Hillary Clinton – War Criminal, Racist, Psychopath

By Stephen Lendman

Clinton appears unstoppable for her party’s nomination. Americans should be terrified about the possibility of a power-crazed lunatic as president – her finger on the nuclear trigger.

Possible global war with her in charge with weapons able to kill us all should scare everyone. Forget her gender. She’s a Wall Street supported war goddess, the most recklessly dangerous US presidential aspirant in modern memory.

Francis Boyle calls her “a certified psychopath and a war criminal.” Electing her president is unthinkable. She supports endless wars of aggression, Wall Street looting the nation’s wealth and ripping off investors, as well as unrestrained predatory crony capitalism.

She’s ideologically opposite what people should support – anti-populist, anti-labor, anti-rule of law principles and anti-democratic values.

African Americans should reconsider their support. As first lady in the 1990s, she called Black youths “super predators (with) no conscience, no empathy.”

She called for the FBI making “a very concerted effort (to) bring them to heel.” She supported “deporter-in-chief” Obama’s agenda to deport so-called undocumented Latinos en masses – separating husbands from wives, parents from children.

As first lady, she advocated racist get tough on crime laws, more police, more prisons, harsher sentences – an agenda directed at Blacks and Latinos “to keep them off the streets…for as long as it takes.”

She has a notorious history of extremist views, her public persona on the stump concealing her viciousness.

A previous article said among an array of despicable duopoly power presidential aspirants, Clinton is the most sinister of the bunch.

Her agenda reflects pure evil. She’s a Wall Street/war-profiteers dream, shamelessly indifferent to human suffering, a menace threatening world peace, a machine for the manufacture of full-blown homeland tyranny.

If elected president, expect her to continue Obama’s rogue agenda on steroids, surrounding herself with likeminded neocon lunatics, gangsters threatening humanity’s survival.

Bipartisan criminals run America. Clinton represents everything voters should reject.

World peace and what remains of fundamental freedoms already hang in the balance. A Clinton administration would be catastrophic for humanity.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”


What Will Many Bernie Sanders Voters Do After July?

The hard-bitten, corporatist Democrats are moving Hillary Clinton through the presidential primaries. They are using “Republican-speak” to beat down Bernie Sanders as favoring Big Government and more taxes and they may unwittingly be setting the stage for a serious split in the Democratic Party.

What is emerging is the reaction of millions of Sanders supporters who will feel repudiated, not just left behind, as the Clintonites plan to celebrate at the Democratic Convention in July. The political experience gained by the Sanders workers, many of them young, helped Sanders register primary victories over Hillary in Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Vermont and New Hampshire with their energy and votes. They came close in Nevada and Massachusetts and probably won in Iowa.

Hillary’s rhetoric has outraged Sanders’ supporters. She berates Sanders regularly for not being practical or realistic about his Medicare-for-all, breaking up big banks, a $15 minimum wage, a tax on Wall Street speculation and carbon and getting big money out of politics. Clinton’s putdowns exemplify why so many people who back Sanders want to defeat her. Clinton is the candidate of the status quo, favored over all other candidates from both parties by the Wall Street crowd and quietly adored by the military-industrial complex who see Generalissima Clinton as a militarist who would maintain the warfare state.

Democrat Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, derided this “We Shouldn’t Even Try” attitude common among many frightened Democrats. These are, in Reich’s words, “the establishment Democrats – Washington lobbyists, editorial writers, inside-the-Beltway operatives, party leaders and big contributors who have grown comfortable with the way things are.” These hereditary Democrat opinion-shapers tell their audiences that Hillary personifies experience and electability. They argue it is either Clinton or Trump or some other crazed Republican.

Here we go again. Every four years, the Democratic leaders define the Democratic candidate by how bad the Republicans  are. This is designed to panic and mute their followers. Every four years, both parties become more corporatist. Sanders’ voters want to define the Democratic Party by how good it can be for the people. And these Sanders voters may not go back into the Democratic Party fold.

Low turnout for the Democratic Party’s primaries is being compared to a much higher Republican voter turnout for their candidates. Low turnout in November would dim Hillary’s chances in an electoral college, winner-take-all system.

