding US claims of stray missiles in Iran believes a full-blown psychops operation towards Russia is underway. (2) President Putin’s Ministers stating that all terrorists terrorizing the people of Syria are targets – thus including the US backed ones – might be the reason.

Dankof points out:

“ … two anonymous US officials (are) a basis for this claim, who in turn are quoting unspecified, uncorroborated, and unverified ‘military and intelligence information.’ ” (3)

Moreover: “This is laughable … and underscores the blizzard of lies spun by the American government, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the (Persian) Gulf Cooperation Council, and Turkey, about what has been going on in Syria, and who is clearly responsible for the 250,000 Syrian deaths, one million wounded, and 9.5 million displaced citizens of that country”, he added.

“The blame is clearly on the aforementioned states, who have financed, supported, and introduced the … extremists and terrorists into the sovereign state of Syria in an illegitimate attempt to overthrow the legitimate and recognized government  … This is not simply evil, but illegal.

“The lies being woven by Zionist corporate media in the West about Russia are an attempt to conceal the alliance of ISIL, al-Qaeda, and affiliates with American, Israeli, British, French, and Saudi intelligence, and to conceal the obvious fact that the Russian airstrikes are hurting these terrorist groups militarily, even as they take place legally because the sovereign government … of Syria has formally requested Russian assistance.”

Dankov pointed out that on Thursday 8th October, the “White Helmets” became CNN’s source for their reports on the stray missiles, the network citing them as “an independent medical team” in Syria. However:

“The truth is that the White Helmets are an invention of state intelligence agencies and NGOs who seek the overthrow the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This organization has special links to the British government in particular, and (also) to the PR firm Purpose Inc., to lobby for military intervention against Assad.

“They are closely linked to the Avaaz NGO which has the same agenda, and is linked to the Open Society Foundation of George Soros …”

Australian born Jeremy Heimans, co-founder and CEO of Purpose Inc. (“We create new organizations and ventures to tackle issues where mass participation and collective action can unlock big change”; “Purpose moves people to remake the world”) is also a co-founder of Avaaz.

However, back to “stray missiles”, a story speedily silent in the Western media.  Russian General Musa Kamali told Sputnik News Agency (9th October 2015): “We have no reports of any Russian missiles crashing in Iran … those media reports alleging that Russian missiles aiming at Syria hit Iran are blatant lies.

“If the people making those claims had any proof, they would have certainly presented it”, he said. Quite.

Of course US expertise excels not alone in stray missiles, but in planned assaults on hospitals and other buildings protected under international laws. Hospitals are specifically protected under Article 20 of the Geneva Convention, amongst other binding international laws.

Intended indiscriminate destruction was demonstrated, in 2003, when: “The scenes of downtown Baghdad in flames (made it) abundantly clear why US officials insisted on covering up a reproduction of Pablo Picasso’s ‘Guernica’ at the UN Security Council during Secretary of State Colin Powell’s February 5th (2003) presentation of the American case for war against Iraq.” (4) Picasso’s painting commemorates a Basque town razed to the ground by a German aerial assault in April 1937 during the Spanish Civil War.

At the onset of their illegal invasion US aircraft were making bombing runs on Baghdad at the rate of 1,000 a day with many parts of the city described as “an inferno.” Holocaustal war crimes of enormity. (Holocaust: “ Great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire.”)

Further, the US is also no stranger to stray missiles. As Time Magazine reported in April 2003, just two weeks in to America’s bombardment:

“ … in the past week, three U.S. Tomahawks have gone missing in the rocky plains of southeastern Turkey en route to Iraq, several hundred miles from the war zone. Five more went astray in Saudi Arabia, and a handful of others have broken up in Iran and reportedly, Syria.” (5)

Bombing in Iraq, as everywhere “liberated” by America was criminally indiscriminate, Edward Herman cites Fallujah as a chilling example and of war crimes of enormity (6):

“According to Dr. Hafidd al-Dulzanni, head of the Commission for the Compensation of Fallujah Citizens, the U.S. assault (of 2004) destroyed some 7,000 houses, 840 stores, workshops and clinics, 65 mosques and religious sanctuaries, 59 schools, 13 government buildings, two electricity stations, three water purification plants, along with several railroad stations and sewage purification plants, among other things. Hospitals were an explicit target and weapons like white phosphorus and uranium-loaded projectiles were used, all adding up to massive violations of the laws of war.” (Emphasis mine.)

