September 2016 Newsletter

September Newsletter

Unable to make up my mind what to watch, I had my choice between opening Ceremony in Rio de Janeiro and 130 Canoe Families from our Native neighbors, I decided on both. One on TV and one on my old PC. Canoe Journey was in the 7th day of celebrating with dance and song, and simultaneously I recognized so many cultures in the endless parade of Countries from around the world, how colorful, all in unison, right before the competitions got on the way. …North Korea had 2 Athletes there.
I remembered 2 of my friends who had both, in past years, won Gold Medals in Hurtles Willy Davenport for the USA and Charles Benjamin for Guyana. Luckily Ancient Aliens played repeats or I would have had to split myself 3 ways.
The next several days were filled with competitive excitement.

On the other hand, there was the celebrating of our Native neighbors. How peaceful and happy everyone looks, I suppose this large Human Family was tired and yet I sensed an appreciation and togetherness, after all look what they accomplished.
The athletes trained and traveled for celebration of the Salish Nations, paddled for DAYS, learned songs while on the journey and celebrate UNITY and togetherness. One could see the pride in EVERYONES face, my TV Screen and the PC. On the 7the day I decided to go to Nisqually in person to experience the Unity of the people and here is my report.
What I have witnessed
For 7 days I had the opportunity, AT WILL, to enter a different reality away from the
elections and the hateful, bigotry ridden times which have become our everyday life.
Television is full of killings, in fighting and bad news. This energy gets into your
hair, your clothes, your consciousness, your dreams and your soul.
For 7 days I was privileged to have the opportunity to turn on my computer and
watch…live… the celebrations taking place on the Nisqually Reservation. The canoe
families arrived in Olympia, WA on a Saturday. They were tired and hungry from
paddling such great distances. It was a total of 130 families which had made the
journey. They came from as far away as Hawaii, Alaska, Utah and New York.

firstCanoes Map
For 7 days one had the chance to forget about the world and all the problems, watching
dances, listen to stories. The dancing on day 6 lasted until 5 AM.
On the 7th day I decided to go to Nisqually to thank them, in person, for allowing me to
share a live link to the festivities to the friends around the world. Links went to
Switzerland, Austria, Tibet, Nepal, Germany, Algeria, Sweden, Denmark, England and
Australia. It appeared so many of us from around the world stepped back from every
day life and participated in the same goings-on.
I drove the 24 miles to Nisqually wondering if I could find a parking space etc., you
know the usual anxiety which comes with going to an unfamiliar place. I had been there
many times before but not in several years and so many changes took place. A new
tribal center sprung up, everything looked different and I thought for sure I would get lost.
NOT SO. There were signs to point me in the right direction. I parked next to a
portable ATM Truck which was in plain sight. I walked across the street into an area with many vendors who had come from every tribe on the West Coast. Some I recognized from the yearly Pow Wows I attend each spring. The Navajo friends were selling fry bread like at all the events I had ever been to and it was good to see them.
There were trailers with Washers and Dryers, trailers with showers, Bathrooms for
Elders in convenient places and Honey Buckets in multiple locations. Hydration Stations
and trashcans that were constantly maintained. I saw NO trash on the ground
ANYWHERE. A little girl dropped her cup and picked it up without the mother
directing her to do so.
I was driven in a cart-type vehicle everywhere I wanted to go. I was informed as to
where everything was. Multiple food-tents. I talked to the volunteer firefighters from
Lacey Station # 3. I visited with them for a while and boasted about my son, who had
been a volunteer at that station for many years to the point I often wondered why he even had an apartment. He was there all the time. The young men talked about their families and the nice weather we are having.
I stopped at the portable Tribal Police Station and talked about the affairs of the world
and the dilemma we are confronted with the terrible drug problems affecting so many.
I had a Hoodie made for a relative’s birthday and conversed with a woman at the vender
booth about her travels year-around to events.
I was able to thank the Camera Operator for filming the event, he had been there for 11
hours just today, he said he was too tired to remember the total hours he had sat in the
booth which resembled a tree-house more than a control room.
I was able to talk to the announcer and thank him for his hard work and provided him
with a list of the countries in which the FBF reside and was able to watch live right
along with the people present.
My intent was to get back to my car and go home but was instructed to go to the Elders
Food Tent and eat. I did and the food was wonderful I had roasted potatoes, roast,
carrots, Salmon and Fry Bread. The man dishing out the food said one of the pleasures
he had was to see everyone with a full belly.
A close look at a canoe made me realize what a hard trip it must be to master the open
sea like that. Some have children on board and I am just in awe how such a task can be

A Drone flew overhead, the first time I saw one in action.
It was such a wonderful experience; due to my age I doubt I am able to repeat it so close
to home and I shall remember the 2 eagles following me for a bit on my way home.
Almost 2 AM on the 8th day, things are winding down, Elders are still sitting in the
audience that time of the night, Potlach gifts are being handed out to everyone still
present. I got a T -Shirt to commemorate I had been there as I departed.
Sad it has come to an end, When I get overwhelmed with the world I think I will try to
reconstruct my experience by watching clips on YouTube…. I don’t think nothing will
ever compare to actually having been there in person.
I am here to tell you I have witnessed many things that, at this moment in time, is

A visit to the doctor was in order so I made the 60-mile round trip. The smell of Autumn was absent but I could see Fall has come already at the end of August. Trees in brilliant colors and the leaves have started to fall. I thought about how lucky we were in the Great North West having had such a wonderful Summer, it seems like the rest if the world never got a break from weather and natural disasters at all this year.