Such Democratic Party misfortune can become more likely should Bernie endorse Hillary at the Democratic Convention without any conditions or her acceptance of his agenda, assuming she is the nominee. Last year he declared that he would endorse “the Democratic nominee.” Certainly, all the Democratic politicos in the Congress who endorsed Hillary set no conditions. The  large labor unions that went with Hillary are known for giving their endorsements without receiving any benefits for workers. So, Hillary would have no mandate should she win the election. And you know that Clintons without mandates tend to bend toward Wall Street and rampant militarism.

It is doubtful whether Hillary will credibly adopt any of Bernie’s agenda, considering where her campaign money is coming from and how unwilling she is to alienate her circle of advisors.

Where does this leave the Sanders people who see Hillary as experienced in waging wars, qualified as an entrenched pol, and realistic to suit the plutocracy’s tastes, and not really getting much of anything progressive done (alluding to the ways she has described herself)?

The energetic Sanders supporters, including the Millennials who voted so heavily for Bernie, could form a New Progressive movement to exercise a policy pull on the establishment Democrats before November and to be a growing magnet after November with the objective of taking over the Democratic Party starting with winning local elections. This will have long-term benefits for our country.

To those who point to history throwing water on such a potential breakout, I tell them to look at the 2016 presidential primaries. All bets are off when political debates become big media business with huge ratings, and when a gambling czar and builder of expensive real estate, Donald Trump (a hybrid Rep/Dem), is overturning all the old homilies about presidential politics, and is in a primary contest with two freshmen Senators whose vacuous ambitions are their only achievements.

Ralph Nader

Obama Confident He Can Totally Destroy Remaining U.S. Democracy

In case you aren’t aware of it, Obama’s Transpacific Partnership trade deal contains a clause that eliminates American sovereignty by granting foreign corporations the right to sue US govt. agencies in an offshore tribunal if they don’t support the corporations’ profits.

The agreement certainly does have some good aspects but those don’t compensate for the many bad parts. The worst part is the destruction of democracy at every level by taking away the people’s right to government that creates regulations to serve their needs.  The TPP makes citizens of every signatory nation a servant of corporations.

The deal was written by large multinational criminal corporations, negotiated in secret and signed Feb. 4 in New Zealand. It can’t be changed and a country must either ratify it or not.

Obama was elected based on false promises. One of those promises was to not use the unconstitutional “Fast Track” process.  Candidate Obama said he would “replace Fast Track… I will ensure that Congress plays a strong and informed role in our international economic policy and in any future agreements we pursue…” Yet, Obama ensured that the democratic process would be subverted through a “Fast Track” approval of the TPP.

Fast Track grants the executive branch the ability to eliminate critical checks and balances in the Constitution by seizing the authority vested in congressional representatives:

  • Power to select trade partners,
  • Power to set terms and sign sweeping “trade” agreements before Congress votes on them,
  • Power to write legislation to change all U.S. laws needed to conform with the agreements, skirt congressional review and amendments and directly submit this legislation for a vote,
  • Power to force votes within 60-90 days of submitting the implementing legislation to Congress,
  • Power to override normal voting rules. All amendments on Fast-Tracked FTAs are banned and debate is limited, including in the Senate.

So, even if  the U.S. Congress wasn’t corrupt and somehow disobeyed its corporate masters, ratification is still assured.

While the agreement is written in highly cryptic language and is open to a wide range of interpretations, the intent of the agreement is clear enough.

You can read the agreement at https://ustr.gov/trade-agreements/free-trade-agreements/trans-pacific-partnership/tpp-full-text and interpret the agreement as you like.

Perhaps the ratification of the TPP will finally be enough to get Americans off their butts and into the streets to implement a regime change where it is really needed.

Ron Paul Campaign Staffers Nailed for Bribing Senator

Three members of a 2012 presidential campaign committee were charged with offenses relating to the concealment of payments made to a former Iowa State Senator.

Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and Special Agent in Charge David J. LeValley of the FBI’s Washington, D.C., Field Office’s Criminal Division made the announcement.

