June 2018 Newsletter

ahead and above everything
Michael Lillie

Consuela here, this month sure passed quickly. It is getting pretty complected to stay out of site, my relatives woke up and are being spotted in many places. They are being rounded up, some have been killed since Humans feel they own the Planet and we have nowhere to flourish. President 45 has even ordered…excuse me…allowed to kill our babies. I am glad I made the right decision not to give birth this year, dangerous times, dangerous times. MR MC Krekor is my Savior more often than not since he is ahead and above everything and has developed a way to alarm me when something is wrong. Mother nature is somewhat unbalanced I heard it said that a relative of Coug was starved and attacked 2 hikers, in fact he killed one of the men. That is very regrettable for the man but it also shows how desperate some of the “Wildlife” has become by everything being so overpopulated for men and beast.

Lilian is in a foul mood, she has been rather ill for a couple of month now, she has little help but still tries to act like everything is good and accomplish all she sets out to do. I am getting a bit ahead of myself here…. maybe not. On her agenda was an update for the predictions for 2018. She really struggled with the decision and did not want to know what was ahead. She finally gave into the pressure from “The Masses” and taped the show on the 23rd. Here are the highlights from her workup. She did feel a bit better after she had a general idea what she was looking at and of course when the coast was clear we all got in position and spied on her conversation with who knows who she was talking to, It is easier to eavesdrop these days because she took the plastic off her windows. So have a sit down or fly down and see what she is talking about, even if it s only a small part of what she said.


1. We will have to sacrifice some things to gain others.

2. Will be able to start from scratch, just about have to.

3. Feminine energy has started to enter the picture.

4. Some balance will start to emerge towards the end of the summer.

5. For a minute it will appear we are normalizing our focus.

6. Extensive struggling needs to take place, BUT we can do it!

7. Stabilization and structure will start the process of giving birth to a organized government structure.

8. Some mature FACTION will try to enter the scene.

9. Love of preservation for country will prevail.

10. Dip in finances.

11. Accurate (talk about accuracy rate).

12. Second challenge with financial stability. AND New beginnings.

When it was all said and done it was better than expected and she was happy to have been able to spread a little hope….

Here come the squirrel from last month following me again, well then….. come along…we are meeting Lilian at the MIMA MOUNDS.


“ Coug I must say you have outdone yourself today. Noticed you were sneaking around the neighborhood so early this morning, guess you about have to…. these are the times we live in. What were you going anyway?”

“ I was checking out the noise not to far from Lilian’s house, what I found is a Helicopter crashed, 2 passenger were hurt. So much noise, so much Emergency Personnel at the airport it was a lively situation. As always Lilian slept through the whole thing and I was unnoticed.”

“ I don’t know Mr McKrekor. How did you get from a helicopter crash to a school shooting?”

“ First of all there is no food in the humming bird feeder, Lilian keep forgetting to refill it just like she neglects to water the hanging tomato plants…. like you said she has been in a foul mood for days?…. These subjects are so unrelated, be careful or you will be accused of having dipped in the humming bird feeder again. And how I got from Helicopter I can’t remember right this minute. That squirrel is moving so fast and Lilian is making big steps. She has a new walking stick and she wanted to try it out on her Mother’s Day walk. Probably the only walk for the year she has been might slow moving her feet these days. Now they are way ahead of us! Move it!”

Mother's Day walk


“ Helicopter… I know how I got from Helicopter to terrible times. I heard Lilian tell the story about when she was a child in the 50’s living in Germany. The people, who raised her for a time, were very racist. They refereed to refugees and immigrants as Helicopters. They said Helicopters could land anywhere, she remembered this all through her life. It was that term which promoted her to study people and ethnic groups so she could understand how people either way were the people of the planet Earth and equal.

CNN, at present, airs a series on Sunday: UNITED SHADES OF GRAY

In the segments Kamau Bell visits different cultures so people can understand one another and share their differences which make them unique.
One of Lilian’s favorite was the one about the Gullah Geechee people living on the Sea Islands along the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia, a painful chapter of American history is playing out again. These islands are home to the Gullah or Geechee people, the descendants of enslaved Africans who were brought to work at the plantations that once ran down the southern Atlantic coast. Lilian wrote about things like that in 1997 in her book: And the Moral of the story is: One person at a time. She also wrote about the DOGON of Africa. Right about that time one of her FBF started a discussion about the Dogon, their believes and how some think they connect with Extraterrestrials. Here, with permission, is this post.

Pharoah Donnell King
One the most amazing sources of evidence of our ancestors coming from the stars is the history of the Dogon Tribe of Africa. There are between 400,000 and 800,000 Dogon in a remote civilization in the central plateau region of Mali in Africa. The Dogon culture is known for its detailed, meaningful art and tribal customs, but the Dogon are mostly known for their ancient, accurate cosmology and the legends of their ancestors from Sirius. The Importance of the Dogon hit the western world in 1930 when French anthropologists first heard legends from the Dogon priests. The legends were passed down through many generations and documented through artwork. The Dogon spoke of an extraterrestrial race from the Sirius Star System, referred to as the Nommos, who visited them on earth. The Nommos were an aquatic race of humanoid creatures, similar to mermaids. This was amazing to hear because the god, Isis, of Babylon is depicted as a mermaid and associated with Sirius. The Dogon say that the Nommos descended to earth from the heavens in a great boat, accompanied with extreme wind and loud noise. The Dogon explained that the Sirius system had a companion star, but it cannot be seen from earth due to the brightness of Sirius A. Researchers have found Dogon artifacts dating back over 400 years depicting orbits of these stars. Years later, in 1970, astronomers finally had good enough telescopes to zoom in on Sirius and they photographed Sirius B. The Dogon were right! They also identified the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn without the use of a telescope. How could they know this?

May 16th, 8:16pm
Being only 8 light years away, Sirius A is the brightest Star in the Earth sky. Sirius B is an extremely heavy, dense and tiny white dwarf star, smaller than the earth, but weighing 8X more than our Sun. It is gravitationaly bound to Sirius A and part of the same solar system. White dwarfs form when a star runs out of fuel. They begin to collapse on themselves, not being large enough to supernova. Going back for hundreds of years ever since the Nommos came to visit the Dogon, they have held a ceremony every 50 years to celebrate the orbit of Sirius A and Sirius B. Astronomers later confirmed their orbit to be almost exactly 50 years!

I hope Humans will get it together NOW before they destroy everything. Oil pipelines continue to be build….and burst or leak… climate change being ignored… we, in the animal kingdom are deprived of our habitat and it just goes on. It is said that the spider population, if united and determined could consume all human life on Earth in one(1) day!”

“I am just a little squirl but I heard they send a rocket to Mars. I like to go thee, but I am sure there are no nuts, what would I eat?”

“Plenty of Nuts here… if you get my drift… make sure you take some of them with you, you hear.”

paintings from her Aboriginal friend, Jaqueline Cahill 1
paintings from her Aboriginal friend, Jaqueline Cahill 2

“ Lilian was given permission to share some paintings from her Aboriginal friend, Jaqueline Cahill and she, Lilian, is elated she has a thing for Crocks out of all things.”

paintings from her Aboriginal friend, Jaqueline Cahill 3

“I am getting tired, it is hot and I have so much fur…. Mr McKrekor please flap your wings around my head, maybe it will cool me off a little. Do something. I am going to
sit here and rest or a bit. That will give me time to reminisces about the ROYAL WEDDING in UK. It was wonderful. Like watching a Farietale movie about a princess and the BEST part was there was NO politics on TV and as far as I know no-one
messed and the BEST part was there was NO politics on TV and as far as I know no-one messed up anything THAT day. As always some objected to the interracial marriage.

News Flash:

News Flash

Used under Fair use Act. It was send to me by a friend from FB

An illegal immigrant, in France, climbed a 5 story building like Spiderman to save a toddler. The President of France invited him to come and visit him. He rewarded the man with French citizenship and he was offered a job as a fireman. Now THAT is what a good President does. He acknowledges people, thanks a Hero and rewards hi. Our President would have had him deported.”

“ You sure are quiet Coug all “run” out?”

“Nah…. LETS GO HOME! just thinking how eventful out life has become. We don’t even have to try to be adventures these days, it just happens. Interaction with Police is an issue for man and beast lately. Lilian got a bit nervous when a police car followed her for several miles coming home from the studio. Eventually she figured out why the Officer picked her car to follow. Someone must have called in a complaint. When she came across the bridge over Black Lake she saw several baby Deer trying to eat almost in the middle of the street she took it upon herself to stop her car, get out and stop traffic in both directions so baby deer could eat.”

Love and Light


This is the Moral Book Enjoy!

Take a hike
Mt Rainier

Before the rumbling begins again
St Helen

A New Hope Emerges for Us All

In case you haven’t heard about the new people’s digital currency (cryptocurrency) called the AMERO, now is a good time to check it out. No, it is NOT the Amero of conspiracy theories from 15 years ago. This one is real and it launches on June 4th, 2018.

Amero-Logo_150pxIf you can find time to read the 10 page article entitled “How the AMERO Will Change our Future” at http://www.trillions.biz/news/147270-How_the_AMERO_Will_Change_Our_Future.html, I highly recommend it. The article covers the issue from the big picture perspective of what money really is and the mostly likely future of the dollar.

If you don’t have time to dig into the bigger picture then I will try to provide a shorter summary. But, the issue is complex and to really understand it you need to have the whole story.

With the U.S. federal debt climbing beyond an unsustainable $21 trillion and interest rates rising, the interest payments alone on just the federal debt will soon be more than $1 trillion a year. Last year it was $548 billion at ultra-low interest rates. Interest rates are doubling this year. Keep in mind that there is only about $3.6 trillion in active circulation, so carving out so much to pay interest on debt, and another $1 trillion for the war industry does not leave much to pay for anything else.

The only way that the debt can be sustained for even a few years more is to rapidly grow the economy and boost tax revenue or drastically cut spending.

What is actually happening is that federal spending is being increased overall while tax revenue is being cut and the economy is being severely constrained by import duties, deportations of undocumented workers and cuts to essential social services. Even if the economy weren’t constrained it cannot grow much more due to a severe shortage of essential skilled labor. The meager growth that is currently reported is not really growth but inflation. The US economy has been fueled by debt for a long time and is in reality declining and what is masking it and make it appear that there is growth is the vast amount of dirty money coming in and creating a real estate and stock bubble.