A hate crime had been committed in Tenino, WA about 6 miles from my house. Someone had damaged a house and car of an Afro American Family. They were not at home at the time so about 50 people got together and cleaned up the mess as not to frighten them too much. A local car dealership either fixed or replaced the car, not sure which one. I was very glad to hear that. I know what THAT feels like. In the 60’s the O’Neill residence and my house were damaged in that fashion and there was NOONE to help, so I would say things are the same but some of the people have changed and are trying to make a difference. I drive the same stretch of highway once a month and this time there were 6 houses along 507 flying Confederate flags.

Stopped at Scotty B’s. The 5o’s Diner to sit and have a $5.99 Burger, Fries and a coffee. There was a new plaque on the wall, it read:
Thanks for coming in. We feature warm Beer, cold food, poor service, take it or leave it. Drink Coffee, do stupid things faster with more energy. Eat here and get gas.

A train was parked on the tracks, 127 cars filled with OIL just sitting there. A scary sight, especially since so many have exploded lately and there is talk of a movement on the way to stop Oil Trains and Nuclear Waste from traveling through and stopping in small towns.

Wyoming had fracking caused earthquakes. Philippines and Italy lost many to their earthquakes, not to forget Myanmar.

Terrible floods in Louisiana, more than 2000 people had to be rescued.

Milwaukee had riots because of more killings by police.

Wildfire in Washington, California and Oregon. So many people are homeless and in need of our help. Some lost their lives.

Tornadoes in Indiana and now we already have hurricanes on the way.

The US Supreme Court ruled that many executions in 2009 were unconstitutional.

Native American Pipeline Protest Halts Construction in N. Dakota

Mr. Trump has upset many people greatly with his hateful rhetoric. It was interesting to discover someone had taken the time to create and deposit 5 larger than life statues
of him around major cities. Los Angeles, Seattle, Cleveland, New York and San Francisco.

I am sure this, as much as Mr. Trump tried to ignore this, will remain in our history books. It is therefore in order for me to make sure it will be preserved. Not EVER in an election was a candidate immortalized in the fashion and maybe never will be again.


Kananshibushan had her yearly Family Reunion in Roslyn WA and again I was unable to attend. The 300-mile trip there, crossing the Cascade Mountains, would have been a bit much for me since my health has not been the best.
Renate Strang on one of her outings with Joshi, the dog, captured the following. Tammie Bauer in 2003 actually took a 20-minute video of same set up,
we called it Moon and BoB, so did Haktan Akdoğan’, Director of the UFO Museum in Istanbul, Turkey.

Foto Renate Strang GERMANY
Fotografiert am 21.07.2016 gegen 22.45 Uhr, Himmelrichtung Süden.

Twin Moons
Foto Kathryn Grandfield MISSOURI
I spend a weekend at my granddaughters house on Hood Canal about 60 miles north.

Ebonie Sound

As I was sitting on her deck enjoying the breeze of the water in 99-degree weather I thought about how lucky my Great Grand kids are. They played like children. They made mud pies, splashed in the water, got dirty and tried to dig for worms and other critters. They got excited about licorice and not once were they in need of electronic devices to have good old fun. Two eagles’ nests were close by and the baby birds were learning how to fly.


My drive home was hectic, my fellow travelers on the highway paid no attention to signs, speed or anyone on the road other than themselves. I stopped at the Kamiche
Trading Post and just sat to compose myself.

Needless to say it was one of stranger months I had experienced in a good while. Planets were realigning and Mercury went retro. What I discovered is that it was a long month and after reading a survey I thought was political, but NOT, no bathroom issues for me because OMG I am A-Sexual

Love and Light

edited by Roberta Apple



My daughter, Vanya Kamaria Arnold took her own life and became an angel on April 30, 2015. September 15th, 1993 was her birthday. This year I would like to begin an annual event. A balloon release. Vanya would love to know that people around the world would do this for her. On her birthday please write a message to my angel and release it. If possible take a picture, share your location and share as a comment. I will in turn create a slide show with all of the locations and places that people have had her in thought. This balloon release will be for her birthday. I received a message Thank you to Roberta Ellen Smith Apple. I think she said it best “Vanya was an effervescent, engaging young soul who carried light and joy into every life she encountered. Michelle wishes to honor her with an annual balloon release on her birthday. I think it would be wonderful if people all over the world, all races, creeds, religions, and nationalities, could come together on one day a year and honor these young lives, and support their families and friends. We all talk about making a difference, paying it forward, spreading love not hate … I frequently end Facebook posts with the tagline “I have a vision of Earth, healed …” This is a real way we can show support of others, and honor those lost. Will you join us? Addendum: Due to the possibility of negative environmental impact from Mylar balloons, alternatives would be Bubbles (have a party celebrating life!), planting a bush, tree, or perennial flower and commemorating with a photo that can be shared, or lighting a candle and having a short, private time of reflection.” The full message includes many who have lost children. You can see them in the comments. Please do the honor of sharing so that the word is out and many can participate even if you are unable.

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