Fallujah’s illegal destruction both targeted and indiscriminate was, a metaphor for all Iraq.

On the day the US military entered Baghdad (8th April 2003) they declared war on journalists, a grave breach of the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocol 1 and a war crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

First US troops directed a missile at the Al Jazeera offices in Baghdad killing correspondent Tariq Ayoub and seriously wounding several others. It should be noted that: “The attacks came amid broadcasts showing some of the mounting slaughter being conducted by US troops throughout the Iraqi capital.” (7)

The surviving Al Jazeera staff sought shelter in nearby Abu Dhabi TV which then also came under US attack. Abu Dhabi TV correspondent, Shaker Hamed issued an on air call for help reporting: “Twenty-five journalists and technicians belonging to Abu Dhabi television and … Al-Jazeera are surrounded in the offices of Abu Dhabi TV in Baghdad.” Note the “surrounded”, these were seemingly no “stray” airborne missiles, the tanks were firing from near point blank range. “Kill the messenger” comes to mind.

Hamed called for relevant agencies: “to intervene quickly to pull us out of this zone where missiles and shells are striking in an unbelievable way.”

In a now chillingly familiar story, also reminiscent of the MSF hospital in Kundiz: “Al-Jazeera had written to US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on February 23 giving the precise location of its office so as to avoid being targeted.” Giving co-ordinates to the US military is, it appears, literally the kiss of death.

Al Jazeera was also attacked by the US troops in Afghanistan at the time of the US invasion, as Iraq, destroying their offices.

Having targeted Al Jazeera and Abu Dhabi TV, the US troops turned their attention to the Palestine Hotel, where two hundred journalists and world wide media were based. They killed Reuters correspondent Taras Protsyuk and Jose Couso of Spanish Telecinco TV. Three other journalists were injured, the hotel was extensively damaged. The US military had of course, been informed that the Palestine was the media’s base.

The previous day, in Basra, Al Jazeera offices were targeted by two US missiles which failed to explode and outside Baghdad on the highway both Al Jazeera and Abu Dhabi TV cars, clearly marked as such on roof,     sides and hood were targeted, miraculously no one was hurt.

ITV journalist Terry Lloyd was murdered near Basra by the US within four days of the invasion – also in a clearly marked car. Cameraman Fred Nerac and their Lebanese assistant Hussein Osman in an accompanying car were also killed. French cameraman, Daniel Demoustier, injured in the attack said the US were firing on media vehicles: “to wipe out troublesome witnesses.” Given the examples above and the continuing litany of such attacks by US troops (and British) during the occupation, he seems to have hit the nail on the head.

When it comes to war crimes the US is a serial offender. In the 1991 assault on Iraq all water purification plants were deliberately destroyed on the orders of US Central Command, as were clinics, schools, separate Education Ministry stores, media centres and radio stations were obliterated across the country. (8) Over fifty percent of all livestock was destroyed, farms and herds, chicken farms a special target. Iraq was the world’s largest exporter of dates – the US clearly regarded date palms as an enemy and bombarded great ancient, majestic groves too.

The women and children who nightly went to the great, reinforced Ameriyah Shelter on the outskirts of Baghdad were also incinerated – the US had satellites over the Shelter which recorded the women and children entering as dusk fell and leaving at first light.

The factory that made baby milk powder was reduced to rubble and described as a “chemical weapons factory.” The machinery was provided, installed and maintained by a company in Birmingham, England – and could only have been used to provide baby milk.

Also destroyed were plants which produced basic medical supplies as syringes, pain killers, antibiotics, a well worn path followed in other US bombings as a civilian pharmaceutical factory, Al-Shifa (“The Cure”) Sudan in August 1998 when missiles also rained down on Afghanistan. Two US embassies in East Africa had been attacked, so as ever, proof-free Judge, jury and executioner, the US randomly bombed.