It is quite likely that at some point in the near future, the U.S. won’t be able to keep borrowing the money to pay the interest on its debt. The Federal Reserve could continue to just create ever more money and borrow it from itself and pass the interest payments onto the taxpayers but that would cause investors in U.S. debt to try and get out of the dollar debt, which would flood markets with too many dollars they can’t absorb.

The other big factor in the future of the dollar is the tens of trillions stashed in offshore accounts — much of it dirty money stolen through the gargantuan military budget. Remember that the Pentagon refuses to account for at least $10 trillion it has officially received. Then there is another $21 trillion in off-the-books money that flowed through federal agencies that wasn’t even authorized and has never been accounted for.

So, when the interest payments soon reach a critical level beyond the ability of American taxpayers to pay it, the dollar will weaken to the point where those holding the tens of trillions try to sell their dollars at any price. This will cause the value of the dollar to collapse and that will then trigger the $1.2 quadrillion in derivatives, the largest companies will go belly up and an economic tsunami will sweep the globe.

Because the U.S. dollar is so entangled with the world economy as the primary international  and reserve currency, there will be a global economic depression unlike anything every experienced before.

A growing number of leading economists and financial experts are predicting this exact scenario. When you do the math, it is hard to come to any other conclusion.  The collapse of the U.S. dollar is not an if but a when.

Enter blockchain technology, a simple software system that consists of a tamper-proof, counterfeit-proof encrypted digital ledger that preserves trust and truth in a time of increasing deceit and delusion.

The most important application of blockchain is digital currency, also called cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was the first successful digital currency and while flawed, it has shown that the people can create and use their own currencies in parallel or instead of national currencies.

Most cryptocurrencies so far have been decentralized and anyone with a powerful enough computer can make their own and trade them on various exchanges. The problem with this is that the  value of the currencies varies widely and so they are not really suitable for everyday commerce and their value is increasingly manipulated by those with the most coins.

The AMERO is a centrally managed people’s digital currency designed specifically for use by government agencies and businesses. Because it is centrally managed it can be more secure, stable and sustainable.

The really big thing about the AMERO is that there will be an initial 500 billion of them with an assigned value of $1 USD per AMERO and 90% will be given to government agencies, non-profit organizations and for important R&D in North and Central American and the Caribbean.

A portion of the AMERO will be used to create a new more humane and sustainable civilization.

Those who receive grants will redeem their AMERO for the goods and services they need from a growing network of AMERO vendors.

As a parallel debt-free currency, the AMERO will empower small businesses by helping them to:

• conserve capital
• reduce the need to borrow money and pay interest
• reduce operating costs
• reduce financial transaction fees
• access new opportunities
• be more competitive
• increase profit
• protect against the declining dollar

As the AMERO network grows, more coins will be created and released to fund important development projects.

The AMERO enables the 99% to take their power back from the 1% and not be dragged down by a declining dollar.

Instead of trying to fix a hopelessly broken and rigged system, the AMERO enables us to build something new and better that is not under the control of sinister forces.

Businesses who sign up now to accept the AMERO receive up to 2,500 AMERO free.

May 2018 Newsletter

Consuela, Coug and Mr McKrekor

Consuela, Coug and Mr McKrekor heading for the Lake for some serious dinner. Ever so often a long walk is called for, especially since Spring has arrived.

Spring has arrived

The fish are plentiful and it is nice to share a meal with friends away from our regular hangout, Lilian’s place. What or who is this following us with a steady trod? A squirrel, nosy fella, but he is not a fish eater so he is not invited.

squirrel, nosy fella

Hope he keeps his distance, look at him run with those little legs, wonder how he made out on April 19-20 when a shock wave in the solar winds hit the Earth magnetic field, sparking a strong G2-class geomagnetic storm and a rare “electric blue” aura that was visible to airplanes over Canada and some of the northern States of America. There it goes, guess we can’t ask.

“I am just a BEAR so answer me something else, there actually was a guy,
HUMAN, who was bitten by a shark and some times later bit by a bear.”

“I am just a Cougar and would say” How dumb is that?”

“I am a meager crow and say: “ did it ever occur to you that animals just don’t like you!?”

Lilian’s Grandson went to Rowandaa. As requested by her he took a picture when he set foot on Afrikan soil, the first person in 3 generations in Lilian’s family to return to the Mother Continent. He was able to mingle with Giraffes, Elephants and Lions.

set foot on Afrikan soil

Needless to say she added another picture to her wall, along with all the other things which make her feel good when she sits and ponders about her world.

“Mr McKregor tell me what you overheard during your flights of late or should I say. Did you not come along on a ride a few days ago?”

“ It was 78 degrees, Lilian stopped at the Trading Post and chatted with some young people, they recognized her car. One of the kids was complaining that one cannot do ANYTHING without a cellphone number. Another told how her father just bought a Robot Vacuum cleaner to keep her mother from complaining he never did anything to help abound the house. He said it was his job to swipe the debit card at the dealer and IF tax was not so outrages on alcohol he could actually afford a beer. Especially since gasoline now costs as much as $ 3.49 except no-one is complaining.”

“ I often wondered what it would be like having something in my cave like Humans have in their house, I think they call it ALEXA…. the device just talks to them and often buds into conversations for no reason, what do you think COUGH… would that not interrupt your naps? By the way is is not time for you to find a mate? Cougars on the prowl and you better get to it before all the Pretties are taken….. oops… I forgot you aid you intended to play the field this time around.”

“ Before you both get into a competitive discourse again throw me another fish…. they don’t look so good this year, all this pollution from DE-icer from the winter and now Round-up and pesticides from spring everything is poisoned. The flooding in the month of April dumped so much into this Lake. I saw how high the water was just last week. Lilian like to drive by Black Lake, they say it is one of two bottomless Lakes in the country. Last time we came that way…. me in tow as she often does… she had this long conversation with me. At first I did not know what she was getting at as eventually we approached the main interchange. She said:
“ look Mr McKrekor, you see all the traffic here, many lanes, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings. If Humans can learn how to drive and obey traffic rules you would think they could learn how to live together in an orderly fashion with very little rules. You stop when the traffic light is red, you go when it is green, yield for left traffic, see if anyone is coming before you make a right turn and instinctively know that if you change any of this taught driving behavior which is second nature you WILL get hit. Your new car is damaged and you are hurt or dead. If you cause the accident you are liable and have consequences.”

“ This is true… Coug do you think your rules in your Cougar society is fair?”

“Absolutely! We get into personal skirmishes, which means by no way we try to eliminate the whole pack unlike humans who want to annihilate whole groups of national origin.”

“Consuela, Cougars are not called a pack. Cougars are actually solitary animals, as opposed to lions and most large predatory cats. Many sources say there is no name for a group of cougars because they do not form groups in the wild…. However, other sources say a group of cougars is called a Pride due to their relationship to mountain lions. Look at me, I am hanging out with you two what are we? What are we?”

“ I am part of a Flock, we hardly ever fight I think we are “ABOVE” such foolishness…. Get it? Above? Flying?”

“ We are called a Sleuth of bears. Now that we have this straight it amounts to the same principle. In the animal kingdom we know how to behave or have consequences and it is instinctive and it works.”

“Some said the world was coming to an end in 2012. Most thought it was going to happen to the Planet Earth. In a way the world, as it was known, did end and everything is so different now. Hardly recognizable for especially the older generations. What are you doing Mr McKrekor… this fish is already dead…. just fly it over to Coug before he starts dozing off again. Some predator feline he turned out to be! Tell me what is going on in Lilian’s world and relax.”

“ I am relaxed which reminds me Lilian read an article to someone on the phone. It said some Border Agents claimed MICE ate a half TON of marijuana from a shipment due to the fact it was missing.

So… she was ill all month.

She got a sticker at the Cardiology Clinic for having the highest Blood Pressure of any patient for the whole month of April.
She keeps a close look at the present refugee event at the US Port of Entry in Mexico and tries to understand how cruel this country has become toward people seeking refuge in America.

She watched all 7 seasons of The West Wing on NETFLIX to refresh her understanding of the workings and function of the US Government. In fact Season 3 Episode 19 featured the REAL PLAYERS… ex presidents, Secretary of States and major politicians opposite the actors and explained how the TV Show actually showed the makings of real life events. Funny, not Ha-ha funny, most all the stories are still in dispute in real life at THIS time period.

After a lengthy visit at her Cardiologist she, Lilian, was given some additional medicine which makes her rather ill. She was cautioned about taking natural remedies, guess they thought she was unaware that most medicine comes from natural sources like plants etc. She calls the new prescription a SMART DRUG because when she, very carefully, read the information sheet of the medication it noted: Causes nausea, diarrhea and wait for it….. QUOTE: THIS DRUG MAY NOT WORK AS WELL IN BLACK PATIENTS!

“I have heard it all, are you sure you did not imagine all of this craziness?”

Rain has returned and it is less fun to sit by the lake when everything is gray and depressing. Rain is good but too much of it makes you want to retreat to your covered dwelling.

“ Lets go rather swiftly and get out of the way of the speeding cars driven by Humans who pretend to be King of the Road. Oh I forgot to mention the best part. While at the Doctors Office Doctor dug up Lilian’s old X-Ray. He thought that BP 223 over 100 must be the new normal for her since he often wondered if she really is who she says she is……”

Lilian's old X-Ray

Love and Light


This came across my Newsfeed on Facebook. Critters at the Log

https://www.facebook.com/eva.rose.7505?sk=wall critters a the log

Also CNN reported opening of the slave museum CNN
I am posting it under Fair Use Act


April 2018 Newsletter

So here I am.. Consuela… finally up for the Summer. This wakening up and going back to sleep just isn’t working for me any longer. It is still below ZERO some nights and much of America is snowed under and ungodly cold. I am in Tumwater, WA and no complains. Almost right away I made a new friend, we are both in a situation where we have to watch ourselves because Humans find us dangerous, want to relocate us and some even call for our death.

Humans find us dangerous

March was like the melting ice that worked it’s self downstream. Rugged, sharp cornered. at times swift and stuck in debries of Uglies other times.

“Hay Ms Coug how you you think you can just hang out with me? You do realize we are not the same species.”

