December 2018 Newsletter

Consuela left a note for us

Mr McKrekor here. Consuela left a note for us. How thoughtful not to forget us while she is taking a nap. It is a bit early for Happy New Year, but I am glad she thought we would miss her, yes and miss her we do! Bet she is dreaming of Summer, only 5 month to wait, more or less and then we will complain about the heat again.

miss her we do

I was so relieved when Consuela took the rein, she had such a broad perspective. So there she dreams in the winter phase of 2018. Would like to know how she ended up in the mountains… well OK, it is her dream.

In REAL life the Human population… well some of them … thought they were also in a dream. United States had Mid-Term elections. The tug of war between BLUE and RED is ongoing in December. Democrats re-took the HOUSE, which was a blessing.
It may shift the lawmakers to make a few better decisions, not that it will heal the country. but it is a start.

Fires were raging in California

Fires were raging in California.

The Camp fire has scorched 153,000 acres, destroyed more than 18,000 buildings, most of them residences, and left a death toll of 84. 249 people were still missing as of the end of November and it is estimated a total of 135000 are homeless. Not sure if all of these are a result of the fires.

Climate Denial Continues

As Trump’s Climate Denial Continues, a Global Rebellion Spreads … caused by the wildfires and where just under a thousand people are still  missing. Trump is the only world leader who rejects the Paris Climate Agreement.

a case of insomnia 1
a case of insomnia 2

I have rambled on and on enough now, about time everyone decided to congregate for the monthly hang out session at our friends Lilian. Minus Consuela she is doing what bears do this time of the year. BUT many reports from around the world mention that there is a case of insomnia going on because of season changes and some of the bear family …to use human terms… could actually use some Prozac. They are confused and unable to sleep. We heard Lilian is a bit under the weather so we switched positions and location. Besides this is not a formal meeting. Since when do we call this a meeting anyway. Just hanging out.”“Have you heard the latest? Lilian went to Walmart to buy some screws, paint and knobs for her bathtub. As she entered an employee came towards her and asked if she needed help. The Lady, Rachel, said she needed a breather from the every day crap and wanted to help explore. And so they did. Up and down the isles in the enormous building ducking and dodging between the many shoppers who had came to look for bargains at the beginning of the shopping season. Rachel showed her pictures on her Iphone what Thanksgiving looked like for some from a Bird’s Eye View… No pun intended Mr McKrekor.”

“Some of the world started Carnival Season 11.11. 2018. What a great diversion from the mess Humans created for the world.

Carnival Season 11.11. 2018

“Me, Cougar that I am, would really, just ONCE, sneak into one of those festivities. Don’t think I get away with it people calling me hey there Kitty Kitty. I think it would be such fun to mingle and looking at all the costumes and inventions of disguises Humans create during such times, imagine it goes on for a long time, it does not end till Ash Wednesday. Bet they dress up as animals no longer on the Planet, I saw a list on Lilian’s Garden Table. Don’t know what she was doing with it BUT I “obtained” it and this is what it said: The report concludes that populations of vertebrates – animals with backbones, including fish and mammals – fell 60 percent on average between 1970 and 2014.

10 animals that have gone extinct in the last century

  • Baiji dolphin. Year declared extinct: 2007. …
  • Thylacine, also known as ‘Tasmanian wolf’ or ‘Tasmanian tiger’ Year declared extinct: 1986. …
  • Pinta tortoise. Year declared extinct: 2012. …
  • Golden toad. Year declared extinct: 1989. …
  • Caribbean monk seal. Year declared extinct: 2008. …
  • Caspian tiger. …
  • Formosan clouded leopard. …
  • Pyrenean ibex.

“ This makes me so angry I could just spit! Think of how many of the animal world are used for food. I heard it said Thanksgiving alone cost 46 million Turkeys their life. JUST ON THANKSGIVING! Imagine your soul purpose for being born is to be eaten. They shave me and make me carry heavy things so I am glad I am a Llama.”

“ Being a Skunk is lucky also, don’t you think? But than there is poor Frog always having to watch his legs.”

“ After seven months of traveling through space, the NASA InSight mission has landed on Mars. Millions watched it on TV as the craft sat down on the surface of the Planet… sat down once again.”

“ What do you mean… AGAIN.”

“ In some circles it is said that Humans originated on Mars, destroyed the environment and escaped to a new home. Planet Earth. Since they are doing such a wonderful job of ravishing Earth they figure maybe Mars has recovered to the point where THEY need to take a look to see if THEY can repopulate Mars again.”

“ Now THAT is crazy Raupe, just because you can shift shapes and escape as a butterfly does not mean… NAAA…”

‘In the 90’s man made structures were discovered on Mars and several books were written on the subject. Lilian knew some of the Authors and featured them on her shows. It sounded pretty convincing. Who is to say it is not true, think about it. Why amid all the trouble on Earth, the poverty, misery and pollution is it so important to go to Mars without a reason? Many people shutter at the fact some Humans believe there is life on other planets and make movies about it. People pay a lot of money to take time out of their day and watch them in Theaters and now someone is is actually spending Billions to land on Mars, while others shoot teargas at refugee women and children trying to seek help in a country known for compassion.”

“Where have you been. Deer is known for gentleness and look what happens to us. Look at Men’s history…compassion… don’t make me joke on the blueberry leaves I just found, they are so tasty.”

“Hope Consuela wakes up soon and takes charge of this circle of friends we sure have caught some sickness talking crazy, even if we are just giving our thoughts on what we see and hear. How about we reflect on how wonderful it has been to share time and space with each other and ask Lilian if we can come back next year.”

“ Sound good so we end on a positive note. Lilian’s book will be online in 2 weeks and she said for people without money during these hard times they
can send it to their friends as gifts.”

Duck Dud

List and insight of animal extinctions

Richard Hogland Author of Face on Mars and getting familiar with the subject

8 Navajo teachings…. you can learn something from that.


November 2018 Newsletter

Some of my friends

Consuela heading for my Winter quarters. Some of my friends offered to make sure I stop to rest often and I get there safe and kept reminding me I have not related any stories. So here we go:

Almost all the leaves have turned, some struggle to stay on the trees, but nature has a way of trying to stay on track much to the dismay of some of Earth inhabitants. Much of the world encountered problems… BIG problems and so many perished. Man and beast.

This is what the skies looked like right after Hurricane Michael.

after Hurricane Michael
Fair use…photographer unknown

The United States Geological Survey reports a preliminary magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck near Port Hardy, Canada at 10:39 pm. local time at a depth of about 7 miles (11 kilometers).

At 11:16 pm., a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck the same area at a depth of 13 miles (21 kilometers).

At 11:22 pm. a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck the same area at a depth of 6 miles (10 kilometers).

The U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center reported that a tsunami was not expected.

tsunami was not expected

The West Coast of the US was spared some of the extremes with exception for the, which eventually amounted to 6 and the midsection of the country had a Fracking Quake.

A quake of a different nature arrived when a total of 14 pipe bombs were mailed to Democratic officials, counting 2 Ex Presidents. At first the claim was made the culprit to be Native American, that claim was later corrected. He was Caucasian. It momentarily presented a problem for the tribes because the court ruled unless you list a street address you are ineligible to vote. Most residents of Reservations have PO Boxes and therefore are unable to vote.

As soon as this threat was resolved another Radical walked into a Synagogue and gunned down 11 people.

A week prior to this a journalist was brutally murdered at the Saudi Embassy in Turkey.

14 pipe bombs were mailed to Democratic officials

24000 people marched against a Nazi Group in Berlin Germany, which thanks to modern behavior has sprung up once again in their country.

Lilian concentrated on the beauty of the seasons when ever she was able to leave her home. She said she wanted to create memories for herself for times when she is unable to leave her dwelling and emotions are rampant for her.

beauty of the seasons

So much bad news, is this cheering you up? It was intended to do so.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft was called to his next assignment. Seattlelites get very emotional when they lose one of their own…. and they have claimed Paul Allen for a very long time. He was also the owner of Seattle Seahawks and Portland OR team. He will be missed by many, especially since he gave so much, so much and was a person we wish had remained a bit longer.

Preston Nichols, a dear friend to many people,left this Earth plane and is thanked for all the work he did to investigate the Montauk Project and bring issues to light that others would not look at. He always said his purpose was to get humanity through to a certain point.
It is my hope that Preston will be able to do more from his new place in the universe.

Preston Nichols

Preston Nichols 2

Preston Nichols 3

Preston Nichols 4

Preston Nichols 5

Preston Nichols 6

Preston had quite an impact on Lilian’s life. When she was unable to cope it was him, Al Bielek, Peter Moon and Dr Gilbert Jordan to come to her aid and help her get back to this reality.

Lilian did her early workup for the predictions of 2019. She does this each October and asked a couple of her friends to add to the equation.

Lack of sublety.
Speakers Critics absence of solidarity.
Alternate of two places, pending contradictions.
Slightly unethical failure at different levels.
Twins doing things two times Fortune.
Sharp explosive statements.
Earthquakes, volcanoes, decisions made have to be sincere.
New conception.
Firewalker- no fear results in good outcome.
Feeling not valued, lower your defenses.
Compare lot with others, unite to create a balance.
Promise times will return.
Things will end as they started.
Agreements, Contracts depending on other cards.

Peter George is a psychic born in Sierra Leone. This is his perspective.
Speak up/ Critics.
Except there is a problem.
Determination and hard choices.
Power strength, strong in purpose.
Balance of power-too much government executive.
Divine intervention.
Be attentive and aware what’s going on.
Visualization-be intuitive and see things as they are (suppose) to be.
Stance at the crossroads, bold action is required.
Ask for help and guidance.
Faith Trust take chances and believe everything will be okay.
Amerika is strong will make it through, makes you stronger and intact.