Barely noticed have been the numerous US attacks on ancient Yemen (population just 24.41 million) before their ongoing proxy attack by current Chair of the UN Human Rights Council, Saudi Arabia.

Ninety eight US missile and drone attacks struck Yemen between 2002 and 2015; forty one in 2012, twenty six in 2013 and fourteen in 2014, with other attacks in 2009, 2010 and 2011. The cost in human life is hidden and shaming. In May 2010 alone an “errant” US drone killed five people. In December 2009 a US Cruise missile killed forty one souls. (9)

In 1999 former Yugoslavia was decimated – with stray US missiles landing in Macedonia, hitting Belgrade’s media centre, the Chinese Embassy, markets, obliterating train passengers, all “liberated” from life the American way.

2011 brought involvement in Libya’s destruction – another metaphor for the monstrosity of lawless might presented as benevolent saviour.

Let us hear no more phony allegations of stray missiles before the hell of the real ones have been accounted for.


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I am indebted to Nicolas J. Davies, author of the eye opening “Blood on Our Hands – The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq” for the reminder of stray US missiles.


U. S. Northeast Coast Experiencing Sea Level Rise Acceleration

A couple of unexplained large scale changes in the waters off the northeast coast of the U.S. have oceanographers perplexed: an accelerated rate of sea level rise compared to most other parts of the world; and the disturbing signs of collapsing fisheries in the region.

A new study by physical oceanographers at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), published in the Journal of Geophysical Research, shows that water temperatures in this continental shelf region have been trending upward, with unprecedented warming occurring over the last 13 years. The study also suggests a connection between sea level anomalies and water temperature along the continental shelf.

“The warming rate since 2002 is 15 times faster than from the previous 100 years,” says co-author Glen Gawarkiewicz, a WHOI senior scientist. “There’s just been this incredible acceleration to the warming, and we don’t know if its decadal variability, or if this trend will continue.”

The scientists compared their findings with a study of surface waters using data collected by Nantucket Light ship, and other light ships up and down the East Coast between 1880 and 2004, previously analyzed by Steve Lentz of WHOI and Kipp Shearman of Oregon State University. The new study shows that recent accelerated warming is not confined to the surface waters, but extends throughout the water column.

“Others have reported on the temperature increase in this region,” says Gawarkiewicz’s colleague, WHOI assistant scientist Magdalena Andres, “but they’ve been confined to looking at the surface temperatures from satellites or buoys.”  And Gawarkiewicz and Andres wanted to understand how deep the warming went.
The research is based upon a rare collection of temperature data from the waters off the northeast coast of the U.S. that were collected in collaborative effort between scientists and the operators of the container ship Oleander, which routinely travels between Bermuda and New Jersey.  The effort, which began in the late 1970s with funding from NOAA/NMFS, involved launching bathythermographs along the ship’s track to collect temperature data approximately 14 times each year. Later the program was funded through the National Science Foundation and the University of Rhode Island and Stony Brook University. The bulk of the prior analysis has been on velocity data also collected by the Oleander.

“The Oleander data is special, because it goes through the whole water column on the shelf.  And if you’re a fish living on the bottom, you care more about that,” says Andres. “It was this trove of shelf temperature data that we could use to help us address these questions.”

That’s where Jacob Forsyth, lead author of the study, came into the picture. In 2014, Forsyth had just begun an 11-week summer student fellowship at WHOI, with Andres and Gawarkiewicz as his co-advisors. “On a lark, we had Jacob look at the data, not knowing if it would pan out,” says Andres. “But it was a super data set, and Jacob did a great job analyzing the data,” she added.

A physics and economics major at Bowdoin College, Forsyth had taken just one college oceanography course but had a passion for the ocean and for science.  Early into his fellowship, Forsyth found himself at WHOI immersed in the academic literature, quality controlling nearly 40 years’ worth of data, and teaching himself MatLab to begin looking at this database no one had really assembled before.