“I know but you look about as worn out as I am. No fight here so we may as well be friends, lay here for a while having a good conversation and compare thoughts as to what is happening to Planet Earth. Things are so different than what I have observed in previous years. While you were still sleeping I hid under Lilian’s house and could hear her loud and clear at night when she talked on one of her devises. Storks are mainly native to Africa, Asia and Europe. Stork can also be found in Australia. A new species is present between Florida and Argentina, so …if I heard it right… Lilian and a young Lady were accompanied by a Stork for about 8 blocks in Olympia, WA it was a big thing. It sounded rather odd since she had never seen one in the 52 years of living in the town and never gave it too much thought. Since it was so unusual she pulled out her book: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and looked up the meaning. According to him Stork is a symbol in CHINA. Stork has no real means of communication. Stork is a close relative to humans and according to some Fairytales when wounded cries human tears. When Stork dances he has connections to other dimensions, can attain a trance-like state and act as a Shapeshifter. It also indicated we have to get back to some of our old ways to reconnect reality. The Stork traveled with Lilian and her young friend rather than dance but it was so thought provoking and called for closer examination. Eventually the Lady on the other end of the Telefon and my hostess thought it had something to do with the present state of political situations.”

“HMM. I guess there are two realities to the country and the way people look at things…. in fact Europe and others are looking at things from a third perspective. Bet Mr McKrekor knows something about that. Where is he anyway have not seen him since I woke up THIS time.”

“He was a bit concerned when I came along, after all I belong in the Cat Family. We reached a compromise and decided to help one another since we all occupy the same little strip of dirt. When Lilian’s landlord finds out we are here we will have to stick together. Poor woman will be in big trouble. With her international family in the mids of several federal flags flying just imagine what will happen when they discover we are also residence of #406. Maybe there is a Porn Queen close by we can get her start a distraction. It seems to work for the President should work for us also. There comes McKrekor, finally…. Where you been ? Consuela and I was worried about you. We know you was NOT helping your wife SWEETY with her Spring chores. Don’t leave her too long, its a dangerous world at the moment.”

“Well look at you two laying around in the early sunshine, someone had to secure the news. Lilian is flipping in and out of time, she can’t help. Last week she ran errands which should have taken 4 hours. She was back home in two. A few days later her travels should have taken 2 hours and it took 5. ON A STRAIGHT LINE with 2 Bathroom stops I must add. Do to the Opium Crisis she had been giving a drug-test by her doctor. When it came back it was “DIRTY”. Needless to say it caused quiet a commotion since she refuses to take most of the meds Dr try to give her and is allergic to almost everything. Will keep you posted. She is in the process to re-examine the results and file a complaint against the laboratory. Guess her and I are both Scouts and return with arrows on our back so you two can lay here and do nothing… “

“I slept most of the winter like I am suppose to, in case you forgot I am a bear and also I am the BIGGEST in this fold of friends so give me no grief I can sit on you and you are history.”

“I am swift and can scratch your eyes out….but wait that would make us as turbulent and hateful as humans so I suggest we let Mr McKrekor tell us what all he found out while he was surveying the world. Give it to us straight, no sugar coding, not even honey coding. Look at Consuela, she is thinking Sweets….”

Look at Consuela

“Planes and Choppers keep falling out of the sky.

Trains keep derailing.

Bridges are collapsing.

The great Steven Hawkins died, what a loss.

An apocalypse (Ancient Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis, from ἀπό and καλύπτω, literally meaning “an uncovering”) is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation.
The investigation into the “Russian Probe” is still ongoing Many Subpoenas have been issued. More Top Rank Officials have been FIRED and even I with my Bird Brain wonders who is running the Government. Guess we are sitting Ducks…LOl… Ducks more Birdbrains…get it?

book cover for Lilian's book for 2016

This was the book cover for Lilian’s book for 2016. It was published BEFORE the election and we know how that turned out.

In March someone wrote her a letter and asked how she can create book covers which are prophetic. She had not thought about it that way because she writes her Newsletters based on the happenings of the prior month and then attempts to come up with a catching title so it created interest even further down the years after she has left this plane and she hopes to record a bit of history which will be lost due to the BIG EVENTS on Planet Earth.

The book cover for 2017 looked like this:

and yes that would be me sitting on the cloth line amongst the shoes.

So look what happened at the White House Lawn as a result of the School Shooting in Parkland. FL. Still trying to figure out how they accomplished this task of depositing 4000 pairs of shoes representing the people who were killed over a period of time.

TOPSHOT - The lawn outside the US Capitol is covered with 7,000 pairs of empty shoes to memorialize the 7,000 children killed by gun violence since the Sandy Hook school shooting, in a display organized by the global advocacy group Avaaz, in Washington, DC, March 13, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / SAUL LOEB (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)
Posted under Fair use Act

Without her asking Andreas Losert created the book Cover for the book for 2018.

BEARLY...... by the skin of our teeth

Lilian gave it the title….BEARLY…… by the skin of our teeth

MAKES ONE THINK! We called it Blindganger, (DUD) meaning we found them as children after the war and reported them since they did not go off. One was found as recent as THIS year 2018 in Nurnberg Germany. It was deactivated so no one was hurt.

March was Woman’s Month. Many marches took place to bring attention to Female issues. Equal pay, sexual harassment, woman accomplishments and woman’s rights.

March was Woman's Month
Used under Fair Use Act

Women’s March

We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.
Our Mission

On March 14th Thousents of CHILDREN walked out of school around the country to draw attention to yet another school shooting and sent a message to our leaders because they have the right to be safe in school.

yet another school shooting

Ten days later, March 24 the kids marched again….. with support of their parents and teachers. This time it was world wide. All they are asking for is peace of mind while in school so they can learn. For Assault weapons to be banned to have a more sufficient way to register guns for those who wish to own them.

kids marched again
kids marched again comment
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And then there was a protest in Sacramento’CA. An unarmed man was shot 20 times, 8 bullets hit and killed him. People were REALLY upset about that.

protest in Sacramento
Used under Fair Use Act

President was busy playing golf, dismantling every good thing which was left, tried out- smarting the courts and the Constitution. It was a busy month.

“ So, Mr McKrekor…. don’t tell me you flew to all those places to take notes and Pictures.”

“No, of course not. I watched it through the window at Lilian’s. You could have done the same, but you would have had to sit up at least…. can;t do anything laying around. OH OH my Lady is chirping at me in a tone that I had better listen to. One two things….
Omar had a stroke, he will be OK and Kanashibushan had surgery, she OUTLIVED her Pacemaker!

That’s it folks

Love and Light

Ms Coug

President has suggested instead of food stamps he will issue food boxes to low income families. Here is a video of someone opening the box. PLEASE BE ADVISED very foul language.


The predictions Lilian made in October 2016 are playing out if you have not seen them please judge for yourself.

March 2018 Newsletter

Consuela here, is that you Mr McKrekor? I can’t see you but I can tell you are roaming around me again. People sure think our friendship is an odd one, but so be it.

is that you Mr McKrekor

I just started waking up and exploring my surroundings when i ran into this crazy little fella. He said he was a ground-hog and was expected to predict the weather. I asked him if he knew you and he wasn’t sure, he said he had, however, encountered some of your relatives earlier in the year and inquired if it was safe to try and reside in the same area as last year. They thought the world was not so safe any longer for man or beast and he would have to make his own decision about that. Since everything got so over regulated we can only be responsible for our own choices unless we want to be associated with beings and species somewhat savory and trapped in their own dilemmas. They called it the “way of the present world.”


So Ground-Hog saw his shadow and just like they said it started snowing. Not a little, I mean it snowed so much Lilian’s car disappeared. They said it also snowed in ROME and the Maldives, imagine that!”

So good to see you Consuela, was not sure how long you was napping. I have been busy “spying” on the world of the Humans. Pretty crazy stuff going on. Half of the United States is under water. Climate is changing weather they believe it or not. Nothing surprises me at the moment. Lilian had the door open for a few hours the other day, I flew onto the porch, sat on the door and listened to her talking to her niece in Europe and I could not comprehend what she was telling her. I am used to her accent so I am sure I understood the words but the meaning is beyond my comprehension.

South Afrika has a new leader. He plans on taking back some of the land taken from the Natives.

45 ( President Trump) un-did the Disability Act.

45 ( President Trump) wants to send boxes of food to the poor because he wants to limit Food Stamps to $90 and subsidize the rest this way.

13 Russians were indited in reference to the RUSSIA VOTING SCANDAL.

Iowa granted gun permits to the blind, according to USA Today, a reputable newspaper.

Net and telephone service is having real challenges. It makes one wonder what what we do IF one day it no longer worked. Young people are totally lost without their communication capabilities. Even some of the older people have gotten used to the new way of life and would really have to search their memory to reconstruct the way they used to function.

Why are you so quite Consuela, I am just telling it the way I heard it. And THAT is only the small stuff.”

“ You mean to tell me there is more?”

“Oh yes! 17 young students were gunned down at a High School in Parkland Florida by a young mentally disturbed man on February 14, Valentines Day.

enough of the killing
Picture by Mark Wallheiser / AP

As a result the young people of America said enough of the killing and took to the streets. They are demanding gun laws are to be changed and some of them decided to run for Office and plan on taking the rein to modernize their country a bit by voting outdated politicians out of office. If I remember right Lilian talked about that in her 2018 predictions. Not the shooting, the fact that it is time for the young people to take charge of their country and make a new future for themselves.
Another thing she mentioned was train derailments, trouble with planes and the mail. As it turns out train accidents and mechanical problems with planes are an almost weekly occurrence AND a Mail truck was attacked and a mailman shot on a highway.

The White House announced :

“So today, I’m keeping another promise. I just signed, prior to walking in, an order directing Secretary Mattis… to reexamine our military detention policy and to keep open the detention facilities in Guantanamo Bay.”

So the shame of a place of torture remains

“ Maybe I just get back into my hibernating state and wait till the world has recovered!”

“ No.no there were good things also. Just wait!”

“ I almost regret asking how things were going in the Human World and if I missed something…. so go ahead cheer me up or I will hide in my burrow.”

celestrial going-on 01
celestrial going-on 02

The TV Station shared a live feed of the big event of the celestrial going-on’s in February
Have you ever seen a weather map?”

“What kind of silly question is that? I am a Bear in case you forgot, what would I do with a weather map? But let me see what it looks like.

weather map

Too bad it does not show the whole globe, but if you think about it the map shows a lot more than just Lilian’s back yard, my world for the moment.”