A friend and confidant of Lilian’s. She thought you may appreciate his insight for 2019

Lokesh Kumar Singh
Internationally known Astrologer at astrologer & Playback Singer Lokesh Kumar Singh

The time to concentrate on human needs like water, food, aviation, cheaper homes etc.
One or two persons can research the final medicine for cancer. Some doses would cure the disease.

All countries will work on the lifestyle of the citizens.
2019 may be the real time for some progress in research of mass energy relations more.
2019 should be peaceful for the world.

“Where is the rest of the Gang?”

Where is the rest of the Gang

“ That answer you question?”

“No. because we took this picture yesterday”

“ Look way to the end of the trail. They are sitting in a circle. Let’s go and see what is keeping them”

“ I am tired, can’t you see? But OK I’ll try.”

“ What is your problem Cough? Mr McKrekor has been yelling for you for a good while.”

“ I know. I am mad at Skunk, he made me smell bad yesterday. He did not agree with my vote so eventually he made me stink. I am mad at you guys because you are still talking to him.”
“ Careful now, you sound like a human, they have a habit of doing that. One is mad they are ALL mad and shun you.

The blind Obedience and taking sides is used in many cultures. This Trope also applies to character and no-one examines facts or feelings of the ‘OFFENDER” Blood is thicker than water they say, but sometimes it is also Tribe rather than blood who becomes guilty of this practice. In fact it appears it could be hereditary, since it has been this way for so long.
Loyalty is essential for genuine family solidarity, BUT, blind loyalty can also lead to great dysfunction.

It is very painful to all involved and feels like your heart is breaking. Ask Lilian or anyone else shunned by either family or a religious sect. Not even support groups are helpful and it is a trigger for suicide.”

“ Do you suppose that is what is happening in America in the political setting? Blind Loyalty to a Leader with a negative agenda?”

“ OMG you could be right, let me stop this crazyness, do not want to be mistaken for an uncaring hereditarily disadvantaged human.”

Make sure you do not adopt this…they can help this ignorant, unhealthy, arrogant… behaviour, do NOT use this for an excuse to act like this. We have INSTINCT, lets use those rules.”

“ Have you seen Whales, Dolphins, Birds and Herds all move in Unity?”

“ Yes, but Human brains and emotions work different, they have choices to use Love, compassion, forgiveness and Unity. It is OK to tumble sometimes. Now walk me to me Winter dwelling while I tell you a Lilian story. In case I get too tired I thank you for your friendship and looking forward to Spring.”

“ We will miss you Consuela. Stay safe and we will send you good thoughts while you sleep. Now tell the story.”

“ Lilian arranged her home to Winter mode. She removed a large board from the wall and put it outside. She is very conscious of potential problems Earthquakes and storms can create. She intended to move it away from the entrance to the house. The phone distracted her and it ended up too close to the door and she forgot to correct this error. The next morning she was unable to open the door because the board jammed from the outside. After 45 minutes poking it inch by inch away from the door with a BBQ fork she finally opened the door enough to squeeze out.

Later that night she told her friends about the dilemma. Her friend asked if she had a back
door. Of course she did and all she would have had to do is exit per back door, remove the board and free herself.

DUH… Have brain… should use it!

Consuela heading for my Winter quarters

October 2018 Newsletter

CONSUELA coming to you live

CONSUELA coming to you live…well., somewhat. Been napping in the hammock long enough, time to get moving, after all I have to eat a lot since it is almost time for me to hibernate. If fact I have been eating quiet a bit, which resulted in getting nightmares. OH WHAT IS THAT SMELL still in my nose! I thought this was part of my nightmare but it’s not!

Mr Skunk what are you doing here

“Mr Skunk what are you doing here, have not encountered your kind in years. I know there were many of you at one time so where did you come from after such a long time?”

“ Sorry about the intrusion. I am aware of the smell associated with , so I thought it was time to pay a visit since everything in the Human World stinks to high heaven. I came quiet a ways. It took a while to find someone to tell me how to return to our previous domain or I would have attended your gatherings earlier. Have you seen the
weather across the world?

weather across the world

weather across the world--hurricanes

Many people died in the hurricanes in the Carolinas, it has been 2 weeks and the people are still under water. Earthquakes and Tsunamis around the world killed many and have destroyed so much. Still worried about the relatives and the Gullah Geechee on the Islands. We are lucky to live in the North West, we had a wonderful, peaceful Summer, asides from a horrendous fire season, So Consuela tell me about the nightmares which are troubling so much.”

We were all in Lilian’s front yard when a large Swastika appeared and we all found ourselves in a different time period. Things looked the same, yet the Humans in my dream were from the past, they were mingling with us. Somehow they recognized things and events which they mistook for their time in history. At first I thought they were aberrations. I turned to the friends, Mr McKrekor, Raupe, Cough, Frog, Alpaka… come to think of it you were there…HMMM… premonition I suppose…. except it all appeared so timely. Remember thinking how I wanted to wake up from this unnatural state, Lilian would never allow these terrible Humans in her yard. BUT then I remembered her mutilated cat and the Confederate flags flying in her neighborhood without objections from anyone, or so it appeared. I heard small panes and helicopters taking off from the near-by airport… just like always and and one point wondered if I was in some other reality. All these things appeared so acceptable and normal except on this other level I knew it could not be real. NOONE would allow a repeat of time.”

a repeat of time

And then the scene changed and it appeared they were on opposite sides. I must have really over eaten, maybe it was the cucumbers which really do not belong to my diet.

on opposite sides

“I know a little about the origin of a swastika, maybe if I share it with you you feel a bit better.
In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, swastika means “well-being”. The symbol has been used by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains for millennia and is commonly assumed to be an Indian sign. It also symbolizes all four directions, in other words it covers the globe.
Early Western travelers to Asia were inspired by the positive and ancient associations and started using it back home. By the beginning of the 20th Century they used it as a good luck symbol.
The word ‘swastika’ derives from an Asian Indian Sanskrit word, in which the meaning of the swastika stands for universal welfare. “Swastika” means well-being of one and all and “key” means symbol. The way I would perceive it it was intended for only positive. The swastika is one of the most ancient of all symbols and used as a symbol for peace, life and good luck. It represented the revolving sun, fire or life.”

“Nice try”

“No. look here is a Navajo sand painting. I am SURE it is much older than that awful Hitler and what comes after.
It takes ONE bad apple…as they say… and yes it spoils the barrel. So it is today. Many have attached themselves to the thinking of ONE BAD APPLE and associate Swastika with FEAR and Terror. It appears to be working.”

Navajo sand painting

“Humans are so strange, will never understand. There is such a thing as natural order. And you, my Skunk Friend, have spoiled my appetite for apples for a long time. I like them as treats…. Well. I use to as of this moment.”

“So do you think Lilian will be upset about my visit?”

“ I don’t know, She said she missed your kind, when she first came to USA she lived in a prairie and she instinctively knew who you were when she first encountered you. There were no skunks where she came from. She still has her door open, that is how we hear about the going on’s about the Human world. She has been burning sage, lavender and any other healing herb she can get her hands on since she has been ill for several month. Is she going to welcome you…. don’t know, Guess you have to behave and not fight with the numerous cats hanging around. Lilian has a good SMELLER. It is because her open door we were able to keep up with the latest Drama… 2 weeks in the making and ongoing. Everywhere, TV, Radio,Neighbors talking. A new Supreme Court Judge has been nominated and the country is up in arms… or feet if you will. It has been suggested that when he was a young man it sexually upset a woman, which is not acceptable for a man in his position. Lilian’s generation dealt with a similar situation in 1991 when everyone was quiet involved in the scandal in reference to Judge Thomas. At that time many people sided with the judge, especially people of color. It was during a time we refereed to many suffering from “ JUNGLE FEVER”. Many men of color married out of their race and some of us resented that. In 1991 we still talked like that. It was a different time. Lilian now feels we owe Anita Hill an apology, women should have supported her much more than they did. Ms. Thomas is white. Had we understood the mechanics as well as we do now Judge Thomas would not have been appointed.

Anita Hill

Clarence Thomas


METOO totally stand behind the women

METOO totally stand behind the women
METOO totally stand behind the women 3


This time we are wiser and listen to the woman. A Movement METOO totally stand behind the women in this case. We have come a long way and speaking out against things happening to the female Human species and it needs to stop. Everyone is equal and it cannot be allowed for the new generation to find themselves back in the thinking of 1960’s. It is being investigated by the FBI and we will have an answer as to the outcome in next month report.


Amy Goodman, a TV : Democracy Now was threatened with imprisonment of she does not stop reporting some things which are not mentioned in main stream media. Lilian knows her well and it is something to ponder…. she also speaks her mind.

NIKE made the kneeling Kaepernick the face of the year and stock has shot thru the roof. In fact most of the women in congress wore NIKE shoes to show their support of freedom of expression and we want our voices heard.

Bees were put on the endangered species list and we are keeping a close eye on our whale population. It is shrinking at an alarming pace.

A crop circle appeared in England. The only one which caught Lilian’s attention. She is very familiar with the subjects and has been in 110 herself. This one stood out because to her, Lilian, it represented the duality of time going on at the moment. Like we have opened that door and see things how they really are. A NEW AWARENESS!

crop circle appeared in England

Lilian spend her late granddaughter Vanya’s Birthday with her granddaughter Ebony and her family. It has been 30 years since she traveled to Bremerton and she was in awe how much the place has grown in that time period. One of the things they had fun with was interpreting a photo someone sent. Most people when hearing the word paranormal think GHOST. In this case Lilian thinks it is a aberration and a different time occupying the present space.

aberration and a different time occupying the present space

On her way home she stopped at a Wood Shop and was allowed to take pictures of the carvings. It was so refreshing to finally land in a happy place, so this is what she saw.

