August 2016 Newsletter

August Newsletter

While a part of the Country TRUMPERED away and spent days cheering MANIACY words… (Please note, I make up words because I am descriptive), the rest of the Country went through many changes and dilemmas.

The Pope sounded like we were acknowledging the coming of Word War 3.

Some conducted ceremonies for healing people and mostly the Planet.

Others has Mass Meditations for wisdom and peace for the world and our troubled minds.

Still others prayed as they have for 2000 plus years for the world to end.

Both Political Parties had their Conventions and with that I spent the time to listen to ALL 204 speeches given between the two so I could form a neutral position. I have never seen the 2 parties so far apart. GOP was hateful promoting fear, just terrible. Democrats on the other hand promoted togetherness and Patriotism. I watched Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton and President Obama tear up.

I asked on my Facebook what Mr. Trump would do, IF elected, and he finds out he has to actually spent 4 years LIVING at the White House with handlers telling him what to do. You guessed it, no one answered me.

Some thought Mr. Trump should be charged with treason and the world continues to watch how we decide to run our country.

On the 20th day of this turbulent month of July I filmed the update to the predictions for 2016.Many glitches came with that to the point I thought maybe I was not even supposed to air or post what I was looking at. With the help of my director Tom Patten and Camera Operator Heather Evenson we pulled it off…. on July 29th. It appears that I was alluding to the Wikileak documents and the treasonous behavior of Mr. Trump. THAT happened within a couple of days after the show was filmed. As I spent endless hours at the studio I noticed a group of locals talking. I said hello to them and they reminded me that I saw “BIRDS” on the October predictions. I had, at that time, explained that my BIRDS turned out to be the Planes at September 11. The group pointed out to me that a coup had happened in the Middle East. They thought TURKEYS are BIRDS also and I had indeed “Seen” that coming……

Let’s see where were we….. oh yeah….. England voted to leave the EU and with THAT a lot of people lost a lot of money besides some sleep due to that reckless endeavor.

GRAY Chemtrails appeared about that time and I wondered if THAT has something to do with everyone one losing their mind and behaving like they moved into the Twilight Zone.

Some of our Vintage Gameshow have made their way back into our TV’s. Match Game, Pyramid and Family Feud. It feels wonderful to, for a little while, to step into a time past when we only had to worry about the cold war and were taught to cover and roll in case the Russians were coming. For those of you too young to remember that time period cover and roll was supposed to protect us from a nuclear attack.

My friend Jusby the Clown appeared on my page and the picture summarized where we were at that moment and beyond.


On one of my visits to Trader Joe’s I found a card on my windshield it read:


I was actually angry that someone felt bold enough to do that in broad daylight.

My car brings people’s attention to the Crop Circle Connector and the UFO HOTLINE, which is actually hooked into the Emergency System in some places

Old red 1996 Toyota
Old red 1996 Toyota

A VERY offensive picture of President Obama made the rounds on FB and the internet in General. It upset me greatly, I intended to build the newsletter around that BUT it ah vanished from the internet. I am NOT willing to let that go so here is the original that was photo-shopped replacing the Kneeling man with OUR President and pass, in Cyberspace, around during the GOP Convention. To give you a visual here is the ORIGIONAL VERSION and can picture how bad it was.

13883809_10207823970814698_1609744892_nBernie Worrell from the Funkadelics left us in July, what a joy it was to work with him and it reminded us of our own mortality.

Some of the friends lost Loved Ones to drugs. Robert Magel was the nephew of Tammi Bauer. My friend Sue permitted me to post her daughters obituary here for you, see if that does not impact anyone. HEROIN is a Terrible Drug.