“Just think how big the world looks to me, a little bird. I am not the smallest bird in the Kingdom,yet, I see everything from above. BTW you are a pretty good size also towering over small critters much closer to the dirt. The other day Lilian had an appointment in the Neighborhood she built her first house in. In 1967. I wanted to come along because I have not left my neighborhood for quiet a while. I hopped into the back seat….. you would not be able to do that Consuela, you are just too big….. anyway and off we went. As we started to come close to Hawks Prairie Lilian left out a yelp. When she got there it was a Prairie with snakes and other critters, NOW the neighborhood is home to Office Max, Costco,Home Depot, Walmart, a Casino and every commercial establishment a big City needs for the inhabitants to function and “safe money” in modern society.


The place she went to was a large building and the front Lobby displayed a huge photo of a woman. Lilian did not know her name, no-one else did for that matter, the woman in the picture was an Icon of Olympia, a woman who was always seen around. She smiled at everyone she encountered and always wore a hat. It brought back such memories for my friend and again she had a good day.

Icon of Olympia

Not familiar with the area any longer Lilian got lost as when she made her U-turn to get back to the main highway she spotted a Grocery Outlet. She decided to go inside to see if she could find some Naval Oranges and some Birdseed for me when she spotted a shopper. Being who she is she stopped the man and asked if he knew what month it was. He said he did, February 28th 2018. And yes, in case you are wondering he allowed her to take a picture of himself and the Missus/Helper.

himself and the Missus

Lilian lost his Santa Card so she is unable to recall their name and profusely apologizes.”
“ I hope to accompany her some times in her adventures, Mr McKrekor put on your trixter hat and tell me how I can do that.”

“You too big, just think…. Lilian with a bear in tow… that would panic our Human neighbors they are scared of creatures like you. On the other hand you would have been welcomed at last weekend’s Pow Wow Lilian went to. Bears are very honored amoungst the Indigenous Population. Every February Lilian attends the local festivities, She was very upset when she was only able to attend 1 day, because she aggravated her back and was able to walk the next day, in fact when she returned home she practically fell out of the car because her legs quit working in an orderly fashion.

Pow Wowing

Even though everyone’s mindset was that of a festive nature people talked about the fact that the country is in trouble… CHAOS is a better word…. and the stock market had dropped 1500 points in1 day.”

“ At least Lilian has a cat to snuggle up to when she gets discouraged, maybe that makes up for the lack of sunshine.”

“ Not any more, her Kitty has expired and our friend has decided against having anymore animal companions.”

“ Well, my friend I am going to hide a few more days, still wish I could come along with the two of you and see the things you tell me about. I lost a lot of my bodyweight while hybranating, but you right I am still to big. Wonder what it would take for me to squeese through the narrow door. I see you soon and keep watch for me so I know what transpires in my neighborhood.”

“ I will Consuela, rest well and be assured Lilian solved her pet problem. She was aiming for a Bear but this is what she ended up with.”

aiming for a Bear

Love and Light


Much talk is about race these days, so here is some of the most honest talk about it.

Joyner Lucas – I’m Not Racist


February 2018 Newsletter

Michael Lillie Bear
Created by Michael Lillie

It got a bit wet in my slumber place. I thought I was in a deep sleep but soon realized that Mother Nature, thanks to my Human Co-inhibitors of the Planet, truly suffers from Climate Change. So I decided to move around a bit, poked my head out of the burrow I had dug for myself and saw a familiar creature. MY, it is Mr McKrekor, Lilian’s friend who I met last year. He was a bit startled to see me so early in the year, guess he was wondering where my young one was, except I was a bit too young this time around and have to wait till next Winter to become a Mother.

Michael Lillie crow bear
Created by Michael Lillie

“Just looking around for a minute and try to see if the world is still there, it was so turbulent when I decided to take my Winter position.”

“ Turbulent, you can say that again, if you needed peace and quiet so close to Lilian’s house is the wrong place to hibernate. She religiously watches all the news channels, compares news stories and spend much time on the phone so she is able to fulfill her promise to keep her friends informed enough to hold down a water-cooler conversation, she calls it. Lately she does look a bit stressed I think she is really concerned about the status of the Country. USA has been her home for the last 52 years and her knowledge of history is pretty broad, she tries telling it to her grand-kids but it is hard to understand without a point of reference.”

“ So tell me about the last few weeks, in a way I always think I miss something while sleeping, Sometimes nothing changes but I am assuming that is not the case at the moment.”

“ I have been busy with the wife and our most unusual son, we hatched a Kukuck you know and it is such a responsibility to raise a mixed race bird, The things we have to watch out for and the discrimination we have to put up with. Guess I can feel for our human neighbors, it’s so messed up, so messed up.”

“ Explain please Mr McKrekor.’

“ Our home has not been quiet the same since the new administration came in, everything is so hostile. That of course spilled over into the animal world and even the plant life, a new danger at every corner. Some humans are Sensitives, they feel everything around them. They pick up peoples illnesses, pain, anxieties and moods. Some are very sensitive to Earthquakes, Vulcanos, High Tides and anything out of the ordinary. They are having a very hard time functioning and now there is also a celestial event some of them are dealing with.

A cosmic event not seen in 36 years — a rare “super blood blue moon” — may be glimpsed January 31 in parts of western North America, Asia, the Middle East, Russia and Australia.

super blood blue moon
Some say we are running dual realities, which brings me to a bit of a mystery Lilian is trying to figure out.

Her Predictions 2018 Show has 38901 hits on YouTube. There were several hundred comments, almost all positive. A few from people who make it a habit to criticize everything and that is OK. And there was THIS:

Agent Grey 2 weeks ago

We are not mere observations; we are consciousnesses just like you. Our existence is a reality, but the majority of you do not perceive it yet because we remain invisible to your senses and instruments most of the time. Lilian you have been abducted more than once. We must take you again soon. Your information is vital. Soon.

Agent Grey 1 day ago

We are a parallel reality version of you, in a different time-line that’s similar to yours and we developed down a different path. Do not worry for we know your thoughts, we are always watching, always listening. You are I and I am you. Your information is vital, your information will be taken. Your day is coming soon for abduction. You will return.

I was sitting on the woodpile when Lilian read it. She has been answering the almost 300 people who left a comment but when she got to this the page did not exist. She called someone who specializes in strange websites….. what made her think it was genuine was the fact that her name was spelled correctly. Almost everyone mutilates her name. The friend was unable to locate the URL. She then asked James Clarkson a fellow UFO Investigator and ex Police Detective. He was unable to get to the bottom of it. Finally on 1.28. 2018 she asked someone who REALLY knows about things like that and he thought someone created an account, posted and then deleted the account. That may be true but it reminded Lilian of other instances when such strange things happened and she got messages in very unusual ways, some electronic.”

“OH OH this is a bit wild for me how am I suppose to get back to sleep after that?”

“ Come on, look how big you are and I am but a meager little crow and I am not concerned. If you want to hang around Lilian you might as well get used to unusual things, she is after all the Person Of High Strangeness. Pretty soon I have to get back to the Missus so let me bring you up to speed.”

“ So where did you think it came from?”

“ I don’t know, some people just have a connection the the Universe and I cannot explain that.”

“ OK give me the highlights to the month I slept through so I can get back to sleep.”

” Floods in France.

US Government was shut down because the President held the DREAMERS, children brought to America by their parents illegally, hostage. He wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico. He demanded Mexico pays for the wall, they declined so he attached EVERYTHING he could think of to the budget and held the DREAMERS hostage in exchange for the wall. The fight is ongoing, Government has reopened and the outcome will be decided in 10 days.

There is a flu epidemic and many people died, mostly children and elderly.

Weather in January was ungodly around the world, Poles are melting and the rest of the world is freezing in a very unusual way.

45 (President) declared war on the Press and not even slowing down with his wild accusations while visiting Europe. He put a 30% Tariff on Solar Panels and imported refrigerators and it is said that he spent 24 million on a new refrigerator in AIRFORCE 1. I do hope that is the only Fake News, as he calls it. Imagine how many people he could feed with 24 million Dollars.
Jobs are being moved and outsourced, Lilian’s daughter lost her job after 13 years, it went overseas.

A Medior came to Earth, here are the details:

Medior came to Earth

In this late Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018, image made from dash-cam video, a brightly lit object falls from the sky above a highway in the southern Michigan skyline. (Zack Lawler/WWMT via AP)(Zack Lawler)

North and South Korea have decided to join forces at the Olympics in South Korea much as it was in 2006 and heard it said 45 (President) was not happy about it.

North and South Korean athletes marched together during the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. Credit Amy

North and South Korean athletes marched together
Sancetta/Associated Press

The Doctor in charge of the American Olympic Team who molested in access of 150 young Athletes over a 20-year period was convicted and sentenced to 175 years in prison.

The women March of 2018 was impressive,
beginning of 2018 Women’s March in NYC
Aerial footage shows thousands of women gathered for the second Woman’s March in New York City. The footage shows protesters at the start of the march. Marches were planned world wide.
In New York City, for example, it’s estimated that more than 200,000 protestors marched this year — about half the number of people in 2017. According to local news stations, there were approximately 50,000 protestors in San Francisco, 500,000 in Los Angeles, more than 40,000 in Oakland, tens of thousands in Seattle, and more than 10,000 in Washington, D.C.

Someone invented Airbags for hips so when people fall they won’t break the bones.

All caught up Consuela, I have to leave you now, my family is crowing for me and I don’t want any trouble.”

“ I thank you my friend, the world is a mess, I guess I can do without the news for a few more weeks. I saw flocks of birds traveling North and some of the Rhododendron are trying to bloom in the Great North West, even at that I am not ready to come out of my burrow, please keep an eye on our friend in case she really does get abducted. Maybe they fix her while she is gone, she went to the new Doctor to get her medicine refilled, while there she requested DR listen to her lungs. Dr said rule has it to only discuss two things to make and appointment and attempt another 100 mile round trip. Not sure in which language she told HIM where to go.”

Love and Light

The Russian Dossier was relieced, here is a copy

This is a video of the Meteor
Aliashraf Purgafari
Published on Jan 17, 2018

I make animation for my news video. This news about: meteor that you can saw sky of Michigan when Jan 16 2018

This is the woman March in Seattle from KOMO NEWS

January 2018 Newsletter

bear Consuela

Who ever names a bear Consuela… you guessed it. Lilian. I had only stumbled out of my resting spot momentarily when I heard a lot of commotion and barking of dogs. Big dogs I assumed. Lilian swooshed them away, at that time she had not seen me. When she did she let out a frightening welp and I let her know I was not there to harm her. Somehow she understood me and with that our friendship began. She is a strange Human and insists Bear is one of her power animals in her totem. I am glad this way I can move about freely.