“Federal campaign finance laws are intended to ensure the integrity and transparency of the federal election process,” said Assistant Attorney General Caldwell.  “When political operatives make under-the-table payments to buy an elected official’s political support, it undermines public confidence in our entire political system.”

“Violating campaign finance laws by concealing payments to an elected official undermines our electoral system and deceives the public,” said Special Agent in Charge LeValley.  “The FBI will aggressively investigate those who corrupt the integrity of our democratic process.”

Jesse R. Benton, 37, of Louisville, Kentucky; John M. Tate, 53, of Warrenton, Virginia; and Dimitrios N. Kesari, 49, of Leesburg, Virginia, are charged by indictment with conspiracy, causing false records to obstruct a contemplated investigation, causing the submission of false campaign expenditure reports to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and engaging in a scheme to make false statements to the FEC.  Benton is additionally charged with making false statements to the FBI, and Kesari is also charged with obstruction of justice.

Kesari appeared in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa today.  Benton and Tate are scheduled to appear on Sept. 3, 2015.

The defendants were members of a campaign for Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential election.  According to allegations in the indictment, former Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson initially supported Michele Bachmann in the 2012 presidential election, but between October and December 2011, secretly negotiated with the defendants to switch his support to Ron Paul in exchange for money.  On Dec. 28, 2011, at a political event in Des Moines, Iowa, Sorenson publicly announced his switch of support.

The payments to Sorenson were allegedly made in monthly installments of approximately $8,000 each and ultimately amounted to over $70,000.  The indictment alleges that the defendants concealed the payments by causing them to be recorded – both in campaign accounting records and in FEC filings – as campaign-related audio-visual expenditures, and by causing them to be transmitted to a film production company and then to a second company that was controlled by Sorenson.  According to the indictment, the conspirators concealed their campaign’s payments to Sorenson from their candidate and also from the FEC, the FBI and the public.

The indictment further alleges that, in response to criticism of Sorenson’s change of support from one candidate to the other, the conspirators arranged for Sorenson to issue public statements denying allegations that he was offered money for his endorsement and noting that the campaign committee’s FEC filings would show that it made no payments to Sorenson.

On Aug. 27, 2014, Sorenson pleaded guilty to causing a campaign committee to falsely report its expenditures to the FEC and to obstruction of justice.  He has not yet been sentenced.

The charges and allegations contained in an indictment are merely accusations.  The defendants are presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

The case is being investigated by the FBI’s Washington, D.C., Field Office, with assistance from the Omaha, Nebraska, Field Office and the Des Moines Resident Agency.  The case is being prosecuted by Director Richard C. Pilger of the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section’s Election Crimes Branch and Trial Attorney Jonathan I. Kravis of the Public Integrity Section.

Benton et al Indictment

Republican Attacks on Endangered Species Up 600% Per Year

Over the past five years, Republicans in Congress have launched 164 attacks on the Endangered Species Act — a 600 percent increase in the rate of annual attacks over the previous 15 years, according to a new analysis by the Center for Biological Diversity.

The report, Politics of Extinction, also identifies five Republicans responsible for nearly a quarter of legislative attacks who have received millions of dollars in campaign contributions from special interests opposed to Endangered Species Act protections: Rep. Ken Calvert (R-Calif.), Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah), Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah).

“We’re witnessing a war on the Endangered Species Act unlike anything we’ve seen before,” said Jamie Pang, an endangered species campaigner with the Center. “If it’s allowed to succeed, this Republican assault will dismantle the world’s most effective law for protecting endangered wildlife and put scores of species on the path to extinction.”

The Center reviewed congressional and legislative records over the past 20 years. Among the findings:

  • There have been 164 legislative attacks on endangered species since 2011 or an average of 33 attacks per year.
  • By contrast, from 1996-2010 there were only 69 attacks for an average of five per year.
  • So far in 2015, there have already been 66 legislative attacks on endangered species, ranging from bills to strip endangered species protections from gray wolves, American burying beetles and other species to bills to weaken the ability of citizens to go to court in defense of species.
  • All the bills attacking endangered species this year, and 93 percent of those over the past 20 years, have been sponsored by Republicans.