13900748_10207823986815098_343735941_nMarch 12, 1983 – July 15, 2016 Angelina Marie Hillaire was born to Susan M. Hillaire and James R. Hillaire Jr on March 12, 1983. Angelina grew to be an accomplished traditional dancer, as our family followed the Pow-Wow Trail. Angelina also became the Pow-Wow Princess two consecutive years for the Kla-How-Ya days Pow-Wow. She loved to spend time and recreate with her friends and family. She loved her grandparents and loved visiting them also. Angelina was taken from us on the morning of July 15, 2016. Way too soon we all say, but it has come to pass. She is survived by her spouse, Jason O’Day; children, Thomas Williams, Kiersten Williams, Andrew (Bubbie) Comenote, Anela Hillaire, Alamea Comenote, Kayleena Comenote, and Jason David Lee James O’Day; parents, Susan M. Hillaire and Jim R. Hillaire JR.; grandparents maternal, Dolores V. Hatch, paternal James (Smitty) Hillaire Sr. and Luttie Hillaire; siblings, Roxanne Jack, Jamesina Hillaire, Kaylela (Jack) Grayson, Anitra Hillaire, and James Hillaire III; nieces and nephews, Jeffery Jack, Rocio Hatch, Roberto Jack, Jazzy Jack, Gizelle Bill, Angus Grayson, Palani Hillaire, Makaio Hillaire, Addie Hillaire and James R. Hillaire IV; many uncles, aunts, cousins and friends. Proceeded in death by, maternal grandpa, Clarence H. Hatch Sr. and Margret E. Pierre; maternal uncles, Bryon J. Fryberg, Leroy M. Fryberg and Myron Fryberg. paternal uncles, Tim Hillaire and Tony George; brother, James Owen Jefferys. Visitation will be held on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, from 1-2 p.m. at Schaefer-Shipman Funeral Home. Interfaith service will be at 6 p.m. on July 20, 2016, at the Tulalip Tribal Gym. Funeral services will be July 21, 2016, at 10 a.m. at the Tulalip Tribal Gym with burial to follow at Mission Beach Cemetery.


Shared from the Facebook page of my sister from another mother, Lilian Mustelier – whose constancy and care in my life, and Roger’s, has been a lagniappe from Universe in ways I cannot express.

introvertShots fired in the night, and at least one life lost. News from my region this morning … and once more, random acts of violence (seem to) trump random acts of kindness. So the call goes forth, from a muted voice in an empty room, echoing across the barren landscapes and rocky peaks … howl at the dark horse … howl until strength lags then renews … howl through the blistering heat and driving rain … howl, and howl again. For the lives lost, for the hearts shattered, for the hope that must not wither.

Eye of healing

Come away a while with me

Leave this mess behind

We shall see what we can be

Adventures we shall find

Unicorns and fairy folk

Will be our guides I’m sure

Be sure to wear your woolen cloak

The path leads through the moor

Bring a snack along as well

Tucked in your ample vest

Perhaps a trinket too we’ll sell

Or give as grateful guest

We shall need both tent and kettle

For frequent stops and rests

Camps may harbor stinging nettle

And other loathsome pests

What’s that you say

You think you’ll pass

Too high a price to pay

Then refill my empty glass

And I’ll be on my way

~Ellen Apple, 07 July 2014

Carava1It has been a week today that my brother-in-law Allen Apple passed away. Roger wrote, for all of the love and concern that has been sent his way, the following:

100_5287(as he wrote it – no edits or corrections)

Thank You too All that wished me and My Family Well

It has been a week of Allens Passing ‘ His history on our earth is over. But now I sit alone in a movie theater with Memories Flooding on a constant Loop with tears, Smiles and what ifs

To All Thank You Love you

Allen called me Arlo (here he drew three teardrops)

~ Ellen Apple 7/7/2016

President Obama spoke at 67 funerals during his presidency. We call him the Consoler in Chief, a title he may not really want. In July alone Police officers were killed in Baton Rouge, LA. San Diego CA and sad to say some I don’t remember, killings are everyday occurrences lately. Were it not for the internet we would not be able to keep track. Someone is passing on incident reports DAILY from around the country. The what is now called War on Cops continues not to mention killing of citizens BY the Police….. War? I would use the word Oxymoron.

I watch International News each day in order to keep up with what the world is really, at least what is publicly discussed, thinking about the recent events in the US. It I is for that reason I was watching news from Germany when the shooting happened in Ansbach Germany. It so happens my sister’s neighbor and my friend Andreas Losert was there. He takes pictures of events and here it is in his own words:

The shock is still sitting deep from last night. Through my decision outside the premises at McDonald’s to go to the bathroom, I am the assassination attempt escape.
I was just at the time on a -/ If I had been exit on the site would have gone to the toilet.
Gregor Meyle came on the stage (approx. 21.45 o ‘ Clock) I have the three songs from the ditch photographed am out got my backpack packed and am then to the backstage exit
Out of here. (lucky me).
I would have made the decision on the site to stay and at the entrance to the bathroom to go, I’d be exactly at the time of the offense to have been an assassin.
I have a second birthday

13866604_10207810315553325_766407456_n13884553_10207823992415238_1718135838_nPresident Obama is awarding the Metal of Honor to LT. Col Charles Kettle, the pilot that brought 44 soldier out of an ambush in Vietnam. He got the medal for returning for 8 men who got left behind and I realized THAT is the story my husband always relived while struggling with PTSD and Malaria. My husband was one of the 8 soldiers President Obama is talking about and I FINALLY understand what really happened. My husband in his illness when his body was ravished by fever would pick me up and on occasion throw me 2 feet across the room because he thought I needed to get on the helicopter, thinking I was a comrade, I still have a scar from one of those episode when he thought I was part of the 101 Airborne.