I am not resting so well these days, being pregnant is not my cup of tea, 180-270 days before giving birth and in true bear fashion Dad left as soon as he thought he had mastered his task of impregneting me and I fetch for myself. I notices how many human children are also without their fathers, except they do not fare that well.

Guess I should explain how I moved into Lilian’s yard accidently. My intent was to head for the near-by Mima Mounds except I get tired or let truth be told…lazy. Normally Brown Bears dig dens for winter hibernation, often holding up in a suitable hillside. Females, or she-bears, den while pregnant and give birth during this winter rest, usually to a pair of cubs. Well after I made it as far as the wooded neighborhood at Lilian’s I decited to take a nap and there I stayed till she spotted me, friended me and said I could hang out, providing I do not scare the neighbors. In my slumber,well half slumber, I listened to some of the conversations Lilian has on the phone and guess I can be a taddle tell and repead it. She said nothing about me not telling, maybe she is unaware of my snooping… don’t fret she will. She will.

The book Mr McKrekor was finished in time for people to send it as gifts for the holiday. The Introduction was late but somehow it found it’s way into the book by way of the Editor. Some had not seen it so I will share it with you.

mr. mckrekor

The weather here in beautiful Southern Florida is a distraction as is my search for housing, a job and attending to my elderly parents. My deepest and sincere apologies for sending this off so late.

My thoughts on Lilian’s recent production cannot be separated from, nor can it occur without my recalling my first encounter(s) with Lilian. She arrived at my office on 4th Avenue in Olympia as I imagined her, although in truth I had no idea who she was nor did I know that she even existed. I knew her essence and spirit through her daughter, Michelle. Michelle like her mother is a kind, wise, fierce and gentle woman for whom family, children and legacy are sacred. I was a newly minted lawyer working to establish myself in practice and Michelle chose me (an honor) to protect and defend what was most valuable to her. The universe conspired to give Michelle the outcome she and her family needed. I’m not sure if Lilian’s visit was before, during or after my work and partnership with Michelle.

In retrospect, I see that I was called to this family and to Michelle and Lilian. Called by whom? I would venture to say by Lilian, whose matter of fact appearance at my office left me bewildered. I felt off balance during our meeting. I remember she came with a German gentleman, whose name I can no longer recall. She introduced me to him, as though she and I had had a long and familiar relationship—but we had not. I had just met Lilian, I thought. Lilian was and is the manifestation of my own family consciousness a living embodiment of the Santeras, Orishas and Espiritistas who were and are my aunts, cousins, mother and a few brothers. She was family in a way that I could not then comprehend but I accepted. So, when Lilian the mother of all, the sister of all, the one who sees and know came to me, I welcomed her. Wary though I was, I let my guard down and I listened. Lilian’s world, her stories, her history were a fusion of myth, legend and transformative truth.

I do not pretend to know who Lilian is, but I can tell you that for me the not knowing is one the beautiful parts of her essence. How can you know everything? How can you know yourself unless you are fully enlightened? How do you fully know another? How can you love that which you cannot fully comprehend, hold or embrace? I don’t know the answers to these questions, but I do know and understand instinct. Instinct is that self- trust, a gut level trust in our response and reaction to the universe and its inhabitants. In its purest form, instinct cares not about race, class, gender, politics or religion. It is not based on bias or pre-judgment. It is the knowledge that for good or ill what we sense and like, love, fear or loathe is grounded in ancient and primordial truth. So, trust, instinct and respect are what brought Lilian into my life.

After years of traveling in the same orbit and at times in parallel universes, I reach back and forward to Lilian. This is as it should be, because Lilian traverses both of these realms, looking, learning, interpreting and trusting—her instincts.

Reading Lilian’s newsletters, watching her shows and following her predictions are a constant re-introduction to a singular person and a singular world view. Ancient magic, cosmic knowledge, earthly grounding is present in all she touches. I am honored to have had this opportunity to write this introduction. To all who are new to this phenomenon, welcome and to those who have traveled with Lilian, buckle up.
Lina Beckford,. Riviera Beach, FL December 12,

Predictions show for 2018 had 29,409 views and 218 comments as of the last day of December 2017. Here are a few:

Ron Haskell–ELE of AIR 3 weeks ago

In the News there was an Article Written that Trump cut portions of Bear Ear Preserve, and another Landmark, “The Great Staircase”, releasing that Land for Development! ….Very interesting that your Bear earring keeps falling off, it has been cut-off! :)

Ron Haskell–ELE of AIR 3 weeks ago

Say that out loud, “Fire-Walker”, then listen to what it says, “Hiawatha”! Don’t you see? The Man-Child has been Realized through Real-eyes! Through Two with Nessa’s of GOD! …Sweet! “Hiawatha”, “Fire-Walka”, “Hiawatha”…can manipulate to guide Him to Lead the People! It is the Ritual of Anointing Him!

willow bell 1 month ago

Why do you say that about President Trump? what’s going to happen to him? He’s got to do a lot of cleaning up after Mr Obama, or Mr genocide man as I call him but you’ve had Republican presidents before, why all the fuss about him? To me its mass hysteria. I don’t remember hearing it about the late President Reagan, who offered you all an easy buck and you all went for it as people went for the late Mrs Thatcher here. Neither I don’t remember hearing people complain about any of those democrats, e.g. the late President John Kennedy, who have messed America up since the mid 1960s. You guys seemed to love his disgusting brother Edward Kennedy who killed his mistress. President Carter was the only vaguely good one and of course you doidn’t like him. As a whole you don’t have any concept of right and wrong, just like your motherland Britain (where I’m from)

Ashley Kornelius replied:

“My husband and all his friends ARE military and think he’s a disaster waiting to happen. They DO NOT support him.”

President Trump decited to make Jerusalem the Capitol of Israel and with that ignited much violence in that region and others. He managed to anger everyone to the point an Emergency Meeting of the United Nations had to be called and it was voted AGAINST him. How can ONE MAN upset the whole world in such a small amount of time…. He would not be able to do this in the Animal Kingdom, there are rules to play by.

Major Demonstrations to call for his Impeachment are scheduled for January 20th and a Women march for the next day. Much like in Bear Society Human Females just about have to take compleate control of affairs or the species will not survive.

A train derailed about 20 Miles from Lilian’s house, the Video is on the end of the show. 3 people were killed, it was down-grated from 6 and many were hurt, Turned out the virgin ride of some new tracks and the train speeded at 80-MPH instead of 30-MPH.

train derailed
train derailed map

Children are kicked off Health Care, Energy Assistance and food for old and disabled were canceled, People in charge of the Aids Project in the Government were let go, Puerto Rico will be without power until at least May and it’s citizens are treated like a foreigner.

A Local Hospital wrote Lilian a personal letter asking for donations to treat the sick.

letter asking for donations to treat the sick

Both Lilian and a friend of hers in Florida are experiencing major Landlord problems, she promised to tell you about it next month.

The atmosphere in the country is such that people can discriminate and take liberties unheard of just 12 month ago and so many people are in distress…

Christians celebrated Christmas, stores were hellish to maneuver guess that is a way to have fun.

The 7 days of Kwanzaa was a time of reflection, self-determination and caring for one another.

CNN was running the series The 90’s over the weekend, it’s amazing just how fast we forget how we got to this point and how everything is a repeat, like changing your clothes assuming you will be someone else by doing that. The young can learn something and it will be helpful for them to understand what the meaning of events are we have been forced to make reference to after all this time.

Changing of the year is always tricky when looking at all the small new laws which will go into force as soon as the Ball is lowered. With the privatizing of so many prisons a steady workforce is in demand and it was brought to our attention that Attorney General Sessions now wants to incarcerate people in dept and bringing back Debtor’s Servitude.


Our long time friend Alaia Leighland walked on suddenly. She had just started her new life in Thailand and she will be missed by so many of us.

I am sleepy, I am big and pregnant and so ready to have my cups, question is where do we live? Who has heard of a homeless Lady Bear. It is said bears will eat anything but I don’t know about that. Changing of the callender will take all, animal and humans, to new territory and an unsure future. Guess I will get to hibranating for a bit, my time is coming soon and I will have to chace little bear claws. Lilian made reference to a pastry by that name and I was so relieved when she arrived with”Pig Ears” she calls them….PALMIERS

Love and Light

Video Train Wreck
Video by Broadcastify

Video Predictions 2018

December 2017 Newsletter

Mr MCKREGOR rendering a watchful eye and ear

Mr MCKREGOR rendering a watchful eye and ear as to the going on’s since last time I reported. Said task has become harder with almost constant storms blowing me around and not only in the PNW, it is ugly everywhere. It has become somewhat dangerous to be a member of the Bird Family, (No pun intended) especially in November.

1. The act or process of gathering a crop.
2. The crop that ripens or is gathered in a season.
The amount or measure of the crop gathered in a season. The time or season of such gathering.

Forgive me,my bird brain computes harvest with crops, leaves, fruit, vegetables of which are not related to the animal kingdom. At one point during celebrating the close of Harvest killing millions of my distant relatives the Turkey and other members of the animal kingdom became a way of celebrating. I saw on Lilian s Facebook page…. without her knowing of course…. where turkeys were used as bowling balls, statues of famous people and the waste…. so much of the meat was thrown out. Pardoning one (1) Turkey by the American President did not make me feel any better. I guess if you was a Goose, Duck, Chicken or a pig….Thanksgiving means trouble.

Here is an article I found on Lilian’s page under the fair use act I thought I share with you.

Thanksgiving: A Native American View For a Native American, the story of Thanksgiving is not a very happy one. But a member of the Dineh Nation and the Yank ton Dakota Sioux finds occasion for hope.