Wood Shop

If we REALLY seek to find wonderful things in our present time just take a look, A Flower, a spring of water, a bird just anything. It is there. Just become aware and be thankful for what the moment has to offer. So I have no idea where the rest of our gang is today. Should I demand and answer I bet they would answer:


For today I remain in Love and Light

Bill Oliphant
A long time coworker of Lilian’s, Bill Olephant, passed away in the last week of August. She was shocked and is grieving.

Bill Olephant, passed away


HEARING 2018 for appointment for Kavanaugh

September 2018 Newsletter

take in the last days of Summer

CONSUELA here. Trying to take in the last days of Summer. Not too busy to visit with you while waiting for the rest of the gang to get here. As you can see it is rather dry at Lilian’s. Only a few sprinkles in the last 2 months. She likes it because she does not have to cut the grass and she considers herself lucky to live in Washington State, with that having escaped all the storms and floods which have plagued the middle and east coast of North America. Lucky you say? Well the problem in the West of the country was fires. As a result it was almost impossible to breath because of the smoke from the many fires burning all at once. Many people were ill especially the “ Sensitive Group” as they sported the title they had been given by the news. At times ash covered cars, men and beast. For a minute it looked like one of the Volcanoes had awakened. Mt Edna burped but that is in Italy and too far away. Hawaii had a hurricane and the main-land was spared with the exception of a few waves growing larger than usual. Hawaii of course is still tying to recover from the storm and the mess Lane left behind.

lucky to live in Washington State
Pictures courtesy KOMO 4 and Michael Lillie

Yup, that is what it looked like. Mr. McKrekor went to check on the young Eagles who hatched on Moon Road on the Chehelis Reservation. Lilian has been monitoring an Eagles Nest for 8 years and this year it is occupied and shelter to new life. While there he, Mr MC KREKOR, friended an Alpaca and invited him to hang out with us, especially since he mentioned not in 100 years would he understand Humans. Looking forward to meet the new friend. In the mean time I will attempt to report to you what I know to date. The doors and windows at Lilian’s are open because it is Summer and for some reason she likes the heat. My “Hang and Swing Out “ is close enough for me to hear what she talks about on the phone or what ever device she has chosen to communicate on.

Much of the airwaves were taken over by the death of Senator McCain and the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. Both lay in state as we speak and thousands have undertaken the travels to pay their respect.

The final death-toll from the hurricane in 2017 in Puerto Rico is 2975, not 64. the number the President insisted was correct. He had a couple of bad weeks, a couple of his friends were convicted of felony crimes and for a change the news was not about him and his “ GREATNESS.” America concentrated on what was really important. Skirmishes have arisen in other counties since somehow they appear to follow his example of cruelty and need to want to run the world regardless of legalities or compassion. People are uncaring and unreasonable. Correction… a fraction of the population….

A man stole an airplane and crashed it in an act of suicide.

In excess of 500 children are still being held in immigration facilities. Very little is being said about that anymore. How soon we forget.

Complains have come to the forefront that some social media and google block out certain information. MAYBE a large percentage of the people does NOT want to hear more “TRUTH” and just stopped searching for things no longer of interest. Some of the people are unhinged and think mankind is in trouble. America and North Korea are at odds again…. let me get out of this hammock I am thinking like a human now… too relaxed and my mind is running away with me…. or is it. Need to google the difference in brain capacity between man and bear. SEE FOR YOURSELF:

It snowed in Montana and Wyoming…not a trace…up to 10 inches.
There is the gang, Coug, Frog, Mr McKrekor, except Raupe, she is a butterfly and has flown the coop.

“I checked the eagles, they are big enough to leave the nest..amazing how big the youngsters are, I feel so small.”

“You are small. I could squash you with one pawl. I have grown a bit during the year, don’t forget I belong to the cat family.”

“ Like I was saying…. as I was thinking about all the things which could happen to me because of my size there I met a new friend. Remember you are all mammals and unable to fly. Those baby Eagles were giants compared to me. Babies or not…they DO fly. Where is Raupe and what is keeping Frog?”

“Raupe became a butterfly… haha butter FLY. Frog needs water and he set off to find some since Lilian forgot to fill the bird-bath. Alpaka introduce yourself and tell us who you are, You are a immigrant and came from somewhere else since you are not “NATIVE” here.”

“We are often mistaken for Llamas. We are closely related and some of us
can cross-breed. We came from the Andes, Ecuador. Bolivia and Chile. We come from high altitudes. At one point it was discovered our wool makes awesome garments and here I am in Rochester Washington. Not sure if they miss me yet I jumped the fence they were talking about shaving us to look like Poodles again. It is confusing to turn any animal into something it is not. Also I spit and that would not be a good response. Thank you for letting me hang out with you, at least till they catch me since I am sure everyone is looking for a LLAMA.”

“Frog quit hopping in front of me, where are you going?”
“ I am trying to sneak into the house, obviously you are too big. Lilian is talking to her new friend. She became his Mentor they are talking some interesting stuff there. I will visit with your new friend in a little while.”

“ I have been hurting for a few days so tell me about the pain patches Lilian is recommending to everyone. Think it works for Cougars?”

“ Lilian has been hurting a very long time. Not a little ache and pain, she has been in serious pain. It prevented her from attending Alien Con Conference. One of her long time friends heard about her dilemma and mailed her a box of Pain Patches. She trusts the young man, Adam Curry. So she put on a patch. The young lady visiting her at the time noticed that instead of barely being able to move, Lilian was swaying in rather snazzy dance moves in her favorite chair within minutes of applying the patch. It worked! She, Lilian, had not noticed before it was pointed out to her she was practically pain free. With the hype of the opioid crises it is almost impossible to get a prescription for pain medication. It is not right for chronically ill and seniors to have to suffer pain at a large scale and this may turn out to become a solution. She called all her friends…no-one believed it until they tried it themselves and Adam Curry became every-ones Hero.
Not that he needed fame, they named an asteroid after this young Genius at the age of 19. Her friends were also familiar with Adam because it was he who was responsible for Lilian’s Mind Lamp.

Mr MCKrekor you are master of “OBTAINING: things see if you can obtain one of those patches maybe it will work on poor Coug.

“ So tell me, why is it you equate black with obtain you start sounding like Humans. Discriminating and racist.”

“I would like to get back to to you with an answer but right now I want to hear what Lilian and her new friend are talking about. They have a lot in common, especially their love for Africa and formed an immediate bond. They talk paranormal stuff… now they switched to a different conversation. Time discrepancies of up to an hour and 10 minutes have been noticed and Ancient Alien Theorists are investigating ancient teachings with the fact that some inhabitants of the Planet are in agreement with the opinion that the gods left some time ago and are preparing to return. Wait… the phone is ringing, let me hop behind the big chair so I can’t be spotted. Subject: Omarosa. No Lilian did not watch TV Shows but was aware the Omarosa Lady in the White House had been a contestant on a show and one of the Presidents friends at the time when the Apprentice aired. Somehow he had appointed her to Director of Communications. Omarosa was the only African American working in the White House. Because of her job description it gave the impression she had betrayed her people and in some circles it was a painful experience. At one point she was fired and wrote a book about her acquaintance with the President. When it became known that she reliesed damaging tapes the news concentrated on her for several days. Lilian decided to make up her own mind about the hoopla and did her own research instead of forming opinions about what was said. She was surprized to see who were the people Omarosa was affiliated with before her time at the White House. Lilian recognized some of them. Especially her former late fincee Mr, Michael Duncon. Her gentle giant from the Green Mile. It appeared all the people were loving. Caring human beings and in Lilian’s opinion would not have associated with a person of the caliber described during this time. It occurred to her that just maybe Omarosa was able to infiltrate the Trump Clan with a purpose in mind. Sometimes people have a calling and it is necessary to become that Camilion to achieve a higher purpose. It also occurred to Lilian that there may be a time when people have to change their attitude toward the Lady and owe her an apology. Since the present administration is in power everything amounts to “THEM” and “US”. Politically and racially. Could it be that we will have to thank Omarosa, Stormy and a Pecker to have saved us…..Eventually…

“ OK Coug let me see your back side I did get one of those patches for you. This had better work, almost got caught. I got a glimpse at the TV. All I heard was about divisions, hate, fear mongering and misery. Maybe we should find a new planet to inhabit this one is a bit in trouble. Or we just stay helpful to the people by trying to bring a little joy into their lives. With simplicity. I enjoy meeting Alpaka. Bet he has some thoughts on solutions. He said he comes from species which is able to interbreed with Llamas. Coug is in the Feline family. CONSUELA has relatives which are Black Bears, Grisly Bears and Polar Bears living in the Arctic, all the same genetic species. All different but interchangeable.
Lets take a look at our Human Brothers and Sisters.

Human Brothers and Sisters

All Humans are of the same species and interchangeable. They are different races. Yet belong to the same Human Race. Yet they are constantly battling with each other instead of celebrating the differences which makes them unique. The battle for dominance has been around for so long. For thousands of years. There is enough living space, enough food for all of them. Even at that it is always about”Them”. Most times when pressed for an answer they don’t have one… in reality it does not exist. In 2018, when pressed for an answer as what do you think of the looks of this. How can only one people think they are superior to another. It is high time Humans start looking to the future and unite as one people, show love for one another… tolerance would do.