Remember The story I told you about my Grandson fighting to see his little girl? Well, here is an update, with permission….

13874940_10207810359554425_2088863104_nAfter losing partial custody Malcolm took a position as a Commissioner for the Company he works for, which entails him traveling all over the world to inspect and work on Wind Turbines the company has in place. He relocated back to WA since that is where he spends his time off, except for the 2 weeks in August which he is allowed to see his daughter, which lives in Michigan. THIS August the child’s Mother suggested instead of him coming to Michigan, she would like to come to WA for a visit so the family could spend time with the child. He bought 2 tickets TOTAL $1600 and we made arrangements for lodging and a party for the Baby’s 3rd Birthday. You guessed it! MOM Changed her mind and had the audacity to state that Malcolm had missed his chance to visit his daughter, by coming to Michigan, so he has to wait till August 2017 to see his child. It is beyond me how some women can get away with what they are doing. Imagine the hardship some men go through to take care of their children and are only allowed to contribute financially. Malcolm’s sister, my granddaughter and her 2 children had a car accident. She walks through woods with 2 little ones, 6 and 3, at 5:30 AM to get to work. It is dangerous and painful, imagine how that $1600 would have helped her instead of throwing it out of the window for no more than a power-play of a woman that does not care about the harm she causes by separating father and daughter. I am working on a show about “Forced Dead Beat Dads”

Donna Washington allowed me to share one of her blogs with you, I found it extremely interesting.

13900838_10207824001735471_993334866_nI have been a professional storyteller since fall of 1989.  This is the only job I have ever had as a grown up person.  I am also the author of seven picture books for children.  I perform in educational settings, offer workshops for educators, storytellers, presenters of all stripes and families.  I specialize in using storytelling to promote language development and enhance literacy for all ages.  I am also a lifelong student who continues to read, go to workshops and listen.  I’m still working on that last piece, but I’m doing my best.

Friday, July 8, 2016

White For A Black Girl: A Short Observation About Skin Color

My son is nineteen. He does not drive.

13933389_10207824049456664_597557974_nThe first time my blackness was challenged was by black children in Beaumont, TX. I went to school with lots of military children. They were every hue, and from every corner of the world. We didn’t know the world we were part of was not usual. The black children in my grandmother’s neighborhood told me that I ‘talked proper’ like a white person. I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about in those days. All I understood was that I was ‘outside’ and somehow different, but I didn’t know how.

My son is nineteen. He does not drive.

13900830_10207824050576692_1388433434_nI spent my elementary school years in South Korea. In middle school we moved back to the USA. The white kids told me I wasn’t like ‘most black people’ when I was at Eisenhower Middle school in Oklahoma. The black kids ignored, stayed away, or teased me, so I guess the black kids felt the same way. What do you do if everyone tells you that you are not who you are?
My son is nineteen. He does not drive.
At Northwestern University I had people tell me they didn’t ‘think of me as a black person’, or that when they saw me they didn’t ‘see color’. This was supposed to be a compliment. You see, they didn’t hold my color against me. I wanted to shout, “Why do you have to pretend I am not black in order to accept me?” If I had ever said that out loud I am sure I would have offended the very well-meaning people who make these statements, but perhaps I would have made them stop and think. By the time I got to college, I just wrote people off who said things like this. If you can’t accept me as I am, then you aren’t worth my time.

My son is nineteen. He does not drive.

I did some wordless picture books with African American stories. The company who did the recordings had their staff come in and listen to the stories. One of the women was very upset. She raised her hand and asked, “Why didn’t you get a black woman to record these stories?”

My son is nineteen. He does not drive.

