October 2016 Newsletter


Do you ever just sit and do nothing? If someone asks you: “what are you thinking about?” you say: “Nothing”. Well, I am not able to ever think of NOTHING. So it was the other day, while trying to think nothing, it occurred to me that we actually all start with an egg. AN EGG. The female ovary ejects an EGG, it gets fertilized and here we are! Unlike other creatures who know what to do in a couple of days we, as helpless newcomers to the World, have to be raised, nurtured, and taught how to maneuver. I wondered how we got from egg to having a lifetime of struggles, often self-imposed.

I saw this picture of this beautiful snake, which has between 6 and 100 eggs and from those offspring, thought back on my thought about starting with an egg and the wisdom of her offspring to slither away. Even though some species have live birth, they still start independent and meet the world head on by themselves. Imagine having to raise that many offspring and turning them into productive inhabitants.

End of thoughts about NOTHING.

Snake2 Snake1
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So this is what took place in our reality in the month of September. If it sounds a lot like August, it is. The News talks about the same thing over and over and over. Elections and Police brutality, killings and Terrorism. I will bring you up to speed by making you aware of some new things which were overlooked or sparsely reported by many of Mainstream Media.

A Rocket exploded BEFORE takeoff on September 1st. It was said it was Cargo and supplies for the Space Station. What was unusual about this event was that there was evidence of an outside source causing the explosion. Different people had different opinions and explanations but, whatever it was, it was in a true sense an Unidentified Flying Object, visible on Pictures.


MSNBC aired Global Citizen Concert live, it was wonderful to see the performances that were possible with the changing of the channel, away from the rest of the by now, daily crap. They truly promoted GLOBAL Unity of people. The Millennials are ALL colors. If you click here you can listen to the concert while reading the newsletter…..I am accidently getting smarter every month…. If this is a distraction for you, I will also put it at the end of the Newsletter.

The Australian Government is attempting to take over Land Rights in several territories belonging to Aboriginal Tribes. Our friends in the NT (Northern Territories) have been keeping us informed. This should be of international interest, especially now that the events at Standing Rock have been brought to the forefront. This was because of WWII. Now it is because some have chosen to be so hateful, instead of becoming ONE PEOPLE we are being divided…more controllable I guess….. since we need to be controlled in some’s mind…. BUT we have choice…

We still have live feeds from Standing Rock. Our NW TRIBES have joined the protests. They did what they called Paddle to ND (North Dakota) and took their canoes to the rivers and joined the gathering of most of our indigenous tribes. When a Washington State Judge ruled to continue with the Pipeline within 10 minutes our President Obama stepped in and halted the construction on Native Lands, for further review by Government agencies. We hope the new administration will not over rule that decision, For the time being the construction has stopped and our Native Tribes are staying put for what will be a very cold winter in the plains.

Tribes Gathered at Standing Rock ND

People created a Go Fund Me Page for a street vender and raised $384.000 so he could retire and has the chance to enjoy his life a little longer without having to push a cart in front of him. There are so many wonderful people in the world if we just allow ourselves to SEE them.

My youngest Grandson said he would be willing to visit and wrap my X-Mas gifts. I am on a fixed income so I buy 2 items per month to keep up with the volume of presents necessary to accommodate all Great Grandkids and finish with my shopping. I was excited at the thought of getting help with this chore. Unfortunately, I had no holiday wrapping paper. I went to Dollar Tree and right next to the front door were unopened boxes of a shipment of….you guessed it… X-Mas wrapping paper. ON SEPTEMBER 12th!

On the last days of sunshine and warm weather in the Pacific North West I saw a man with a spare pair of pants wrapped around his shoulders, a man without a shirt and 3 people riding around a parking lot in a Convertible.

Greenland’s Icecaps are melting much faster than expected. Someone said it would raise the sea-level by 23 feet. Here is the link which shows how this is measured and what it entails. nsidc.org/greenland-today/

Police killings are continuing, Marches are still going on in several cities, in fact in North Carolina there were riots reported at one time.

In Olympia WA we had a walk for suicide Prevention and Gun Rights on the same day. One of my grandsons was visiting and we had planned to go and see a movie. I decided against it and told him what it was like when I was young in Europe. At times we flipped a coin to see where we went shopping since something was always blowing up. We went for strolls in the woods and found left over bombs and rockets. We had to report them so they could be dismantled. It was always in the back of your mind and you developed an instinct for danger. No Movie for us. Later on that day a man shot 5 people in a Mall in Burlington WA. 126.3 miles North of Olympia. Later I remembered that my friend in Virginia, Roger, a fellow psychic, had warned me to tell my family to stay away from the Malls because he had strong premonitions about possible danger.

Lighter Leash
We stopped to buy a Lighter Leash. It is secured at the belt and hangs. This way the lighter is always there and cannot accidentally get away from you. I had a long talk with my Grandson as to make sure not to even touch it in any perimeter of a Police Officer so it could not be mistaken for a weapon… I reminded him he was black. Makes me sick to even have to think and talk like that in 2016.

International News reported that Mr. Trump had secured several financial German backers for his presidential campaign. It is illegal to do so, however it was maneuvered in around about way through his Family and their business dealings/holdings.

2016 book cover
Mr. Trump’s Immigration speech was something to ponder, not so much WHAT he said, it was HOW he said it. It actually moved me to create the book-cover for the End of the year 2016 book, which will be posted January 2017.

So back to that thought of the egg we came from…. in my younger days while working with Musicians I did not notice… but looking back at that every one of them were Futurists. We all must have been hatched somewhere else. I realized it when I ran into an old song by Roger and ZAPP from 1984…repeat 1984. COMPUTER LOVE….

The weekend my grandson wrapped the X-Mas present we ran errands early in the day.
Leaving the last location, I commented that we were on our way like a herd of
turtles. He thought that was funny since he had never heard that before. I explained what it meant and reminded him I often talk in riddles or sayings like my Mother did before me. He thought that was the funniest thing he heard and laugh. When he was finished wrapping 11 boxes I said: “That was a big baby” …. He looked puzzled and I ask him if he knew where babies came from. He shook his head no. Oh well, could not use that saying…. he retreated to his room, when he came out he said: “ You were right…that was a big Baby… I GOOGLED IT!”

Love and Light
Edited by Roberta Apple

This is a new song by my friend RON MABON. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hgXlzPUShU&feature=share Published on Sep 3, 2016

This is the complete Global Citizen concert


ZAPP Computer Love

This is a documentation of the Paddle to Standing Rock and the link goes LIVE when there is any new movement
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZ2cqgmhn20 paddle to Standing rock