Us and them how can we reach a compromise. Each living being has the right
to live a life of peace, satisfaction able to experience the wonderful things life has to offer.”

we need one for the world

“ Do you realize we talk about the same thing every time we get together? It always amounts to the same thing. The Pain patch is doing something…. we need one for the world. I am ready to get back to what I was doing. Be careful Alpaka they will put you in chains if they catch you. You are valuable, you have wool. What we need is a Trump Card, a ACE in the Hole.”

“I’m gone…keep dreaming . Put that in the translator and you know what you get?
An Ass in the Hole.

Till next gathering
Love and Light

Here is the link for the Pain patches.

This is an interview with Adam I thought you may enjoy.

Birth of a butterfly someone send me so here it is under fair use act.

August 2018 Newsletter

Prototype of women

CONSUELA on the prowl again with some information you may have missed ad-midst all the craziness of August. No one here except me so I guess I will talk to myself while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive.

Only two days out of Mercury Retrograde  and and other planet starts spinning backwards in our skies. This time it’s Saturn, the planet of karma, responsibility and life lessons. Not to worry, Saturn Retrograde is nothing to panic over..

The meaning of  Saturn  IN  Retrograde 2018 for your Zodiac Sign involves a lot of karma. If you were hoping to celebrate the end of Mercury retrograde, not so, not so. Not till August19th. Don’t plan any parties just yet. On July 26, Saturn, one of the most feared planets in all of astrology,did move into a retrograde. Anytime you have an event when two planets “run backwards” it is reason for concern for man and beast.
Time for a Karmic Check In.

“ No need to have self conversations I am here, guess I am above your head, no wonder you did not see me. You must really be upset as not to notice me, what is troubling you so my friend?”

“ I tell you later, so what do you know?”

“ Lilian Video chats with her sister Jeanette quiet often, because I am Mr McKrekor the nosy bird I pay attention to what they are saying. Jeanette and Lilian did not see eye to eye on many things when young, but now in the autumn of their lives they are tackling deep subjects I must tell you. DEEP SUBJECTS. They were comparing members of the family living on different continents, different racial mixtures….they have several of those… and their offspring and how there are so many similarities amongst them. They way they think, the way they decorate their houses, the likes and dislikes in food, just habits in general. So they concluded it had to be cellular memories of a genetic nature.

Take a look around your family

Take a look around your family.”
“ And you think that is funny… we are all a different species. A bear, a crow, a cougar, a frog and a butterfly, excuse me a caterpillar”

“ So what happened to Squiry? Think she is off with nuts?”

“ Well it is early Summer but many trees look like Autumn already guess she got confused and stuck in her own little time-line.”

look like Autumn already
Speaking of time-line… There are fires everywhere, Lilian had a brush fire withing a few blocks. It was reported at 2:30 AM. She has the smell of a bloodhound and the ears of I don’t know what and she noticed NOTHING.
She commented about it on her Facebook page and this was the response
she got, in part from her most logical, clinically observant detective friend
James Clarkson:You are still my favorite “resident alien.” You have always viewed the world from a different perspective and you have been very open about it. It is hard to stand in two or more worlds at the same time. The difference is that when this “AKAKAKA” character communicates, it is overwhelming and leaves no room for discussing or trying to understand. He never acknowledges that maybe he doesn’t see or know everything. In these uncertain times we are all feeling a bit defeated, but we have to keep defending the Light. Namaste.

Speaking of fires,some of the world is drowning and western part is on fire.

western part is on fire

Raupe, the Caterpillar has joined the conversation, do frogs eat caterpillars? It is so dangerous to become a butterfly, so many dangers from everywhere but it would appear to be a safe place here.

“ How long did it take you to crawl her in our little world?”

“Well. If I start at the beginning it is like this:
All butterflies have a complete metamorphosis to grow into an adult they go through 4 stages. EGG,LARVA,PUPA and ADULT. Each stage has a different goal-for instance, caterpillars need to eat a lot and adults need to reproduce. It grows inside the egg for about 4 days It then munches milkweed and grows as a monarch caterpillar (larvae) for about 2 more weeks. The caterpillar’s life inside the chrysalis (pupa) lasts about 10 days and its wonderful life as an adult butterfly lasts from 2 – 6 weeks. I just have managed to wonder into your world for just a bit, unfortunately I won’t be able to say long. Maybe you can explain the Human world to me quickly since my time is limited.”

Frog is the optimist maybe he can summarize some of it for you. He leaps up and ahead and catches a fly in the process. He has to eat a lot also.

That is how I found my wonderful friends. Some of us was having a hard time since the moon effects everything water. Lilian was bouncing off the wall, she had no equilibrium, eclipses make her so ill. She does not need water to react, but than she is somewhat strange. Guess that is a reason to seek her company….

Red Moon Eclipse 01
Red Moon Eclipse 02
Pic Andreas Losert

Red Moon Eclipse 03
Pic Renate Strang

The Red Moon Eclipse was not seen in USA so the friends in Germany reported. We only felt the effects. The word Lunatic comes from events like this when Humans have a hard time functioning because the react to events involving the moon… and then, like CONSUELA told “HERSELF” there was also the dancing of the Planets. The solar system’s largest moon, Ganymede, seems to float alongside Jupiter in a picture taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Astronomers on Earth have now found a dozen more moons orbiting the gas giant, bringing its total to 79.
Oh yeah you asked for headlines and human behavior.

The present administration of the United States has canceled almost every rule and safety-net there was for men and beast. As a result this came across the news-feed.

Sea level in Seattle could rise anywhere from 1.7 feet to 3.1 feet by 2100 The projections released Monday show what to expect at 171 sites in Puget Sound and along the state’s outer coast sea levels rise due to global warming. The information is more local and specific than previous assessments. STYyOTI0NTE1MToxMDE1NjY1MDk2NTk5NTE1Mg/

Killer bees have changed their location and turning up in places never seen before.

A Whale mother has up to date carried her dead calf around for 9 days. The whales are dying due to lack of food, In fact it has been reported that the herd eats less so the Mother Whale can recover and eat more.

A Whale mother has up to date carried her dead calf around for 9 days
Photo by Ken Balcomb, Center for Whale Research

A Lemur was stolen from a Zoo in California and a shark…a SHARK was stolen from an Aquarium. Both were found savely.

The US PRESIDENT has been accused of dancing with the enemy.

An explosion on 51st Ave in New York has contaminated much of the neighborhood with Asbestos.

Because of Human ignorance and not paying heed to upcoming weather 10 Young boys and a teacher were stranded in a cave, it took many international geniuses to rescue the boys after many days. It was reported that they all became monks after their experience. This does not surprise some when one considers to what dept their understanding of life they must have learned at such a young age and I am sure they received a calling as a result of it.

10 Young boys and a teacher were stranded in a cave

Lilian gave this a lot of thought trying to deceiver which appeared like a miracle and she was trying to find a purpose. Most of the Elders are leaving this world and move on to the next adventure and some wonder if there are enough young ones to take their place and take the world forward.”

“Coug you have not uttered one opinion what;s the matter today.”

“ Well I tell you I don’t want to spoil your fun but I can only report good observations to you today, did not sound like you all wanted to hear pleasant news.”

Let’s have it! Yeah…. said the frog!

Lilian has been ill and in a lot for pain for 3 moth now. Unable to do to much she has with the help of friends and the internet been many places. They have taken her per LIVE FEED along. Here are just a few things she did.
She went to a wedding.
She went on a crocodile hunt.
She went to concerts.
She went to Lake Fair.
She saw the Blue Angles.
She came along on a Canoe Journey.
In essence she visited Haiti, Germany, Australia and Washington State.


ləhigʷalikʷ čəł ʔə tiił st’ulǰəxʷčəł Honoring Our Medicin
They journey over open waters to visit their relatives and friends once a year. Each year a different tribe becomes a host celebrate with singing, dancing, stories and sharing food for the Tribal Journeys of 2018 to our Puyallup Territory of the Medicine Creek Nation. To give you an Idea what that looked like here is a list. I copied it from the Puyallup website. There were 108 Canoes.

Honoring Our Medicin 01

Honoring Our Medicin 02

Honoring Our Medicin 03

Honoring Our Medicin 04

Honoring Our Medicin 05

Honoring Our Medicin 06

Honoring Our Medicin 07

Honoring Our Medicin 08

Now you tell me if the world could just get together in peace like this….not saying you have to paddle….. me and myself would not have to get so angry that you are destroying the planet and there is a sad future ahead for our offspring. Man and beast.

You all told od cllior memories. MEN KIND has made war for so many centuries. BUT If you look at history never anything was really gained by this. There is enough for us all. Never before has Men Kind been so educated…well that is up for discussion… but technologically speaking it has never been like this before and the planet could be saved and beautified into a livable home for us all. I Guess we are angry.”

planet could be saved

“Come on, come on, there comes that nasty landlord, once again he wants to check ID’s and Criminal background checks on Lilian;s Visitors. He has managed to do this 4 times, guess it is in his DNA, he thinks 45 gives him permission to be discriminating against people and animals of different tribes.”

Lilian was talking to her therapist of 30 years. He commented on the fact that out of that time-frame she had been in pain more times than not. They had discussed cellular memory and KARMA earlier in the conversation so Lilian concluded she must have been a SADIST in her last life.

Take care and go forward.


Since some deny Climate change this is what lays ahead. It is the article about the raising sea level STYyOTI0NTE1MToxMDE1NjY1MDk2NTk5NTE1Mg/

Fire close to Lilian’s house. She is at 9011 highway 99 and the fire was at 93rd and Highway 99

July 2018 Newsletter


Consuela reporting for you live…. now that is a line which gets your attention…. Better be careful or I will start sounding like my “Human” friends. They have a line for everything lately.