So, what is the story here? What does it mean that I am not black? Well apparently it means that…

Black people do not speak clearly
Black people do not use proper grammar
Black people have a very specific voice
Black people do not write clearly
Black people are not polite
Black people do not take honors or AP classes
Black people do not read well
Black people do not write well
Black people do not have friends who are not black
Black people are not kind
Black people are not smart
Black people are not capable
Black people don’t go to the top universities in the country
Black people are not lots of perfectly reasonable civilized things.

Apparently, if black people rise to some higher level, they graduate from blackness, and become honorary white people, or their color doesn’t matter. It is a way of saying, “I met a black person who doesn’t meet the stereotypes that I carry around in my head about black people, so he/she doesn’t count.”

My son is nineteen. He does not drive.

my daughter

…My daughter is sixteen. She is at Governor’s School West for theatre in North Carolina. On Wednesday, the mister and I went up to Winston Salem to see this show the drama group wrote. It was 30 plays in sixty minutes. The students wrote the plays. My daughter was in one called, White for a Black Girl. There were three black girls and each did a short monologue about what it is like to be a smart, accomplished black girl, and to be told that you were, in fact, white. The term now is, “You are the whitest black girl I have ever seen.” or “You are a white black girl.” Each piece ended with, “Is this what you want to see?” A white girl would step up behind them with white paint on her hands and put white hand prints on their faces before moving on to the next girl. The audience was quiet, uncomfortable, a little freaked out in their seats. I wondered, as I sat there, how many of the very white folks sitting around me had ever said that to a black person thinking they were paying them a compliment.

My son is nineteen. He does not drive.

I could start listing the names of the young black men who have been murdered by police in the last four years. I could call out their names and howl into the wind. I could tell about the morning George Zimmerman strutted out of his trial after having murdered a young black man, and how I lay in my bed that next morning sick with worry about the young black man who sleeps across the hall from my room. I could scream to the heavens about the executions of the two black men this week. I could demand justice. I could shout into the teeth of a screaming wind, “Black Lives Matter!” and I know that I will be met with anger from those who yell, “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter!”
The problem isn’t that all lives matter. The problem is that we have a story about those lives. The stories we tell are very different.


-Trayvon Martin is killed. The media shows him looking like what the media has decided a ‘thug’ looks like.



– Brock Turner rapes a woman. The media shows images of him in a suit looking clean cut and like the ‘kid next door’.
So, What’s the story here? What does it mean to be a black man in our society?
-Black men are inherently dangerous
-Black men are criminals
-Black men are violent
-Black men are unpredictable
-Black men need to be restrained
-Black men are scary
-Black men deserve to be treated like unstable animals






My son is a good student at Rochester Institute of Technology

My son is a sculptor
My son is a writer
My son is so kind
My son is a conscientious objector
My son is gentle
My son plays piano
My son likes to play Dungeons and Dragons
My son plans a career in 3D modeling
My son is really, really smart
My son loves Cosplay
My son is creative
My son is imaginative
My son would do anything for his friends
My son is a magic bean buyer.
My son is black.

If my son gets pulled over in a car for whatever reason, what will the police officer who pulls him over see?

My son is nineteen. He does not drive.

I’ve never really pushed him to learn. Truth is, I’m terrified.


I live for a day when people don’t have to pretend accomplished black people aren’t black in order to understand or accept them.

Tell Your Story

Donna Washington at 7:16 AM


Author, Publisher Peter Moon found me on Facebook, that was a happy event for me and many of the friends, who are fans of his.


The Virginia and German friends recovered from their flood waters…as well as they could. Most of the fires are under control for the moment.

We are making head-waves with the GMO Issue.

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Candidate is picking up in the polls.

While they world was hateful and fighting, the countries divided, our Natives showed us what can be achieved when living in peace. Ask me how THAT felt…..Welcome to our shores!



Walgreen’s is selling a contraption which allows you to elevate your feet while “Eliminating” the box said and when walking by my bathroom mirror I have noticed I am beginning to look like “A NORMAL 68-YEAR-OLD”

I FINALLY got some wrinkles!

Love and Light


Edited by Roberta Apple

We, just today, uploaded the Update for the Predictions 2016, here they are.


And for those of you too young to know of Bernie Worrell I am posting this under the fair use act










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Preview YouTube video Person of High Strangeness Predictions Update 2016

Person of High Strangeness Predictions Update 2016

Preview YouTube video Parliament-Funkadelic – The Mothership Connection (1976)

Parliament-Funkadelic – The Mothership Connection (1976)