The increased pace of attacks on endangered species corresponds to a massive increase in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry, big agriculture and other industries that oppose endangered species protections. Between 2004 and 2014, for example, campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry increased from roughly $10 million to more than $25 million, according to OpenSecrets.org.

“It’s no coincidence that the species that are most targeted, from the gray wolf to the sage grouse to the lesser prairie chicken, are those that the oil and gas industry and big agriculture view as standing in the way of their bottom line,” said Pang.

Many of the attacks on endangered species have come as riders on must-pass spending bills, including three that have passed so far. These include a 2011 rider that stripped protection from wolves in Montana and Idaho; a 2014 rider allowing trophy hunting and importation of scimitar-horned oryx, addax and Dama gazelle from Africa; and another 2014 rider that prohibited the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from expending any resources to protect sage grouse.

Overall 54 of the 164 attacks since 2011 have been riders, compared to just two between 1996 and 2010. These riders have no relevance to the spending priorities of Congress, but are added through secretive, closed-door processes as a means to pass controversial provisions that would otherwise not pass as stand-alone bills.

Among the slate of legislative threats that species currently face is a congressional rider in the 2016 Department of the Interior appropriations bill that would strip protections from gray wolves across most of the country. Another rider would delay protection of sage grouse.

An opinion poll released earlier this month shows that more than 90 percent of Americans support the Endangered Species Act.

“Republicans in Congress have essentially taken life-and-death decisions for species away from expert scientists for the benefit of special interests that have no interest in saving species,” said Pang. “That’s not what the American public wants, and it’s certainly not what species at the brink of extinction need.”

Settlement in ICE Terrorizing Nashville Immigrants

The American Civil Liberties Union announced a settlement in a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of victims of a warrantless raid in Nashville, Tennessee, by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and Metropolitan Nashville Police Department officers. ICE and MNPD agreed to pay $310,000 to settle all claims, and ICE granted the noncitizen plaintiffs deferred action status for seven years.

The case, Escobar v. Gaines, stemmed from a 2010 raid in which armed ICE and MNPD agents in full SWAT gear descended upon an apartment complex at night that was home to mostly Latino residents. The lawsuit alleged that agents and police stormed into and searched homes without a single warrant or consent, shouted racial slurs, and held guns to some people’s heads. Residents were detained without any reasonable suspicion or probable cause to believe they had engaged in any criminal activity, and no one was ever charged with a criminal violation as a result of the raid.

The ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project, ACLU of Tennessee, and firms of Ozment Law and Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd. brought the lawsuit on behalf of numerous residents, including U.S. citizens.

“A person should never have to go through what we did,” said Marvin Benjamin Lopez Raxcaco, one of the plaintiffs. “It was terrifying, and hopefully this settlement will stop this from happening to others in the future.”

Plaintiffs sued ICE and MNPD for, among other things, conspiracy to violate their rights to be free from unlawful searches and seizures, and discriminatory conduct.

“This settlement sends a strong message to law enforcement across Tennessee and nationwide that the Constitution demands all people be treated fairly under the law, regardless of their skin color,” said ACLU attorney Andre Segura. “Agents cannot trample the Constitution because of their stereotypes and assumptions about someone’s immigration status.”

Related settlements have already been reached with private defendants, and the agreement announced today with the U.S. government and Nashville police brings the legal fight to a close.

“Every American should jealously guard against the excesses of government in violating the basic freedoms from warrantless searches and unauthorized home entries — no matter to whom it happens,” said Elliott Ozment of Ozment Law.

“More important than the monetary recovery in this settlement is the message it sends that everyone should be treated fairly under the law,” said Caryn Lederer of Hughes Socol Piers Resnick & Dym, Ltd.

Iconic Peace Sailboat Back at Sea

The historic Golden Rule peace boat, restored by Veterans For Peace and many friends, sets sail from the Eureka marina at noontime on Thursday, July 23, on its way to San Diego.

Golden Rule sailboat
An ambassador of Peace, the Golden Rule is a 30 ft ketch rigged sailboat.