Lilian was hurt and had to have bed rest, So we hung around to help her. Of course we had to go about that in a careful way, as not to freak out the neighbors, us being wild animals and all…. But I am getting ahead of the story. What happened was that her long time friend and ex-director came to her rescue to repair some equipment in her old fashioned studio so she can finally continue producing her show from home, instead of the TV Station since the new way of doing things is so overwhelming to her. After almost a year of begging for someone to help her with said task she was so glad to see her old friend and he gave her the biggest hug she had in years. They heard a POP and both had the strangest look on their faces. Justin is a professional clown so his face was priceless and Lilian looked terrified. You should have seen it!

At first they thought they had broken a couple of Lilian’s ribs but after a few minutes all appeared normal. Justin took everything apart in the studio and started to re-build everything needed for positive outcome from scratch.

They reminisced about the good old days, the trips they made together and the time they were both Judges for the EBE AWARDS at the UFO CONGRESS. They also remembered some of the Physicists and Scientists they had intermingled with in their travels and the conversation got to the recent outbreaks of Volcanoes.

Hawaii volcano: Kilauea’s magnetic field goes in OPPOSITE direction – sending compasses crazy

It actually reversed the magnetic field.

Lilian started to ask questions of people and discovered many suffered from pains which felt like being torn apart, which she thought were connected to the change in the magnetic field. No-one could answer her question as to was this condition temporary or permanent, in which case we had better get used to it and Doctors get familiar with the pain complaints of their patients, Opioid Crisis or not!

Kilauea’s magnetic field goes in OPPOSITE direction 01

Mount Agung volcano erupts during the night, as seen from Datah village, Karangasem Regency in Bali, Indonesia on June 29, 2018. REUTERS/Johannes P. Christo

June 28 at 9:35 PM  Bali, Indonesia
Eruption of Bali’s Mount Agung volcano sends column of ash and smoke 8,200 feet into the sky.

THIS is the Magma under Yellowstone

FAIR USE NOTICE: This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in our efforts to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, and for the general purpose of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, research and / or educational purposes only. We believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. If you wish to use this material for purposes other than provided by law. You must obtain permission from the copyright owner. For more information go to

A volcanic eruption on the Galapagos Islands has raised fears that the ecosystem that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution may be under threat.

WHY are people so excited they don’t seem to realize what it means.

Steamboat Geyser, in Yellowstone National Park’s Norris Geyser Basin, is the world’s tallest currently-active geyser. During major eruptions, water may be thrown more than 300 feet into the air.

US geologists have been surprised to find a huge magma blob under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire

A NEW supervolcano is brewing deep beneath the United States. There are three key states.

Maine has super volcanoes. Wait, Maine has volcanoes? Yes, and their eruptions could have been among the biggest ever on Earth, geo-scientist Sheila Seaman reported here.
Large Pool Of Molten Rock Was Just found Rising Beneath New England … Will magma ever get to the magnitude of Yellowstone?

Glacier Peak is one of the most active of Washington’s volcanoes. The volcano formed during the Pleistocene epoch, about one million years ago, and since the most recent ice age, it has produced some of largest and most explosive eruptions in the state. When continental ice sheets retreated from the region, Glacier Peak began to erupt regularly, erupting explosively five times in the past 3,000 years. It has erupted repeatedly during at least six periods; two of these eruptions have been among the largest in Washington.

Glacier Peak began to erupt regularly

And Adams, St Helen, Rainer, Baker and these Big Boys are right in Lilian’s backyard.
She did say in the predictions The Ring of Fire would explode…….

An Enormous Crack Just Opened Up In Africa, Evidence Africa Is Literally Splitting In Two

Enormous Crack Just Opened Up In AfricaEvidence Africa Is Literally Splitting In Two

A 12-foot shark was spotted in Pacific CA and Fires are raging everywhere.

What does that have to do with Volcanoes? Absolutely nothing, I was just trying to get back to my story. That night, about five hours after her “BEAR-HUG” Lilian’s ribs felt OK except all of a sudden her legs had ideas of their own and walking became pretty impossible. Her hip was very painful and she no choice but to stay in bed.

I don’t know what is keeping Mr McKreKor, Coug and the rest of the friends today. Guess I have no choice but to finish my story myself.

The next day Lilian had to go to KOHLS, she had a financial dispute with her favorite store and threatened instead of remaining their “ Where is the Beef” old Lady to NEVER shop at Kohls again. In fact, she called the Corporate Office and gave them a piece of her mind. Have to be careful telling people what you think these days they think everything is a threat. BUT she did, end result was they did not care who shops there or how often. Anyway on her way home her legs gave out again and she coasted her car to the Clinic, since she was unable to find help to take her to the doctor. X-Rays were taken, diagnosis was that her ribs were bruised and due to her fragile bone situation her hip had shifted. Long recovery ahead. BTW, she thanked her friend for the hug and explained there must be a reason, she let him know what it was when it become apparent.

I have to stay out of sight since it is now legal, thanks to 45, to shoot bears and their young for that matter. As big as I am it is hard to hide, especially since everyone runs around with some recording device and an attempt to make them believe so a Fata Morgana is out of the question.

Since Justin had cleared the studio of “OUT-DATED-JUNK” he called it, there was actually room for me to recline and listen to what I thought was an interesting conversation she had with her friend Debra. A frog was hiding between a bunch of boxes full of videos used for inserts to the shows and gestured me not to let anyone know he was there. I am assuming he was a he….I prefer HE’S… rather deal with males of a species, they are, in my opinion, less complicated in their thinking.

My friend was talking about what is feels like to have been separated from her Mother as a small infant. Debra is in her 60’s, a Mulatto. Her being of mixed race in then,a very racist Germany she was separated from her family right after birth and adopted by an Afro American family from America. Her life was good to a point, but like Lilian the Trauma of having been taken away from your mother follows you all your life. There is a yearning and sadness connected with that which even a newborn remembers and experiences for the rest of their lives. Debra and Lilian have been friends for many years and have a bond which is hard to explain, rather than friends they feel like sisters… they jokenly refer to themselves as being hatched from the same egg. Hatched and abandoned to fetch for themselves. They never allowed themselves to be “eaten” by predators and there were many. Like a frog they escaped by jumping UP, FORWARD and FAR as soon as they sensed unfamiliar territory. Debra was lucky to have been taken care of by her new family. Lilian on the other hand was 27 years old with children of her own when she felt the touch of her Mother.

“ Hey, my life was hard too, in case you don’t know what frogs go through, it’s a wonder I survived! The life cycle of a frog begins with a fertilized egg. The fertilized egg develops into a tadpole. The fertilized egg and tadpole stages are found in the water in the spring. … As the ; it is transformed via the process of metamorphosis into an adult frog. Imagine what that was like, every time I thought I knew who, I was I turned into something else. You were a bear from the beginning and lets not forget you are big and vicious according to the thinking of these new Humans. They don’t talk about your parental skills, your loyalty, your protective instincts and the spiritual role you play in some cultures. They hunt you for your fur…”

“ I know, but that is a conversation for another time. We were talking about children and young creatures removed, by force, from their parents. What a coincidence for Lilian and Debra comparing themselves to frogs and then you show up. I thought you needed water to live.”

“I do, this is Washington State and water water everywhere. In fact, have you heard about the terrible weather everywhere, so many floods all through America? I thought you were glad to have a new friend since yours are AWOL. I am sorry to hear what your Human friends ponder about. Humans do horrible things to each other and us in the animal kingdom. Just think what they do to our kind….dissect us, torture us, use us for pregnancy tests and blow us up for fun. Only good thing, I guess, is we die and I have never heard of a frog suffering from PTSD, MPD or being turned into a Manchurian Candidate.”

“ Ghee you sure speak your mind. I guess you fit right into our circle of friends. What you say your name was?”

“I didn’t.”

Protest the separation of the Immigrant families

Lilian turned on the TV, most of the country is marching in protest today. Protest the separation of the Immigrant families. I hope the detainees can hear the protesters on their behalf. They may not understand the language having just arrived this “GREAT COUNTRY “ but maybe it will give them hope to see how so many are concerned for their well being.

Protest the separation of the Immigrant families 02
Protest the separation of the Immigrant families 03
Protest the separation of the Immigrant families 04

Hope I did not snore. I either fell asleep or experienced one of Lilian’s favorite past time exercises. An OBE ( out of body experience). I found myself along with my friends keeping a baby company and trying to ease the loneliness from disturbing the child’s peace.


Adios…Au Revoir…Arrivederci…Auf Wiedersehen..


It’s that kind of day. Many want to know what may happen to those poor kids we have “detained” later in life. Dan Bennett and I are living results. We were the lucky ones. In this show we discuss resulting outcome of TRAUMA in early childhood ….. regardless of what nationality you are. We are after all people of the Planet EARTH…..

It was the dedication show for my granddaughter. That part dealt with suicide, it addressed the people left behind, MPD did NOT apply to her, it was just where we ended up in the conversation.

This is an article Lilian wrote some years back as to what happened to her as a result of experimentation during her containment on Helgoland in 1953 and 1954. In fact some of the children victimized back then are in their 70’s and 80’s and an attempt has been made to locate survivors and reimburse them for the atrocities inflicted on them.
atrocity Definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary
[ C usually plural ] an extremely cruel, violent, or shocking act:

UPDATE of Predictions for 2018

June 2018 Newsletter

ahead and above everything
Michael Lillie

Consuela here, this month sure passed quickly. It is getting pretty complected to stay out of site, my relatives woke up and are being spotted in many places. They are being rounded up, some have been killed since Humans feel they own the Planet and we have nowhere to flourish. President 45 has even ordered…excuse me…allowed to kill our babies. I am glad I made the right decision not to give birth this year, dangerous times, dangerous times. MR MC Krekor is my Savior more often than not since he is ahead and above everything and has developed a way to alarm me when something is wrong. Mother nature is somewhat unbalanced I heard it said that a relative of Coug was starved and attacked 2 hikers, in fact he killed one of the men. That is very regrettable for the man but it also shows how desperate some of the “Wildlife” has become by everything being so overpopulated for men and beast.