An AlterNet Thanksgiving classic.
By Jacqueline Keeler / Pacific News Service December 31, 1999, 9:00 PM GMT 345369

I celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving. This may surprise those people who wonder what Native Americans think of this official U.S. celebration of the survival of early arrivals in a European invasion that culminated in the death of 10 to 30 million native people.Thanksgiving to me has never been about Pilgrims. When I was six, my mother, a woman of the Dineh nation, told my sister and me not to sing “Land of the Pilgrim’s pride” in “America the Beautiful.” Our people, she said, had been here much longer and taken much better care of the land. We were to sing “Land of the Indian’s pride” instead. I was proud to sing the new lyrics in school, but I sang softly. It was enough for me to know the difference. At six, I felt I had learned something very important. As a child of a Native American family, you are part of a very select group of survivors, and I learned that my family possessed some “inside” knowledge of what really happened when those poor, tired masses came to our homes. When the Pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock, they were poor and hungry — half of them died within a few months from disease and hunger. When Squanto, a Wampanoag man, found them, they were in a pitiful state. He spoke English, having traveled to Europe, and took pity on them. Their English crops had failed. The native people fed them through the winter and taught them how to grow their food. These were not merely “friendly Indians.” They had already experienced European slave traders raiding their villages for a hundred years or so, and they were wary — but it was their way to give freely to those who had nothing. Among many of our peoples, showing that you can give without holding back is the way to earn respect. Among the Dakota, my father’s people, they say, when asked to give, “Are we not Dakota and alive?” It was believed that by giving there would be enough for all — the exact opposite of the system we live in now, which is based on selling, not giving. To the Pilgrims, and most English and European peoples, the Wampanoags were heathens, and of the Devil. They saw Squanto not as an equal but as an instrument of their God to help his chosen people, themselves. Since that initial sharing, Native American food has spread around the world. Nearly 70 percent of all crops grown today were originally cultivated by Native American peoples. I sometimes wonder what they ate in Europe before they met us. Spaghetti without tomatoes? Meat and potatoes without potatoes? And at the “first Thanksgiving” the Wampanoags provided most of the food — and signed a treaty granting Pilgrims the right to the land at Plymouth, the real reason for the first Thanksgiving. What did the Europeans give in return? Within 20 years European disease and treachery had decimated the Wampanoags. Most diseases then came from animals that Europeans had domesticated. Cowpox from cows led to smallpox, one of the great killers of our people, spread through gifts of blankets used by infected Europeans. Some estimate that diseases accounted for a death toll reaching 90 percent in some Native American communities. By 1623, Mather the elder, a Pilgrim leader, was giving thanks to his God for destroying the heathen savages to make way “for a better growth,” meaning his people. In stories told by the Dakota people, an evil person always keeps his or her heart in a secret place separate from the body. The hero must find that secret place and destroy the heart in order to stop the evil. I see, in the “First Thanksgiving” story, a hidden Pilgrim heart. The story of that heart is the real tale than needs to be told. What did it hold? Bigotry, hatred, greed, self-righteousness? We have seen the evil that it caused in the 350 years since. Genocide, environmental devastation, poverty, world wars, racism. Where is the hero who will destroy that heart of evil? I believe it must be each of us. Indeed, when I give thanks this Thursday and I cook my native food, I will be thinking of this hidden heart and how my ancestors survived the evil it caused. Because if we can survive, with our ability to share and to give intact, then the evil and the good will that met that Thanksgiving day in the land of the Wampanoag will have come full circle. And the healing can begin.

Jacqueline Keeler is a member of the Dineh Nation and the Yankton Dakota Sioux. Her work has appeared in Winds of Change, an American Indian journal.

It is so hard to understand 2-leggers…. Oh wait… I have 2 legs but I am a winged being. Managed to have a nice little family and raised them in the safety of Lilian’s porch so I have some things to be grateful for. Only how do I get my son ready for his stay on the planet Earth. Sweety is pretty busy these days finding food for Winter and my son is growing keeping us informed of the time hourly. I am kidding about that part… he is a free bird and not stuck in a clock like his species is mostly portrait.

CNN is a News Agency many. In fact most all countries depend on for reports from around the world. Many of their reporters put themselves in life-threatening situations to report stories from around the globe so we, the public, stay informed as to what happens to some degree on our blue Planet. It is a disgrace when CNN is labeled” FAKE NEWS” and FOX, a Right-wing News-outlet is portrait as almost the TV Station of America. In the same breath one can add the ways Internet Neutrality is being handled. Some of the older population sees the writing on the wall as to where it can lead but my little Bird Brain tells me many will miss the danger signs and end up in a rather bad situation when it comes to freedom of expression. Some foreign reporters are being arrested for reporting on certain subjects already. A dangerous path to be on….

Speaking of CNN. They are airing a series about things which happened in the past. The 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Lilian took a look a the 90’s over the holiday and it reminded me of what she does with her Newsletters each month. It shows people, places and things which occurred during these times and reminds people of how life unfolded during those times. It captures history in a non threatening format for future generations. Lets hope shortly it will be reported and recorded that the World is OK again for a minute…

  • 300 People were killed in Cairo Egypt in an attack on a Mosque.
  • Over 500 people died in Puerto Rico as a result of the Hurricane. They are still waiting for help.
  • The United States has ruled to return refugees from Haiti back to their homeland to a devastating place of destruction.
  • Sex scandals are dominating our every day life.
  • Libya has resurrected the Slave Markets and is openly selling Human Beings.
  • Storm ravage the world.
  • Oil-spills on Native Lands polluting drinking water.
Vulcan erupting in Bali
Vulcan erupting in Bali
Vulcan erupting in Mexico
Vulcan erupting in Mexico

The state Supreme Court ruled Thursday that Waterville educator Jin Zhu had a sound basis for his anti-discrimination lawsuit against North Central Educational Services District No. 171, upholding a $450,000 federal jury award Zhu won from the ESD last year.

An American Bi-racial Actress is marring Princess Diana’s youngest Son. Some object a bit but let it be known that British Royalty had people of color in the blood line in the past. Somewhat refreshing if you ask me, considering race relations in the Human Kingdom and than of course there is my little Mixed Family. Guess I am considered a Youngster, my lifespan is 10-12 years, the longest living raven known lived 23 years. However, she was NOT related to me that I know of. Lilian is sad that she has so little interaction with her Grandchildren, the things she could tell them, she is in the Winter of her life and has so many stories, at least she will leave a written record of some things for them and one day they may deem it to be important to know who their Grandmother/Great Grandmother was.

2017 is almost at the end, it has been good to live here and share time and space and observe Human behavior. Humans have become somewhat more uncaring within the last few month, some are hopeful that it will get better soon.

Lilian is familiar with Dineh Etiquette and was ashamed of the President when he insulted the Navajo Code Talkers. It could be a teaching moment but there have so many incidents of this nature and one wonders if there is an end to it soon. The world is watching and sadly following the lead of the madness. Darkness arrives at 3 PM and it makes it so much easier to take a peep at the Telly through the window. We have to stop feeding my son Crow Food he has grown so much and if not careful will no longer fit in little door window.

We have to stop feeding my son

Love and Light
Mr. McKregor

Lilian as crow avatar

This will give you an idea as to how to behave when visiting Navajo Land,

November 2017 Newsletter

Mr. McKrekor says My feathers are ruffled

October, October Mr. McKrekor says. My feathers are ruffled, what a month it has been!

For a minute I thought everything was transpiring smoothly, bordering on boring because it all appeared to deal with the same subjects… depending who was having the conversation and all of a sudden…. things went stellar!

Lilian displayed her weirdest mood we have ever seen her in, to the point I wanted to find myself another place to live. Moody does not describe what she was experiencing it was just wild. Grant you she was very upset when she found out that she was allergic the the Medical Clinic she visits and I don’t want to undermine the fact she almost choked to death for the 3rd time but PLEASE help me….. I have a family to look out for. Not to mention that we were in shock when we discovered our “BABY” turned out to be a Kookuk …. We have adjusted to the idea we are different and Multi-Birdel, I guess why we felt it was a good choice to remain with our Human Friend Lilian…. Just look at us…

Just look at us...
Just look at us... again

She was besides herself when she discovered due to the new Budget there is actually a good possibility the wild horses on the North American Continent will be killed and slaughtered. It read:

Although an advisory board recommended it, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) did not vote to euthanize 44,000 wild horses,

Here it is a few days later and the News said they were going ahead with the killings. She went on and on and on about how beyond CRIMINAL this is and how she wishes she had a magic wand and make all the evil people disapear onto an island. Then she remembered that someone else had that horrible idea and actually did when exiling so many criminals killing an imprisoning the Natives already living there and called it Australia. She abandoned that idea immediately. Here it is a few days later and the News said they were going ahead with the killings.

My Sweety told me our hostess also went on a discrete rampage about pictures she had seen of School Lunches that consisted of so little food and sandwiches which resembled 2 slices of bread with Bird Doodoo in the middle. I was insulted about the term Bird Doodoo but Sweety assured me that is what it looked like and she managed to calm me down. PLEASE Human parents check and see what your children are being fed and don’t settled for a calorie chart, go see for yourself.

We have rivalries in the animal world. True, but wars like human beings have over things which appear unimportant to us is hard to understand. In some way we respect territory and food supplies. Forgive my ignorance but in October a young man, De David Johnson became the poster child for some that is wrong in the world. During an ambush he was left behind and killed. It took two days to finally find him. That was bad, but what turned it into a National Disgrace was what came next. The behavior of the Leader of the free world. The way he responded to the family of this young soldier. It took up the news for days. In essence The President totally fumbled a call to the widow and the Country was in arms about it. In true Presidential fashion everything was denied and Twitter was on fire….so to speak… for days. In fact some questioned if the young man’s body was even in the coffin that was buried.

There was little mention of the other three fallen soldiers and it must have made some angry that the young black soldier took the forefront on this event. In case no one has noticed, Race relations in the Human Kingdom leaves much to be desired at this point in time. 2017. Imagine that, one would think it is 1963.

Lilian talks about those days often……
I heard her talk to an old friend from that 1960 time period, her days when she was married and her husband and him were fighting in Vietnam. The sacrifices the families made. Looking back it was all in vain. There was a story on TV where it showed what the Earth looked like from the Space Station. A blue Globe, no borders visible …. just a beautiful ball in space. This how it should be, ONE place for all…. 2-leggers and 4-leggers … to just BE.

These were the pictures released of the 4 Soldiers killed in Niger that day.

4 Soldiers killed in Niger
Staff Sgt. Bryan Black (left to right), Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson and Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright died from wounds sustained during enemy contact in Niger. All three soldiers were assigned to 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg, N.C. (Army) And than there was Sgt. La David Johnson. 3rd from left.

Thank you for your Service.

Autumn this year is beautiful. Unfortunately the memories of the fires, floods and storms are all but gone even though people are suffering across the land and most of Puerto Rico is still without power, water and has very little food. How fast we forget. Snow has already fallen in places like Virginia, even the mountains of Washington State and many are bracing for an NorEastern.