The bulk of the data were collected by volunteer observers who rode the Oleander from New Jersey to Bermuda at monthly intervals deploying the bathythermographs, a probe that is dropped from a ship to measure the temperature as it falls through the water. Two very small wires transmit the temperature data to the ship where it is recorded for later analysis. Because water temperature can vary by layer, it was important to obtain information on the temperature structure of the ocean to depths of up to 700 meters.  More recently an automated data collection system has been used which was developed by Dave Fratantoni, formerly of WHOI.

The researchers looked at the temperatures for a given year and averaged them across the shelf, to get a temperature index for the year. Their work showed that temperature has been steadily increasing, and most recently, it’s been getting warmer, faster. Superimposed on that, they found a lot of year-to-year variability.

Andres says, “what’s controlling the trends may be different than what’s controlling the year to year changes.” She notes, “There are two questions: What are the mechanisms for the slow, sustained warming? And what is it for the inter-annual variability? Those don’t have to be the same thing.”

What the researchers did determine is that the slow, sustained warming is not just due to warming of the atmosphere, but that it’s something related to dynamics of the shelf break, where the shallow continental shelf abuts the deeper continental slope.

“The warming more recently seems to be at the edge of the continental shelf, which would indicate there might be a Gulf Stream role or a slope water role in the warming,” says Gawarkiewicz, “and that’s different than if it was all from the atmosphere over the last 12 years, because that would be uniform and near the surface.” Investigating the exact cause is among their next steps.

In addition to analyzing the warming trend, Forsyth, who will enter the MIT-WHOI Joint Program in Oceanography this summer, used the data to search for a relationship between sea levels and temperatures. He found, in fact, there is a very strong relationship between the two, where sea level anomalies may serve as a predictor of shelf temperature.  Forsyth determined the lag between the two indicators was approximately two years – enough time to give environmental monitors a chance to respond.

The researchers underscore the importance of a long, continuous set of measurements, and that they are hard to come by due to the limitations of funding. The Oleander program and the newly installed Pioneer Array, a part of a larger NSF-funded network of observatories in the Atlantic and Pacific called the Ocean Observatories Initiative, which is positioned along the shelf break, will collect continuous measurements, so critical in understanding the dynamics of the region. Because it’s a productive fishing ground, the warming at lower depths can have a big impact on the distribution and abundance of fish in the area.

A new study shows that water temperatures in this continental shelf region have been trending upward, with unprecedented warming occurring over the last 13 years. The research is based upon temperature data from the waters off the northeast coast of the U.S. that were collected in collaborative effort between scientists and the operators of the container ship Oleander, which routinely travels between Bermuda and New Jersey (green line). The mean surface circulation in the northwestern North Atlantic is shown. Credit: Forsyth, et al
A new study shows that water temperatures in this continental shelf region have been trending upward, with unprecedented warming occurring over the last 13 years. The research is based upon temperature data from the waters off the northeast coast of the U.S. that were collected in collaborative effort between scientists and the operators of the container ship Oleander, which routinely travels between Bermuda and New Jersey (green line). The mean surface circulation in the northwestern North Atlantic is shown.
Credit: Forsyth, et al

Former Oahu Probation Officer Charged with Theft, Forgery

Freeman Sasao, 56, a former Oʻahu circuit court probation officer, was charged Friday with one count of felony theft and eleven felony forgery counts, Attorney General Doug Chin announced.

The complaint alleges that during the period of July 1, 2011 through July 9, 2013, Sasao collected eleven payments from various probationers that had been assigned to him and kept the payments for his own use. Sasao then forged receipts to credit the payments to the various probationers.

Arraignment and plea is set for May 7, 2015 before the Honorable Richard K. Perkins.

The felony charges are each punishable by up to five years in prison and a $20,000 fine. Sasao is presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a judge or jury.

Help Needed to Save Apache Sacred Site

TUCSON, Ariz.— The Center for Biological Diversity will join San Carlos Apache leaders and other activists on Sunday April 19 at Cyclovia Tucson’s Street Party in an event to raise awareness and support for the campaign to stop the U.S. government from trading away Oak Flat, an Apache sacred site in central Arizona, to a foreign mining company.