Lilian is in a foul mood, she has been rather ill for a couple of month now, she has little help but still tries to act like everything is good and accomplish all she sets out to do. I am getting a bit ahead of myself here…. maybe not. On her agenda was an update for the predictions for 2018. She really struggled with the decision and did not want to know what was ahead. She finally gave into the pressure from “The Masses” and taped the show on the 23rd. Here are the highlights from her workup. She did feel a bit better after she had a general idea what she was looking at and of course when the coast was clear we all got in position and spied on her conversation with who knows who she was talking to, It is easier to eavesdrop these days because she took the plastic off her windows. So have a sit down or fly down and see what she is talking about, even if it s only a small part of what she said.


1. We will have to sacrifice some things to gain others.

2. Will be able to start from scratch, just about have to.

3. Feminine energy has started to enter the picture.

4. Some balance will start to emerge towards the end of the summer.

5. For a minute it will appear we are normalizing our focus.

6. Extensive struggling needs to take place, BUT we can do it!

7. Stabilization and structure will start the process of giving birth to a organized government structure.

8. Some mature FACTION will try to enter the scene.

9. Love of preservation for country will prevail.

10. Dip in finances.

11. Accurate (talk about accuracy rate).

12. Second challenge with financial stability. AND New beginnings.

When it was all said and done it was better than expected and she was happy to have been able to spread a little hope….

Here come the squirrel from last month following me again, well then….. come along…we are meeting Lilian at the MIMA MOUNDS.


“ Coug I must say you have outdone yourself today. Noticed you were sneaking around the neighborhood so early this morning, guess you about have to…. these are the times we live in. What were you going anyway?”

“ I was checking out the noise not to far from Lilian’s house, what I found is a Helicopter crashed, 2 passenger were hurt. So much noise, so much Emergency Personnel at the airport it was a lively situation. As always Lilian slept through the whole thing and I was unnoticed.”

“ I don’t know Mr McKrekor. How did you get from a helicopter crash to a school shooting?”

“ First of all there is no food in the humming bird feeder, Lilian keep forgetting to refill it just like she neglects to water the hanging tomato plants…. like you said she has been in a foul mood for days?…. These subjects are so unrelated, be careful or you will be accused of having dipped in the humming bird feeder again. And how I got from Helicopter I can’t remember right this minute. That squirrel is moving so fast and Lilian is making big steps. She has a new walking stick and she wanted to try it out on her Mother’s Day walk. Probably the only walk for the year she has been might slow moving her feet these days. Now they are way ahead of us! Move it!”

Mother's Day walk


“ Helicopter… I know how I got from Helicopter to terrible times. I heard Lilian tell the story about when she was a child in the 50’s living in Germany. The people, who raised her for a time, were very racist. They refereed to refugees and immigrants as Helicopters. They said Helicopters could land anywhere, she remembered this all through her life. It was that term which promoted her to study people and ethnic groups so she could understand how people either way were the people of the planet Earth and equal.

CNN, at present, airs a series on Sunday: UNITED SHADES OF GRAY

In the segments Kamau Bell visits different cultures so people can understand one another and share their differences which make them unique.
One of Lilian’s favorite was the one about the Gullah Geechee people living on the Sea Islands along the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia, a painful chapter of American history is playing out again. These islands are home to the Gullah or Geechee people, the descendants of enslaved Africans who were brought to work at the plantations that once ran down the southern Atlantic coast. Lilian wrote about things like that in 1997 in her book: And the Moral of the story is: One person at a time. She also wrote about the DOGON of Africa. Right about that time one of her FBF started a discussion about the Dogon, their believes and how some think they connect with Extraterrestrials. Here, with permission, is this post.

Pharoah Donnell King
One the most amazing sources of evidence of our ancestors coming from the stars is the history of the Dogon Tribe of Africa. There are between 400,000 and 800,000 Dogon in a remote civilization in the central plateau region of Mali in Africa. The Dogon culture is known for its detailed, meaningful art and tribal customs, but the Dogon are mostly known for their ancient, accurate cosmology and the legends of their ancestors from Sirius. The Importance of the Dogon hit the western world in 1930 when French anthropologists first heard legends from the Dogon priests. The legends were passed down through many generations and documented through artwork. The Dogon spoke of an extraterrestrial race from the Sirius Star System, referred to as the Nommos, who visited them on earth. The Nommos were an aquatic race of humanoid creatures, similar to mermaids. This was amazing to hear because the god, Isis, of Babylon is depicted as a mermaid and associated with Sirius. The Dogon say that the Nommos descended to earth from the heavens in a great boat, accompanied with extreme wind and loud noise. The Dogon explained that the Sirius system had a companion star, but it cannot be seen from earth due to the brightness of Sirius A. Researchers have found Dogon artifacts dating back over 400 years depicting orbits of these stars. Years later, in 1970, astronomers finally had good enough telescopes to zoom in on Sirius and they photographed Sirius B. The Dogon were right! They also identified the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn without the use of a telescope. How could they know this?

May 16th, 8:16pm
Being only 8 light years away, Sirius A is the brightest Star in the Earth sky. Sirius B is an extremely heavy, dense and tiny white dwarf star, smaller than the earth, but weighing 8X more than our Sun. It is gravitationaly bound to Sirius A and part of the same solar system. White dwarfs form when a star runs out of fuel. They begin to collapse on themselves, not being large enough to supernova. Going back for hundreds of years ever since the Nommos came to visit the Dogon, they have held a ceremony every 50 years to celebrate the orbit of Sirius A and Sirius B. Astronomers later confirmed their orbit to be almost exactly 50 years!

I hope Humans will get it together NOW before they destroy everything. Oil pipelines continue to be build….and burst or leak… climate change being ignored… we, in the animal kingdom are deprived of our habitat and it just goes on. It is said that the spider population, if united and determined could consume all human life on Earth in one(1) day!”

“I am just a little squirl but I heard they send a rocket to Mars. I like to go thee, but I am sure there are no nuts, what would I eat?”

“Plenty of Nuts here… if you get my drift… make sure you take some of them with you, you hear.”

paintings from her Aboriginal friend, Jaqueline Cahill 1
paintings from her Aboriginal friend, Jaqueline Cahill 2

“ Lilian was given permission to share some paintings from her Aboriginal friend, Jaqueline Cahill and she, Lilian, is elated she has a thing for Crocks out of all things.”

paintings from her Aboriginal friend, Jaqueline Cahill 3

“I am getting tired, it is hot and I have so much fur…. Mr McKrekor please flap your wings around my head, maybe it will cool me off a little. Do something. I am going to
sit here and rest or a bit. That will give me time to reminisces about the ROYAL WEDDING in UK. It was wonderful. Like watching a Farietale movie about a princess and the BEST part was there was NO politics on TV and as far as I know no-one
messed and the BEST part was there was NO politics on TV and as far as I know no-one messed up anything THAT day. As always some objected to the interracial marriage.

News Flash:

News Flash

Used under Fair use Act. It was send to me by a friend from FB

An illegal immigrant, in France, climbed a 5 story building like Spiderman to save a toddler. The President of France invited him to come and visit him. He rewarded the man with French citizenship and he was offered a job as a fireman. Now THAT is what a good President does. He acknowledges people, thanks a Hero and rewards hi. Our President would have had him deported.”

“ You sure are quiet Coug all “run” out?”

“Nah…. LETS GO HOME! just thinking how eventful out life has become. We don’t even have to try to be adventures these days, it just happens. Interaction with Police is an issue for man and beast lately. Lilian got a bit nervous when a police car followed her for several miles coming home from the studio. Eventually she figured out why the Officer picked her car to follow. Someone must have called in a complaint. When she came across the bridge over Black Lake she saw several baby Deer trying to eat almost in the middle of the street she took it upon herself to stop her car, get out and stop traffic in both directions so baby deer could eat.”

Love and Light


This is the Moral Book Enjoy!

Take a hike
Mt Rainier

Before the rumbling begins again
St Helen

May 2018 Newsletter

Consuela, Coug and Mr McKrekor

Consuela, Coug and Mr McKrekor heading for the Lake for some serious dinner. Ever so often a long walk is called for, especially since Spring has arrived.

Spring has arrived

The fish are plentiful and it is nice to share a meal with friends away from our regular hangout, Lilian’s place. What or who is this following us with a steady trod? A squirrel, nosy fella, but he is not a fish eater so he is not invited.

squirrel, nosy fella

Hope he keeps his distance, look at him run with those little legs, wonder how he made out on April 19-20 when a shock wave in the solar winds hit the Earth magnetic field, sparking a strong G2-class geomagnetic storm and a rare “electric blue” aura that was visible to airplanes over Canada and some of the northern States of America. There it goes, guess we can’t ask.

“I am just a BEAR so answer me something else, there actually was a guy,
HUMAN, who was bitten by a shark and some times later bit by a bear.”

“I am just a Cougar and would say” How dumb is that?”

“I am a meager crow and say: “ did it ever occur to you that animals just don’t like you!?”

