Obama Confident He Can Totally Destroy Remaining U.S. Democracy

In case you aren’t aware of it, Obama’s Transpacific Partnership trade deal contains a clause that eliminates American sovereignty by granting foreign corporations the right to sue US govt. agencies in an offshore tribunal if they don’t support the corporations’ profits.

The agreement certainly does have some good aspects but those don’t compensate for the many bad parts. The worst part is the destruction of democracy at every level by taking away the people’s right to government that creates regulations to serve their needs.  The TPP makes citizens of every signatory nation a servant of corporations.

The deal was written by large multinational criminal corporations, negotiated in secret and signed Feb. 4 in New Zealand. It can’t be changed and a country must either ratify it or not.

Obama was elected based on false promises. One of those promises was to not use the unconstitutional “Fast Track” process.  Candidate Obama said he would “replace Fast Track… I will ensure that Congress plays a strong and informed role in our international economic policy and in any future agreements we pursue…” Yet, Obama ensured that the democratic process would be subverted through a “Fast Track” approval of the TPP.

Fast Track grants the executive branch the ability to eliminate critical checks and balances in the Constitution by seizing the authority vested in congressional representatives:

  • Power to select trade partners,
  • Power to set terms and sign sweeping “trade” agreements before Congress votes on them,
  • Power to write legislation to change all U.S. laws needed to conform with the agreements, skirt congressional review and amendments and directly submit this legislation for a vote,
  • Power to force votes within 60-90 days of submitting the implementing legislation to Congress,
  • Power to override normal voting rules. All amendments on Fast-Tracked FTAs are banned and debate is limited, including in the Senate.

So, even if  the U.S. Congress wasn’t corrupt and somehow disobeyed its corporate masters, ratification is still assured.

While the agreement is written in highly cryptic language and is open to a wide range of interpretations, the intent of the agreement is clear enough.

You can read the agreement at https://ustr.gov/trade-agreements/free-trade-agreements/trans-pacific-partnership/tpp-full-text and interpret the agreement as you like.

Perhaps the ratification of the TPP will finally be enough to get Americans off their butts and into the streets to implement a regime change where it is really needed.