The 30-foot ketch and its crew ignited an international movement to stop the atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons in 1958, when they attempted to sail into a nuclear bomb test zone in the Marshall Islands.  The Golden Rule will now continue its mission to educate millions of people about the perils of nuclear weapons.

“Nuclear weapons are still with us and the threat of nuclear war is very real,” said the Golden Rule’s captain David Robson, a Veterans For Peace member from Baltimore, Maryland. “We are dismayed that the U.S. government plans to invest One Trillion Dollars into upgrading its nuclear arsenal, instead of reducing and eliminating nuclear weapons, as called for in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.”

Joining David Robson on the sail to San Diego is first mate Jan Passion of Pleasant Hills, California, and crew members Michael Gonzales of Trinidad, California and Helen Jaccard of Seattle, Washington.

“The ongoing nuclear meltdown at Fukushima, Japan reminds us of the dangers of radiation poisoning posed by nuclear power plants,” said Golden Rule crew member Helen Jaccard.  “Nuclear power is the flip side of nuclear weapons, and we don’t need either of them,” said Jaccard.

The first voyage of the renewed Golden Rule sailboat will be from Eureka on California’s north coast to San Diego near the U.S./Mexico border. After an estimated 7-10 days, the Golden Rule will arrive in time for the national convention of Veterans For Peace, August 5-9.  That week is also the 70th anniversary of the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which killed more than 200,000 people.  The convention theme is “Peace and Reconciliation in the Pacific.”

In Eureka, there is a sense of shared pride and joy among those who have worked hard for the last five years to see this day.

“This little wooden boat is a honey,” said Leroy Zerlang, whose boatyard has been home to the Golden Rule during five years of restoration by volunteers.  “We all want to live in a peaceful world.  My family and staff were very happy to do our part,” said Zerlang.

The Golden Rule will return to Eureka in October, after visiting ports along the California coast as it works its way north from San Diego.  Over the next ten years, the Golden Rule will carry its message of peace around the United States and possibly around the world.

Follow the progress of the Golden Rule on its website,

For more information, call Gerry Condon at 206-499-1220 or
Leroy Zerlang, 707-443-5180

TPP Negotiators Must Fix the Most Damaging Trade Agreement Ever

Trade negotiators must remove damaging provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal or risk locking in high drug prices and endangering the health of millions of people for decades to come, said the medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as negotiations resumed in Maui, Hawaii, today. MSF’s call comes as reports indicate that this could be the last negotiation before the agreement is concluded.

If approved in its current form, the TPP, which is being negotiated between the U.S. and 11 other Pacific-Rim countries, will have a devastating impact on global health. It would strengthen, lengthen and create new patent and regulatory monopolies for pharmaceutical products that will raise the price of medicines and reduce the availability of price-lowering generic competition.

“We have raised our voice as loudly as we can, repeatedly warning that this is a terrible deal for access to affordable medicines,” said Manica Balasegaram, executive director of MSF’s Access Campaign. “Ministries of health, humanitarian groups such as MSF and global health programs funded by the U.S. government all rely on affordable medicines to provide medical care. Despite repeated warnings from MSF, other concerned experts and groups, and even other negotiating countries, U.S. negotiators have pushed for provisions that benefit pharmaceutical companies at the expense of the more than 800 million people who need access to affordable generic medicines in current TPP countries.”

Some of the most concerning provisions in the TPP center on so-called ‘patent evergreening,’ which would force TPP governments to grant pharmaceutical companies additional patents for changes to existing medicines, even when those changes provide no therapeutic benefit to patients.

U.S. negotiators have also aggressively pushed for 12 years of ‘data exclusivity’ for biologic medicines, which include vaccines and drugs to treat conditions such as cancer and multiple sclerosis. Data exclusivity blocks government regulatory authorities from allowing price-lowering generic competitors to enter the market with previously generated clinical data.

If pharmaceutical companies get their way, brand-name drugs and vaccines would not face direct competition for excessively long periods of time while patients, medical providers like MSF, and people in TPP countries endure unnecessarily high prices.