Lilian’s Grandson went to Rowandaa. As requested by her he took a picture when he set foot on Afrikan soil, the first person in 3 generations in Lilian’s family to return to the Mother Continent. He was able to mingle with Giraffes, Elephants and Lions.

set foot on Afrikan soil

Needless to say she added another picture to her wall, along with all the other things which make her feel good when she sits and ponders about her world.

“Mr McKregor tell me what you overheard during your flights of late or should I say. Did you not come along on a ride a few days ago?”

“ It was 78 degrees, Lilian stopped at the Trading Post and chatted with some young people, they recognized her car. One of the kids was complaining that one cannot do ANYTHING without a cellphone number. Another told how her father just bought a Robot Vacuum cleaner to keep her mother from complaining he never did anything to help abound the house. He said it was his job to swipe the debit card at the dealer and IF tax was not so outrages on alcohol he could actually afford a beer. Especially since gasoline now costs as much as $ 3.49 except no-one is complaining.”

“ I often wondered what it would be like having something in my cave like Humans have in their house, I think they call it ALEXA…. the device just talks to them and often buds into conversations for no reason, what do you think COUGH… would that not interrupt your naps? By the way is is not time for you to find a mate? Cougars on the prowl and you better get to it before all the Pretties are taken….. oops… I forgot you aid you intended to play the field this time around.”

“ Before you both get into a competitive discourse again throw me another fish…. they don’t look so good this year, all this pollution from DE-icer from the winter and now Round-up and pesticides from spring everything is poisoned. The flooding in the month of April dumped so much into this Lake. I saw how high the water was just last week. Lilian like to drive by Black Lake, they say it is one of two bottomless Lakes in the country. Last time we came that way…. me in tow as she often does… she had this long conversation with me. At first I did not know what she was getting at as eventually we approached the main interchange. She said:
“ look Mr McKrekor, you see all the traffic here, many lanes, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. If Humans can learn how to drive and obey traffic rules you would think they could learn how to live together in an orderly fashion with very little rules. You stop when the traffic light is red, you go when it is green, yield for left traffic, see if anyone is coming before you make a right turn and instinctively know that if you change any of this taught driving behavior which is second nature you WILL get hit. Your new car is damaged and you are hurt or dead. If you cause the accident you are liable and have consequences.”

“ This is true… Coug do you think your rules in your Cougar society is fair?”

“Absolutely! We get into personal skirmishes, which means by no way we try to eliminate the whole pack unlike humans who want to annihilate whole groups of national origin.”

“Consuela, Cougars are not called a pack. Cougars are actually solitary animals, as opposed to lions and most large predatory cats. Many sources say there is no name for a group of cougars because they do not form groups in the wild…. However, other sources say a group of cougars is called a Pride due to their relationship to mountain lions. Look at me, I am hanging out with you two what are we? What are we?”

“ I am part of a Flock, we hardly ever fight I think we are “ABOVE” such foolishness…. Get it? Above? Flying?”

“ We are called a Sleuth of bears. Now that we have this straight it amounts to the same principle. In the animal kingdom we know how to behave or have consequences and it is instinctive and it works.”

“Some said the world was coming to an end in 2012. Most thought it was going to happen to the Planet Earth. In a way the world, as it was known, did end and everything is so different now. Hardly recognizable for especially the older generations. What are you doing Mr McKrekor… this fish is already dead…. just fly it over to Coug before he starts dozing off again. Some predator feline he turned out to be! Tell me what is going on in Lilian’s world and relax.”

“ I am relaxed which reminds me Lilian read an article to someone on the phone. It said some Border Agents claimed MICE ate a half TON of marijuana from a shipment due to the fact it was missing.

So… she was ill all month.

She got a sticker at the Cardiology Clinic for having the highest Blood Pressure of any patient for the whole month of April.
She keeps a close look at the present refugee event at the US Port of Entry in Mexico and tries to understand how cruel this country has become toward people seeking refuge in America.

She watched all 7 seasons of The West Wing on NETFLIX to refresh her understanding of the workings and function of the US Government. In fact Season 3 Episode 19 featured the REAL PLAYERS… ex presidents, Secretary of States and major politicians opposite the actors and explained how the TV Show actually showed the makings of real life events. Funny, not Ha-ha funny, most all the stories are still in dispute in real life at THIS time period.

After a lengthy visit at her Cardiologist she, Lilian, was given some additional medicine which makes her rather ill. She was cautioned about taking natural remedies, guess they thought she was unaware that most medicine comes from natural sources like plants etc. She calls the new prescription a SMART DRUG because when she, very carefully, read the information sheet of the medication it noted: Causes nausea, diarrhea and wait for it….. QUOTE: THIS DRUG MAY NOT WORK AS WELL IN BLACK PATIENTS!

“I have heard it all, are you sure you did not imagine all of this craziness?”

Rain has returned and it is less fun to sit by the lake when everything is gray and depressing. Rain is good but too much of it makes you want to retreat to your covered dwelling.

“ Lets go rather swiftly and get out of the way of the speeding cars driven by Humans who pretend to be King of the Road. Oh I forgot to mention the best part. While at the Doctors Office Doctor dug up Lilian’s old X-Ray. He thought that BP 223 over 100 must be the new normal for her since he often wondered if she really is who she says she is……”

Lilian's old X-Ray

Love and Light


This came across my Newsfeed on Facebook. Critters at the Log critters a the log

Also CNN reported opening of the slave museum CNN
I am posting it under Fair Use Act

April 2018 Newsletter

So here I am.. Consuela… finally up for the Summer. This wakening up and going back to sleep just isn’t working for me any longer. It is still below ZERO some nights and much of America is snowed under and ungodly cold. I am in Tumwater, WA and no complains. Almost right away I made a new friend, we are both in a situation where we have to watch ourselves because Humans find us dangerous, want to relocate us and some even call for our death.

Humans find us dangerous

March was like the melting ice that worked it’s self downstream. Rugged, sharp cornered. at times swift and stuck in debries of Uglies other times.

“Hay Ms Coug how you you think you can just hang out with me? You do realize we are not the same species.”

“I know but you look about as worn out as I am. No fight here so we may as well be friends, lay here for a while having a good conversation and compare thoughts as to what is happening to Planet Earth. Things are so different than what I have observed in previous years. While you were still sleeping I hid under Lilian’s house and could hear her loud and clear at night when she talked on one of her devises. Storks are mainly native to Africa, Asia and Europe. Stork can also be found in Australia. A new species is present between Florida and Argentina, so …if I heard it right… Lilian and a young Lady were accompanied by a Stork for about 8 blocks in Olympia, WA it was a big thing. It sounded rather odd since she had never seen one in the 52 years of living in the town and never gave it too much thought. Since it was so unusual she pulled out her book: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and looked up the meaning. According to him Stork is a symbol in CHINA. Stork has no real means of communication. Stork is a close relative to humans and according to some Fairytales when wounded cries human tears. When Stork dances he has connections to other dimensions, can attain a trance-like state and act as a Shapeshifter. It also indicated we have to get back to some of our old ways to reconnect reality. The Stork traveled with Lilian and her young friend rather than dance but it was so thought provoking and called for closer examination. Eventually the Lady on the other end of the Telefon and my hostess thought it had something to do with the present state of political situations.”

“HMM. I guess there are two realities to the country and the way people look at things…. in fact Europe and others are looking at things from a third perspective. Bet Mr McKrekor knows something about that. Where is he anyway have not seen him since I woke up THIS time.”

“He was a bit concerned when I came along, after all I belong in the Cat Family. We reached a compromise and decided to help one another since we all occupy the same little strip of dirt. When Lilian’s landlord finds out we are here we will have to stick together. Poor woman will be in big trouble. With her international family in the mids of several federal flags flying just imagine what will happen when they discover we are also residence of #406. Maybe there is a Porn Queen close by we can get her start a distraction. It seems to work for the President should work for us also. There comes McKrekor, finally…. Where you been ? Consuela and I was worried about you. We know you was NOT helping your wife SWEETY with her Spring chores. Don’t leave her too long, its a dangerous world at the moment.”

“Well look at you two laying around in the early sunshine, someone had to secure the news. Lilian is flipping in and out of time, she can’t help. Last week she ran errands which should have taken 4 hours. She was back home in two. A few days later her travels should have taken 2 hours and it took 5. ON A STRAIGHT LINE with 2 Bathroom stops I must add. Do to the Opium Crisis she had been giving a drug-test by her doctor. When it came back it was “DIRTY”. Needless to say it caused quiet a commotion since she refuses to take most of the meds Dr try to give her and is allergic to almost everything. Will keep you posted. She is in the process to re-examine the results and file a complaint against the laboratory. Guess her and I are both Scouts and return with arrows on our back so you two can lay here and do nothing… “

“I slept most of the winter like I am suppose to, in case you forgot I am a bear and also I am the BIGGEST in this fold of friends so give me no grief I can sit on you and you are history.”

“I am swift and can scratch your eyes out….but wait that would make us as turbulent and hateful as humans so I suggest we let Mr McKrekor tell us what all he found out while he was surveying the world. Give it to us straight, no sugar coding, not even honey coding. Look at Consuela, she is thinking Sweets….”

Look at Consuela

“Planes and Choppers keep falling out of the sky.

Trains keep derailing.

Bridges are collapsing.

The great Steven Hawkins died, what a loss.

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning “an uncovering”) is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation.
The investigation into the “Russian Probe” is still ongoing Many Subpoenas have been issued. More Top Rank Officials have been FIRED and even I with my Bird Brain wonders who is running the Government. Guess we are sitting Ducks…LOl… Ducks more Birdbrains…get it?

book cover for Lilian's book for 2016

This was the book cover for Lilian’s book for 2016. It was published BEFORE the election and we know how that turned out.