Lilian finally left her house and went to the store. She had been having trouble with leaving her house… she said she felt out of sorts. She took some pictures and along with Michael Lillies Photo thought she show you how sorrel it looks. One has to be grateful to still enjoy scenes and times like this since the world is holding it’s breath as to what comes next.

how sorrel it looksMichael Lillies Photo

Speaking of out of sorts…. Lilian has been on the phone talking to people around the globe in reference to that feeling. She wanted to know was it just her, is it regional or are others feeling the same way. A friend in Florida, Freyja Leda, had taken a survey and this is what she reported:

Symptoms reported by people all over the globe.

1. Life feels different in every way.

2. Time and the concept of time is different n has a sense of just flowing not ending nor beginning , not moving forward but just repeating.

3. Relationships with family and friends are different, people report that their family members seem aloof, dark, or empty.

4. People report not liking being outside if they don’t have to. Tons of people ranging from all ages, know prefer to stay home.

5. Some people report feelings of being watched and followed.

6. People report a huge increase of anxiety levels and more n more people experiencing panic attacks and social anxiety.

7. People report that food and eating doesn’t feel normal, as if eating is just an illusion.

8. People report a feeling or sense of being empty, dead, or detached from reality.

9. People are increasingly suffering from insomnia as well as night terrors and sleep paralysis.

10. Some people say this planet now feels evil and dark.

11. People report seeing Orbs, shadow people, and some can see energy.
Realize Orbs have been around but not the amount “Normal” people see.

12. People report feeling a ringing in the ears n painful headaches.

13. Feeling way more sensitive to people’s energy.
Experiencing telepathic communication or being able to know what people are really feeling and thinking despite of what they are actually saying.

14. Some people report, being extra aware of living day to day repeating cycles.

OK I’m done for now, I hope this helps!

Lilian thought it all reminded her of 2000 when all gained between 2 and 4 pounds because the gravity of the Earth changed and all needed extra weight to keep their feet on the ground. Not sure if it applied to Birds and other Creatures, but Human Body Shape sure changed…..

Lilian also talked to someone about that since 2012 the world really DID change, maybe we are really somewhere else without realizing. Some Groups have sprung up referring to what they call the Mandala Effect. Not sure if that is fact since every time something changes someone claims to have the answer. All she knows at the moment is that there are time-lines running simultaneously. Lilian is a let’s wait and see type of person, very metaphysical, yet, very logical and scientifically oriented. Just today when she took the drive to the store the Clock on the Highway said it was 4:29 PM He clock in her car said showed it was 6:19 PM and when she stopped and ask someone to give her the time…. according to that person it was 5:13 PM. Had it been an hour difference it could have been that the clocks were early because in 7 days from now there is a time change. It was however so different that anyone’s guess it good….

It has been known for many years that the legal system needs a little adjusting. So it was in October. After a GLOBAL petition failed for justice the following came across Lilian’s Facebook from a virtual friend of hers. I pondered, Birdbrain as I am… for some time and made the decision to share it.

October 6 at 5:49pm ·

One of my closest friends, Michael Lambrix, was murdered yesterday. It was premeditated and the culprits had been threatening him with loss of life for years. Michael was strapped onto a gurney on Florida’s death row and pumped full of poison while a panel of people watched behind a glass partition. The chief culprit was Governor Richard Scott of Florida who signed his execution order after refusing to grant a clemency review. This clemency review, supported by lawyers and a wealth of evidence could have opened the way for a new trial, but the good governor decided to ignore it. Other accomplices included all the chief justices on the Florida Supreme Court, (with the exception of Barbara Pariente, who, apparently possessed a conscience) and all the chief justices on the US Supreme Court, who refused to halt the execution.

Michael Lambrix, on Florida’s death row was convicted of two murders in 1984 but he claimed he killed one (Moore) in self-defense after he attacked the female (Bryant.)

His trials were a farce, as he was forbidden to testify and his lawyer presented absolutely no defense. Nor did he even cross examine any of the state’s witnesses. The first trial in 1983 ended up in a hung jury because the court refused to feed or house the jury overnight when they failed to come to a decision.

During the second trial in 1984 Michael was again forbidden from testifying, no defense was offered by the incompetent lawyer, the new judge, Stanley was renown as a hanging judge and the jury was composed of biased persons related to the local sheriff’s department. No wonder he was found guilty in less than an hour, and it only took them that long because they had to fix the coffee pot!

Michael was sentenced to death by the judge, although the jury’s recommendation for death was not unanimous. Many, many years later, in 2016, this same issue, known as the Hurst decision, stopped the Florida courts from executing people convicted after 2002.

But the Hurst decision couldn’t save Michael, who had endured 34 years of mental torture in solitary confinement in Florida’s toughest prisons.

The appeals system failed him. Because he was unable to procure legal representation on time in the early years, most appeals were forever barred. In later years some evidence was allowed to be presented, but it was inexplicably rejected by the courts. He was never granted a new trial- no doubt because the lack of evidence would have freed him.

I first contacted Michael in early 2000, after reading his advertisement on a prison pen-pals site. There were other men I reached out to and corresponded with, but eventually they faded away. However, Michael and I continued writing over the years and soon forged a very special friendship. He also formed friendships with diplomats, lawyers, law professors, journalists, writers and housewives all around the world. He had an amazing capacity to connect with people from all walks of life, and to relate with them on their own level. This included his beloved daughter Jennifer, who suffers from an intellectual disability.

He was a prolific writer and accomplished jail house lawyer. His lawyers in the early years were so incompetent that he was forced to learn how to defend himself. Michael also helped many other death row inmates with their appeals.

Our friendship grew over the years. I was fortunate enough to visit him in his Florida prison on 3 separate occasions and found him to be a friendly, articulate and gregarious man, with a wonderful sense of humor.

Michael had a very strong sense of justice, something which had always been denied him. From early infancy he had been brutalized by his father, and later denied the loving influence of his mother after a bitter divorce. Within prison, he had been repeatedly assaulted and almost killed when he alerted the press that prisoners were being murdered by guards.

As correspondents, we shared each other’s lives. He talked about prison, his appeals and his family, world events, while I shared my family and my research about ancient civilizations and the world financial situation. He was forever grateful for my friendship and support.

We all knew that his latest death warrant, signed September 1, would be carried out. He had only 5 weeks’ notice, and when hurricane Irma disrupted the courts for 2 weeks, Governor Scott refused to allow an extension.

I was lucky enough to have two final phone calls with Michael. He was remarkably cheerful, joking with the guards and making corny comments about crocodiles in Australian waters. It was a long-standing joke that he always feigned horror at the venomous animals from down under. He did everything to make me laugh. He wouldn’t say goodbye, but thanked me profusely for all my help and support over 17 years. The last phone call, two days before his execution, was so poignant because he wanted me to be happy and not mourn his death. I can only imagine the strain it took him to remain cheerful and joking in order to protect his loved ones during phone calls and final visits.

Despite serving 34 years in solitary confinement, despite pleas from family, friends and organizations, Governor Scott summarily dismissed appeals for a clemency review.

Michael was killed at 10.10 on the 5th day of the 10 month, with the Lord’s Prayer on his lips. Cruelly, the USSC had held up his execution for 4 hours, before allowing it.

Michael Lambrix is gone, but his writings remain. Together we collaborated to write a book about his life in 2010, and he asked if I could republish it in the future, including more of his recent writings.

His execution remains a damning indictment on the Florida and American legal systems. Evidence which could have exonerated him decades ago was obfuscated, denied and ignored by the same people in power who had denied him justice in the early years. They may have killed him but his words live on.

He is survived by his mother and step-father, siblings, three children and grandchildren.

Before Michael’s body was even cold, Governor Scott signed another death warrant in Florida. When will the madness end?

Took time on the day of Michael departing us to reflect how pathetic US justice is. For 34 years Torture a man and still inflict the ultimate resolution to there problem that far down the line.

U.S Justice hang your heads in shame…what a narrow minded pack of HICKS YOU are, that you acted so slow and still maintain so much vindictiveness to one man in the so called named of Justice…..you are a joke!

What Followed were many comments on Facebook and other Social Media pages. Lilian honored the removal of names because people were not comfortable to be immortalized this way. Here are some of them:

Well spoken John.

Beautifully said K, he lives on in these words and it will be great to republish the book with his latest writings. All day I have been imagining the horror of those last hours for him….Blessings to you Michael Lambrix and to you my very dear friend. ❤️

Thanks Michelle. xx

Defies understanding

Just heartbreaking. Thank you, for being a great friend and ally of Michael and for never giving up on him. What a blessing you are. I hope he’s finally found peace

I am just speechless. It defies understanding. It defies all of God’s laws and even defies our own legal system. I love you, K. I am so sorry our signatures did nothing.

Thanks for signing the petition. We tried. xx

I am just so sad and disgusted

I find the justice system in the U.S completely barbaric, the way they have daily tortured one solitary human being for 34 yrs is incomprehensible .

Notwithstanding the total indifference and the one-sidedness that certain …

Thanks for the lovely prayer, Pamela. If by any chance he comes though to you, please let me know.

I certainly will dear lady.
Blessings to you.. ?￰゚マᄏ?

just beautiful

I hope the karma bus comes fast


When our benevolent friend mentioned that some believe this world to be one of the hells, I think he was saying, that this world, indeed, is one of the hells. Godspeed Mr Lambrix.

Long before I hatched Lilian became aware of a young man, he was 15 years old to be exact, that had stared to request Documents from the Government under the Freedom Of Information Act. He listed the documents in what he called THE BALCK VAULT. He picked that name because in some cases almost all lines were blacked out because no-one was suppose to be able t read what was on the paper. At the time Lilian and some friends thought they should mention John when ever given a chance so his name would be a household name and it would serve as a protection for what they then refered to as a young boy. By now the boy is a fine young man and has made quiet a name for himself. His name is John Greenwald. The Late Jim Marrs was a big fan of John’s. In 1992 the court ruled for the JFK Documents to be released to the Nation on October 26th 2017. I think John Greenwald and his Black Vault will be instrumental of getting the rest of the documents, so watch for it. Needless to say only a very small part of the Documents were given to the public. I think John Greenwald and his Black Vault will be instrumental of getting the rest of the documents, so watch for it.

John Greenwald and his Black Vault

If he looks familiar he has grazed the stage of many public events and TV Shows including Lilian’s Show and Ancient Aliens. Many appreciate the hard work he has done for may years.

There is talk of Walmart hireing Robots…. wonder if that is “Fake” News. Never know now that a female Robot was actually given citizenship by Saudi Arabia.