What: Oak Flat Street Party, a celebration of Apache resistance and rally to save Oak Flat, Apache sacred ground, from devastation by a proposed copper mine.

Who: Leaders of the Oak Flat resistance from the San Carlos Apache tribe will attend, along with Center for Biological Diversity staff and supporters and other organizations working to oppose the giveaway of Oak Flat to international mining giant Rio Tinto. Indigenous bands and musicians will provide entertainment.

Where: The first block of 26th Street west of 4th Avenue will be closed to automobile traffic and filled with a stage, tables, vendors, etc. This is an officially sanctioned way station along the Cyclovia Tucson route.

When: Sunday, April 19, 10 a.m.-3p.m.

Foreign mining giant Rio Tinto has been pushing to develop a massive copper mine in the Oak Flat area about five miles east of Superior, Ariz. for more than 10 years, despite a presidential order withdrawing the area from mining 60 years ago. At the end of 2014, the U.S. Congress approved a land swap that would allow Rio Tinto’s subsidiary, Resolution Copper Co., to obtain private control of the land and evade important environmental regulation in developing and operating the mine. The legislation was pushed through in a last-minute rider on an unrelated spending bill.

The Oak Flat area is sacred to San Carlos Apache and home to a diverse array of wildlife. An endangered wild ocelot was found dead on Highway 60 very close to Oak Flat several years ago, and there may be others in the area. The mine would use vast amounts of water in a time of ongoing, severe drought in the Southwest and is likely to destroy groundwater resources in the area and dry up nearby streams and springs.

Sign the petition at http://org.salsalabs.com/o/676/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=17267

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Fraud Busted

According to InsuranceBids.link,  Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company has been accused by the US federal government of committing fraud in which the company backdated policies, forged farmers’ signatures, accepted late and altered documents, whited-out dates and signatures, and signed documents after relevant deadlines.

Faced with the criminal charges, Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company has agreed to pay $44 million to settle the allegations.

The company was accused of violating the the False Claims Act by knowingly issuing insurance policies that were ineligible under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) federal crop insurance program and falsified documents.

Fireman’s Fund, an Allianz SE subsidiary headquartered in Novato, California, provides personal and commercial property insurance throughout the United States.

Allianz SE is a German multinational financial services company headquartered in Munich and is reportedly the world’s largest insurance company. The company was closely involved with the Nazi regime from the 1930s.

“Federal crop insurance provides vital support for farmers suffering crop losses due to natural disasters,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Benjamin C. Mizer of the Department’s Civil Division.  “The Department of Justice will continue aggressively to pursue those who abuse this important program.”

Between 1999 and 2002, Fireman’s Fund operated a crop insurance business and participated in the federal crop insurance program.  Under the program, Fireman’s Fund sold and serviced crop insurance policies that were reinsured by the USDA for a portion of the risks.

The United States alleged that between Jan. 1, 1999, and Dec. 31, 2002, Fireman’s Fund knowingly issued federally reinsured crop insurance policies that were ineligible for federal reinsurance.  Specifically, Fireman’s Fund allegedly backdated policies, forged farmers’ signatures, accepted late and altered documents, whited-out dates and signatures, and signed documents after relevant deadlines.  The policies were issued by Fireman’s Fund offices in Modesto, California; Lambert, Mississippi; Fargo, North Dakota; Lubbock, Texas; Prosser, Washington; and Overland Park, Kansas.

“Today’s announcement shows how working alongside our partners in law enforcement, we will ensure the integrity of the crop insurance program for American taxpayers and producers alike,” said Risk Management Agency Administrator Brandon Willis of the USDA.

The settlement resulted from a coordinated investigation by the Justice Department’s Civil Division, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Western District of North Carolina and the USDA’s Office of Inspector General, Office of Investigations, Office of General Counsel, and Risk Management Agency, including its Special Investigations Branch.  The claims settled by this agreement are allegations only, and there has been no determination of liability.