In March someone wrote her a letter and asked how she can create book covers which are prophetic. She had not thought about it that way because she writes her Newsletters based on the happenings of the prior month and then attempts to come up with a catching title so it created interest even further down the years after she has left this plane and she hopes to record a bit of history which will be lost due to the BIG EVENTS on Planet Earth.

The book cover for 2017 looked like this:

and yes that would be me sitting on the cloth line amongst the shoes.

So look what happened at the White House Lawn as a result of the School Shooting in Parkland. FL. Still trying to figure out how they accomplished this task of depositing 4000 pairs of shoes representing the people who were killed over a period of time.

TOPSHOT - The lawn outside the US Capitol is covered with 7,000 pairs of empty shoes to memorialize the 7,000 children killed by gun violence since the Sandy Hook school shooting, in a display organized by the global advocacy group Avaaz, in Washington, DC, March 13, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
Posted under Fair use Act

Without her asking Andreas Losert created the book Cover for the book for 2018.

BEARLY...... by the skin of our teeth

Lilian gave it the title….BEARLY…… by the skin of our teeth

MAKES ONE THINK! We called it Blindganger, (DUD) meaning we found them as children after the war and reported them since they did not go off. One was found as recent as THIS year 2018 in Nurnberg Germany. It was deactivated so no one was hurt.

March was Woman’s Month. Many marches took place to bring attention to Female issues. Equal pay, sexual harassment, woman accomplishments and woman’s rights.

March was Woman's Month
Used under Fair Use Act

Women’s March

We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.
Our Mission

On March 14th Thousents of CHILDREN walked out of school around the country to draw attention to yet another school shooting and sent a message to our leaders because they have the right to be safe in school.

yet another school shooting

Ten days later, March 24 the kids marched again….. with support of their parents and teachers. This time it was world wide. All they are asking for is peace of mind while in school so they can learn. For Assault weapons to be banned to have a more sufficient way to register guns for those who wish to own them.

kids marched again
kids marched again comment
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And then there was a protest in Sacramento’CA. An unarmed man was shot 20 times, 8 bullets hit and killed him. People were REALLY upset about that.

protest in Sacramento
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President was busy playing golf, dismantling every good thing which was left, tried out- smarting the courts and the Constitution. It was a busy month.

“ So, Mr McKrekor…. don’t tell me you flew to all those places to take notes and Pictures.”

“No, of course not. I watched it through the window at Lilian’s. You could have done the same, but you would have had to sit up at least…. can;t do anything laying around. OH OH my Lady is chirping at me in a tone that I had better listen to. One two things….
Omar had a stroke, he will be OK and Kanashibushan had surgery, she OUTLIVED her Pacemaker!

That’s it folks

Love and Light

Ms Coug

President has suggested instead of food stamps he will issue food boxes to low income families. Here is a video of someone opening the box. PLEASE BE ADVISED very foul language.

The predictions Lilian made in October 2016 are playing out if you have not seen them please judge for yourself.

March 2018 Newsletter

Consuela here, is that you Mr McKrekor? I can’t see you but I can tell you are roaming around me again. People sure think our friendship is an odd one, but so be it.

is that you Mr McKrekor

I just started waking up and exploring my surroundings when i ran into this crazy little fella. He said he was a ground-hog and was expected to predict the weather. I asked him if he knew you and he wasn’t sure, he said he had, however, encountered some of your relatives earlier in the year and inquired if it was safe to try and reside in the same area as last year. They thought the world was not so safe any longer for man or beast and he would have to make his own decision about that. Since everything got so over regulated we can only be responsible for our own choices unless we want to be associated with beings and species somewhat savory and trapped in their own dilemmas. They called it the “way of the present world.”


So Ground-Hog saw his shadow and just like they said it started snowing. Not a little, I mean it snowed so much Lilian’s car disappeared. They said it also snowed in ROME and the Maldives, imagine that!”

So good to see you Consuela, was not sure how long you was napping. I have been busy “spying” on the world of the Humans. Pretty crazy stuff going on. Half of the United States is under water. Climate is changing weather they believe it or not. Nothing surprises me at the moment. Lilian had the door open for a few hours the other day, I flew onto the porch, sat on the door and listened to her talking to her niece in Europe and I could not comprehend what she was telling her. I am used to her accent so I am sure I understood the words but the meaning is beyond my comprehension.

South Afrika has a new leader. He plans on taking back some of the land taken from the Natives.

45 ( President Trump) un-did the Disability Act.

45 ( President Trump) wants to send boxes of food to the poor because he wants to limit Food Stamps to $90 and subsidize the rest this way.

13 Russians were indited in reference to the RUSSIA VOTING SCANDAL.

Iowa granted gun permits to the blind, according to USA Today, a reputable newspaper.

Net and telephone service is having real challenges. It makes one wonder what what we do IF one day it no longer worked. Young people are totally lost without their communication capabilities. Even some of the older people have gotten used to the new way of life and would really have to search their memory to reconstruct the way they used to function.

Why are you so quite Consuela, I am just telling it the way I heard it. And THAT is only the small stuff.”

“ You mean to tell me there is more?”

“Oh yes! 17 young students were gunned down at a High School in Parkland Florida by a young mentally disturbed man on February 14, Valentines Day.

enough of the killing
Picture by Mark Wallheiser / AP

As a result the young people of America said enough of the killing and took to the streets. They are demanding gun laws are to be changed and some of them decided to run for Office and plan on taking the rein to modernize their country a bit by voting outdated politicians out of office. If I remember right Lilian talked about that in her 2018 predictions. Not the shooting, the fact that it is time for the young people to take charge of their country and make a new future for themselves.
Another thing she mentioned was train derailments, trouble with planes and the mail. As it turns out train accidents and mechanical problems with planes are an almost weekly occurrence AND a Mail truck was attacked and a mailman shot on a highway.

The White House announced :

“So today, I’m keeping another promise. I just signed, prior to walking in, an order directing Secretary Mattis… to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities in Guantanamo Bay.”

So the shame of a place of torture remains

“ Maybe I just get back into my hibernating state and wait till the world has recovered!”

“ there were good things also. Just wait!”

“ I almost regret asking how things were going in the Human World and if I missed something…. so go ahead cheer me up or I will hide in my burrow.”

celestrial going-on 01
celestrial going-on 02

The TV Station shared a live feed of the big event of the celestrial going-on’s in February
Have you ever seen a weather map?”

“What kind of silly question is that? I am a Bear in case you forgot, what would I do with a weather map? But let me see what it looks like.

weather map

Too bad it does not show the whole globe, but if you think about it the map shows a lot more than just Lilian’s back yard, my world for the moment.”

“Just think how big the world looks to me, a little bird. I am not the smallest bird in the Kingdom,yet, I see everything from above. BTW you are a pretty good size also towering over small critters much closer to the dirt. The other day Lilian had an appointment in the Neighborhood she built her first house in. In 1967. I wanted to come along because I have not left my neighborhood for quiet a while. I hopped into the back seat….. you would not be able to do that Consuela, you are just too big….. anyway and off we went. As we started to come close to Hawks Prairie Lilian left out a yelp. When she got there it was a Prairie with snakes and other critters, NOW the neighborhood is home to Office Max, Costco,Home Depot, Walmart, a Casino and every commercial establishment a big City needs for the inhabitants to function and “safe money” in modern society.,-122.85032272338866,47.01888668067651,-122.698917388916&page=0

The place she went to was a large building and the front Lobby displayed a huge photo of a woman. Lilian did not know her name, no-one else did for that matter, the woman in the picture was an Icon of Olympia, a woman who was always seen around. She smiled at everyone she encountered and always wore a hat. It brought back such memories for my friend and again she had a good day.

Icon of Olympia

Not familiar with the area any longer Lilian got lost as when she made her U-turn to get back to the main highway she spotted a Grocery Outlet. She decided to go inside to see if she could find some Naval Oranges and some Birdseed for me when she spotted a shopper. Being who she is she stopped the man and asked if he knew what month it was. He said he did, February 28th 2018. And yes, in case you are wondering he allowed her to take a picture of himself and the Missus/Helper.

himself and the Missus

Lilian lost his Santa Card so she is unable to recall their name and profusely apologizes.”
“ I hope to accompany her some times in her adventures, Mr McKrekor put on your trixter hat and tell me how I can do that.”

“You too big, just think…. Lilian with a bear in tow… that would panic our Human neighbors they are scared of creatures like you. On the other hand you would have been welcomed at last weekend’s Pow Wow Lilian went to. Bears are very honored amoungst the Indigenous Population. Every February Lilian attends the local festivities, She was very upset when she was only able to attend 1 day, because she aggravated her back and was able to walk the next day, in fact when she returned home she practically fell out of the car because her legs quit working in an orderly fashion.

Pow Wowing

Even though everyone’s mindset was that of a festive nature people talked about the fact that the country is in trouble… CHAOS is a better word…. and the stock market had dropped 1500 points in1 day.”

“ At least Lilian has a cat to snuggle up to when she gets discouraged, maybe that makes up for the lack of sunshine.”

“ Not any more, her Kitty has expired and our friend has decided against having anymore animal companions.”

“ Well, my friend I am going to hide a few more days, still wish I could come along with the two of you and see the things you tell me about. I lost a lot of my bodyweight while hybranating, but you right I am still to big. Wonder what it would take for me to squeese through the narrow door. I see you soon and keep watch for me so I know what transpires in my neighborhood.”

“ I will Consuela, rest well and be assured Lilian solved her pet problem. She was aiming for a Bear but this is what she ended up with.”

aiming for a Bear

Love and Light


Much talk is about race these days, so here is some of the most honest talk about it.

Joyner Lucas – I’m Not Racist