“The U.S. is demanding that countries implement a devastating set of new trade rules that will essentially block people from benefitting from the latest advances in medicines for years simply because this is in the interest of multinational pharmaceutical companies,” said Judit Rius Sanjuan, U.S. manager and policy advisor for MSF’s Access Campaign. “Extended monopolies, such as those being pushed by the U.S. in the TPP, are irresponsible and harmful to public health.”

The provisions demanded by U.S. negotiators break past U.S. government commitments to global health, including a 2007 agreement in which the U.S agreed to include key public health safeguards in future free trade deals with developing countries.

“The U.S. has abandoned its previous commitments to protect health in its trade policy,” said Rius Sanjuan. “The TPP is a precedent-setting blueprint for future trade deals that will deny countries their right to balance business interests with the public health needs of people – a right that is ingrained in international trade rules. This week might be the last chance negotiators have to mitigate the potential devastation of the TPP. We ask government negotiators to protect access to medicines and fix the most damaging provisions in the TPP.”

Groups Unite in Attempt to Rescue American Democracy

Like every generation before us, Americans are coming together to preserve a democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people. American democracy is premised on the consent of the governed, and on the idea that we all deserve a say in the government  decisions that affect our families. We stand united supporting common-sense protections that recognize the people as the ultimate  check on the corrosive influence of money in politics, which is eroding the very foundation of self-government.

This is a joint effort by the following organizations:

Brennan Center for Justice, Common Cause, Democracy 21, Democracy Matters, Demos, Every Voice, Issue One, Mayday, People for the American Way, Public Citizen, Represent.Us, U.S. PIRG

The next President of the United States should stand with Americans across the country and commit to these five principles of democracy:

  1. Everyone participates;
  2. Everyone’s voice is heard;
  3. Everyone knows who is trying to influence our views and our representatives;
  4. Everyone plays by fair, common-sense rules;
  5. Everyone is held accountable, with enforceable penalties to deter bad behavior.

To bring these democratic values to life, the next President of the United States must advocate for a specific and comprehensive plan, including:

Encouraging and amplifying the voices of everyday Americans by legislating a system of public funding for qualified federal candidates, meaningful  contribution  limits, and measures to reduce barriers to the ballot box and increase turnout;

Robust, real-time disclosure  of political contributions and expenditures through legislation, rulemaking at the FEC, FCC, IRS, and SEC; and—if President Obama fails to act—an executive order;

Overturning Citizens United and earlier cases such as Buckley v. Valeo through the Democracy for All constitutional amendment,  and the appointment of Supreme Court Justices committed to restoring the people’s ability to protect our democracy;

Ending the mockery of existing campaign finance rules through legislation to shut down individual-candidate super PACs and effectively prevent coordination between candidates and outside groups; creating a new enforcement  agency with real power; appointing FEC commissioners  committed to enforcing existing law; and appointing an Attorney General who will crack down on violations of campaign finance laws and election laws that protect every voter’s access to the ballot box.

The next President of the United States should commit to make this democracy reform agenda a national priority from Day One in office. In the past, presidents have made campaign commitments to prioritize campaign finance reform and then, once elected, have failed to take action. In addition to proposing a specific and comprehensive reform plan, the next president should publicly take these reforms to the country and Congress as a national priority, convening community leaders and activists from around the country to build support at every level, and create a White House task force to promote the reform agenda.

Download to read more.


Some CIA-Vatican Killers Charged in Death of Victor Jara

It has taken almost 42 years for a small measure of justice for Víctor Jara.  42 years to overcome some of the evil, fear, stupidity and apathy infecting the nation of Chile and finally indict some of the lower-level men who tortured and murdered Víctor Jara and thousands more.

This week, Chilean Judge Miguel Vázquez Plaza announced homicide and kidnapping charges against 10 former military officers involved in Jara’s death.

Jara’s widow, Joan Turner Jara, told reporters that the development offers a “message of hope,” and “we’re pushing forward in demanding justice for Víctor with the hope that justice will follow for everyone.”

On the morning of 12 September, 1973, thousands of Chile’s best and brightest men and women (and even some children) were rounded up and taken to the Chile National Stadium where they were brutally tortured and killed.  This occurred after the CIA orchestrated Coup that forcibly replaced Chile’s democratically elected and popular President, Salvador Allende, with a military dictatorship headed by Augusto Pinochet.