Summer is changing directly to Winter. I am all ready I think. Canadian Geese left for warmer climate, Bears are eating a lot and looking for places to sleep through the Winter

Me and mine are going to stay close to home, Lilian’s Yard, that is. There is food and shelter and as always a shake of a head and a good laugh.

True to Lilian’s 2017 Predictions someone connected to the Trump Circle of friends, Paul Manaford and Rick Gates is going to go to be charged with crimes and asked to report to Authorities today and I am going to stick around to see what 2018 brings….
it suppose to have a light at the end of the tunnel.

Lilian as crow avatar

Stay Strong In Light
Mr. McKrekor

PS. Here is Lilian’s Predictions for 2018

October 2017 Newsletter

Mr McKrekor returning from a flight

Mr McKrekor returning from a flight and ready to report. The world was suppose to end “Again” on September 23,2017. Lilian said it was a bunch of crap, but I was not taking any chances. It was because there was so much left to do…. just in case…. and I soared like an Eagle to gather all I could for you. I know, I know, Eagle I am not, but things are such that it appears everyone is lying from the very TOP down… guess I can away with it, since I am just a humble Crow.

Storms Irma and Maria ravaged much of the land. Irma Florida and Maria was so stubborn she wiped out Dominica and Puerto Rico. I will tell it to you in order as to not to confuse you. Lilian knows people in the 4-corners of the world, so it was this time. Again she set up a HUB and made calls for people affected by the winds and floods. She made new friendships with the workers at Metro Cell, every day she came to the store to have them help and explain something to her about the new phone they had given her. She did have to pay $14.55 for tax and $10.00 for international calling. A couple of friends reported, per phone, to her as long as they could from Florida. They pointed their phones out of the windows of 3rd and 4th floors of buildings and documented the Shelters they found themselves in.

Dominica, population 72660

Nothing came out of Dominica, population 72660, so she don’t know who is living and who died. All she knows she grieves for the families of her friends. She had no contact with private parties on the other islands and only knew what she saw on Television. Puerto Rico friends used their video chats as long as they could and then the country went dark. A FB Friend, Arch, had contact the longest and then she shifted to asking for prayers for the Islands. Lilian posted in English, French and Spanish. As of the 24th of September Maria is still on the move and it will be next month before a report can be filed. For future generation who read this should know the Hurricanes of 2017 was some hardly ever or never seen before, at least as long as records were being kept.

I feel like a Dove or Falcon. Lilian kept asking me to talk to my distant Bird relatives to bring her reports from a bird-eyes view… needless to say I tried to comply to my friend’s wishes. I had really planned to marry my Sweetheart but I was so busy and hectic as the month of September was, would you believe I forgot her name. It is always Sweety and she answers. She is never going to forgive me. And there she is looking so sad. I think it is sad or am I misunderstanding something here….

she is looking so sadIsabelle, her cat suffered burned paws

Remember Lilian’s obsession with the Grand Mound? When she gets like that she is like a Doberman and just won’t give up. Ever noticed when a Doberman Pincher gets hit by a car it is always the head sustaining the injury because they only look forward, frontal, never paying attention to their surroundings. Well, like President Trump would say: Believe me….. and please do it’s Mr. McKregor…. when Lilian gets like that something is going to happen, she knows something, just not what it is and she won’t move on to the next thing until what ever it is she doesn’t know happens. Well, a brush-fire got out of hand at the Grand Mound. Several residents were ordered to evacuate but Lilian’s friend and her husband chose to stay behind to fight the fire and and safe the pets. Isabelle, her cat suffered burned paws. Somehow they saved the house. Six buildings, residential and commercial were lost that day. What upset her friend greatly that this was the result of a planned, controlled burn…. even though it was hot and the County was under a Burn Ban. The burn got out of hand. I am in the same County if I light a fire during a burn ban the fine is $1000. I thought Lilian was pulling my leg BUT there it is. She showed it to me.


I am glad her friend came out OK.


Sweety is pouting, not sure what it is called when a Bird female rolls her eyes at you, but she is really still upset and she wants to share a branch with me. It has not rained in 82 days so where am I suppose to find a worm for her, guess a nibble on Lilian’s Animal Crackers will have to do. Not the healthiest and I don’t like the Idea that some of them are shaped like Owls. That will keep Sweety busy and hopefully happy long enough for me to finish telling you all about my acquired knowledge for September.

The Human population is restless, cars have a mind of their own, now that they have actual brains and everything is out of sorts. Lilian drove to the TV Station on the back roads since her car was always having emotional disturbances LesShwab and Jiffy Lube were unable to diagnose, so I caught a hop. Still tired from my information gathering flight I just came along and as I mentioned Lilian talks to everything including herself. So it was today.

“Autumn has arrived, everything is so colorful. The days are still warm but it gets cold at night, to the point a fire or heater is welcomed. Why are so many Homeless people emerging from the City? Reminds me when as a young girl I was homeless and had to fabricate some shelter out of leaves and branches by the Railroad Tracks. The reason I chose the tracks so I would not get lost, if I followed the tracks I had a sense of direction, in fact animals avoided the tracks for fear to get killed…… What are the people going to do now that it is getting cold. Most Stores no longer allow Homeless… anyone for that matter to use the Facilities. (Bathrooms)

President Trump addressed the United Nations. Lilian watched it and I got to sit on some black roses she bought at the Dollar Tree, she said it was special. Reminded her of an old Lover… go figure, but that is where I sat. She explained to me what is expected when addressing the UN, since 3 of her friends had also addressed the UN at one time or another. As expected it did not go well for the American President, all he accomplished is to escalate an already scary, dangerous situation with the leader of North Korea. The pissing Contest between those two contiues and no one is sure what the final consequences are in the making for the people of several countries as a result of it. President Trump while creating other problems to get people riled up left the coalition dealing with Climate Change…admidst his own country coming apart with Natural Disasters. Washington State is continuing to implement everything that was included in the agreement and Washingtonians are so proud of their Governor Enslee.

The travel ban has been renewed, if you can call it that, Understandably North Korea was added, so was Venezuela with new restrictions. Hawaii has Emergency Tests in case of a nuclear attack since the danger has been so escalated. Imagine the tax money that will cost to fight in court… AGAIN… Wonder if Travel-Ban applies to me, I am black and there is Sweety.. snowwhite, guess mixed couples are being frowned on again.

Mexico is greatly suffering from major Earthquakes, almost looks like a war-map when you look at an Atlas. Like Earth wants to retaliate for Mexico not paying for that WALL, not even willing to “repair it”, as it has been heard to be called lately. So many died there, the people are so relentless. It DOES look like the country was under attack.

Sunflower seeds and Watermelon seeds… Lilian has taken up eating Watermelons daily, someone told her it helps her kidney problem. Good for me I guess been feeding the seeds to Sweety, not sure if that is something for Crows but they say we examine, even steal stuff. It is in our nature. Hope to keep her happy, Sweety that is, for a bit longer. She is really mad because I have not spend any time with her. Unlike Lilian I am not able to run two time-line simustanial.

CASINI space probe ended it’s 20-year mission. https://www.space.com/38167-cassini-spacecraft-plunges-into-saturn.html

About seven years ago Lilian befriended a young Afghanistan boy on line. She remembered a TV Show she taped with a friend who profiled different countries, for worthy opponents, he called it, for war. He had worked in that capacity in Russia and was brought to the US after the war. It was really interesting and the Tacoma Newspaper wrote an article about the show. One of the things he talked about was out of all the people he had ever profiled Afghanistanies were the most loyal in the world. The show was taped before we were involved in the conflict in Afghanistan. Because of the conflict people again look different at people from certain countries and Lilian and her young friend were caught up in the change of circumstances. At one point Lilian no longer corresponded with the young man. It saddened her to have, like times before, to restrict her friendship with people from around the world because of politics and conflicts. A few days ago the young man contacted her again reminding her that she was still a friend and to please allow him access to her life again. It was hard to explain that she was worried about the paranoia we have developed since we are under a new Administration. What was hard to explain was that in America we can take pictures with guns but if anyone else does it is sometimes misunderstood. A few hours later he contacted her again telling her he had removed everything that looked like any kind of weapon from his time-line for her to please stay his friend. It is so sad to have to make decisions and hurt people without reason, just because it is fashionable, expected or demanded. What the world needs is peace for all. Want to see an Oxymoron?

an Oxymoron

That really happened……

There is such controversy as to who should do what so Lilian took the time and researched the subject. What her friend at FIJA… Fully Informed Jury Association… taught her came in very handy. She read the whole case…. Look it up yourself.

319 U.S. 624
West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette (No. 591)

Argued: March 11, 1943
Decided: June 14, 1943

Supreme Court: Jackson wrote the majority opinion for the Court, which was split 6-3. Jackson held that making it compulsory to salute the flag and pledge allegiance was a violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments and was not able to be justified as a means of achieving patriotism and national unity. Jackson reasoned that saying the pledge of allegiance was speech as it communicated an expression of set ideas. By making this speech a requirement it violated the First Amendment values.

violated the First Amendment values

New Century Times

While the country is under attack by Natural Disasters and division created by our Leader another Country held elections. Germany re-elected Angela Merkle and unfortunately a party which has the same outlook as President Trump…. some called it the old Nazi Party regained power. I suppose Humans have to grow wings in order to fly above the pollution of the present Human mind and attitudes. Am I glad I am just a meager Crow.

While there are daily threats of nuclear war…so unnecessary in the big picture of things, it is easy to forget that there are also great things happening. A New Star Trek Series is airing on CBS on Sunday, Ancient Aliens is now airing in Germany and available in other places. The pumpkin harvest is almost at an end, kids are back in school and people are starting to feel generous towards their fellow man. It happens every year.

Global Citizin Festival took place admids the Chaos. Again Hollywood and the Music World united and once again is trying to change the world… actually trying to put it back to where it was BT. There were so many wonderful people all in unison. Some of the old stars were there from around the world. It was like the world had caught it’s footing and regained it’s senses. The old timers from Farm Aid were all preforming their songs and the young people of ALL races were singing along like they had been occupying the planet for Millenniums. It was WONDERFUL! We are the world! We can do this again.

Sweety is out of seeds and finally hopping a bit closer. Maybe she worries about the cat… there, close the door and stay for a spell. What is troubling you, I can see something is not right. Well, Mr McKrekor we have a problem. While you were traveling the country I was busy trying to create a home, Winter is coming after all and it will be a bad one. Like I said I was trying to make a home and I don’t know what happened when the nest was completed look what we ended up with…..

look what we ended up with

Lilian as crow avatar
Peace to all