Víctor Jara was certainly one of Chile’s best and brightest. He was a beloved teacher, folk singer, playwright, and social activist who believed in democracy and human rights.

Victor Jara - teacher,  song-writer, playwright, musician and social leader.
Victor Jara – teacher, song-writer, playwright, musician and social leader.

Víctor Jara was born in poverty in 1932 to Manuel Jara and Amanda Martínez. By the age of 6, Víctor was already working in the fields. His abusive father left the family to fend for itself when Víctor he was a young child and his mother died when he was 15.

After the death of his mother, Víctor joined the Redemptorist Seminary of San Bernardo. Quickly disillusioned with the church, he left as soon as was old enough to survive on his own.

In 1957 he entered the School of Theater of the University of Chile. In 1960 he was made theater director and joined the board of the Theatre Institute. He directed several plays and won the Golden Laurel Award for best director of the year. In 1967 he was invited to Britain, where he received another award for his stage direction.

In September 2003, the thirtieth anniversary of the military coup, the Chilean government renamed the stadium where Jara was killed with the name of Víctor Jara National Stadium.

One of the major forces behind the coup  was German Jew Henry Kissinger, who urged President Richard Nixon to overthrow the democratically elected Allende government immediately after the election of Allende in 1970.

A serial war-criminal, Kissinger had been warned by National Security Council deputy Viron Vaky, that overthrowing Chile’s government would be “immoral” and that it would lead to “widespread violence and even insurrection.”

Not a fan of democracy or human rights, Kissinger told Nixon “the election of Allende as president of Chile poses for us one of the most serious challenges ever faced in this hemisphere”. By us, Kissinger meant multinational criminal corporations and their rabid right-wing politicians, not the American people.

Mass murderers Henry Kissinger and Augusto Pinochet.
Mass murderers Henry Kissinger and Augusto Pinochet.

A month after Victor Jara’s body was dumped in the street of a shanty town in Santiago, Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace prize his role in America’s war against the people of Vietnam, which killed more than 3 million Vietnamese and 50,000 Americans.

While the coup that overthrew Chile’s democratically elected and popular government was funded by the CIA and international corporations, the primary architects of the coup and subsequent fascist regime was the catholic cult Opus Dei.  The coup was planned by the Opus Dei think tank Institute for General Studies (IGS).  After the coup, many IGS technocrats became cabinet members and advisors to the ruling military junta.

Dictator Pinochet was a devout catholic and when confronted with his crimes in 2005 said “I suffer for these losses, but God does the deeds; He will pardon me if I exceeded in some, which I don’t think I did.”

The Vatican support of the coup and the subsequent Opus Dei reign of terror was not an anomaly or a case of a few bad apples within the church.  Following Pinochet’s arrest in 1998, Vatican secretary of state Cardinal Angelo Sodano, on behalf of the pope, sent a letter to the British government demanding the general’s release.  Monsters such as Pinochet, or even Hitler, were never excommunicated by the church, while many of those advocating human rights and democracy were.

Pope John Paul, II welcoming mass murder Augusto Pinochet to the Vatican.
Pope John Paul, II welcoming mass murder Augusto Pinochet to the Vatican.

For more information about the many crimes of the Vatican and CIA please read the 2015 book “Operation Gladio” by Professor Paul L. Williams.  It is a must read for anyone who wants to better understand the recent past and current events.

Víctor Jara may have been killed but his songs and message live on, memorialized by artists and musicians across Latin America and around the world. He is also remembered by his wife in her book Victor: An Unfinished Song.

In “Manifesto,” the last song he wrote before he was murdered, Jara declared:

I don’t sing for love of singing
or to show off my voice
but for the statements
made by my honest guitar
for its heart is of the earth
and like the dove it goes flying….

Yes, my guitar is a worker
shining and smelling of spring
my guitar is not for killers
greedy for money and power
but for the people who labor
so that the future may flower.
For a song takes on a meaning
when its own heart beat is strong
sung by a man who will die singing
truthfully singing his song.