April 2017 Newsletter

MR. MCKREKOR checking in

MR. MCKREKOR checking in. What a unpredictable month March turned out to be….or was it in fact predictable?

Lilian has a mind-lamp. It was programmed by her to change colors when changes take place, such as physical conditions in her body like raising blood pressure, dangers Lilian has a mind-lamp approaching her, such as the cat running in front of her feet, arriving visitors in the Driveway or Etheric Entities checking in for a Hello. Within 5 minutes her lamp had a changing spell seldom observed by anyone in such a short time frame.

Like Spring storms, which have arrived in most of the Hemisphere, or Fall storms in the opposite side of the planet, people’s lives have been impacted and continue to be affected on a daily basis. Her, Lilian’s FBFriend Hannelore Ballard got hit by a Tornado, all are OK but much damage she posted. I would like to think the Tornado warning systems in Dallas, where she resides, were functioning properly and she took the required precautions and having followed all instructions as to how to avoid getting hit…..it happened anyways. What can one do when disaster heads straight for you and it is unavoidable. After it is over you count your blessings that you have survived and start all over. Same with the present political situation the people find themselves in. In 68 days President Trump had re-modeled not only America but also effected much of the world. He had removed all safety policies put in place for the people, all the good things benefiting not only Humans but also the environment and with that my animal world along with plant life and just everything which was OK with the world for a moment. It was not a perfect world but at least people were trying and aiming for a ONENESS and even looked out for creatures like me. Clean Air, clean water and all things we all need to somewhat survive another generation or 2 has been eliminated.

In the Pacific North West Blue whales and Humpback whales are fighting each other, something never been seen before. Salmon is being contaminated with all relieve options eliminated.

It is almost 60 degrees and Lilian has opened the window so I can really hear what is going on in her house. I am too large to sit on the bird feeder so I hang out on her wood pile which is still tall enough to allow me the height I require to have a great view of the going on’s. It was a mild Winter, when everything started to bloom I took a look around, in-between dodging raindrops the size of appeared to me wagon wheels. Not too much wood was used and the moles only collapse one corner of the stack by digging their silly holes. I know, that is what they do, but sometimes I think they want to see how far the y can push the envelope being an endangered species. I crowed at them to make them aware that this is about to change but almost like the people they don’t want to pay heed until disaster hits them in their pointy little heads.

The “MUSLIM BAN”oops, travel ban, was rejected in it’s new version by the courts
for the second time.

Some of the new policies will follow suit and won’t be enforceable, which does not change the anxiety it causes the People. There are about 40 steps to take before some of these new rules can be enforced and that will change. What will not be so easy to fix is the opinion of the American people by many of the foreign governments caused by comments made and actions taken. Gosh I am glad I am a bird and only have to worry about a few predators in my world.

Company came to the house, they were besides themselves over something sent to my friend. I stretched my neck and saw it through the window, was right there on the Computer screen.

hair is yellow tweet
Trump tweet on Jon Jackson

Of course Lilian obtained permission to share this, she said she would since both of these men are friends of hers. Amazing how we can stay home and all these things just come her way. She went to the clinic to see if she can retain her Doctor. Things got a little confusing during the Winter when it was thought she missed several appointments due to weather. She decided to see about it in person, so off we went on a nice little trip. At least it was for me. 42 miles is not too far while souring through the air, had I chosen to visit Chehelis myself. I just enjoy coming along in moving vehicles. At one point it got a bit dizzy when it rained so hard I was unable to see anything and THEN… on the way back an Eagle landed right next to us. There was traffic and she was unable to stop for a Selfi with my oh so large relative…. he was big and might have flown away with me in claws. He was THAT BIG! I got away from the story… The Doctor allowed her a visit and she was mighty happy. She said she hoped they get that mess straight, the ACA is really confusing. If someone reads this 50 years from now, they may have a good laugh just how confusing this time period in our history was. Everything could be so simple if everything could function in Unison, but I have a feeling Earth man will continue to fight about things. Must be the small Reptoid gene they have at the bottom of their Atlas at the base of the neck. Always territorial and competitive, everyone wants to be right.

A lady from Chicago is reading Lilian’s book Remembering your Future to her at night when both households are quiet. The interesting thing I heard is the 2 discussing how. even though they say the world has never been this bad, in 2005 so many things were identical.. The weather, the outlook on politics, wars, and an alphabet soup list of other things…. according to the book…. they are identical.


Oh LOOK, the book cover is confused it dropped an M in Remembering. Guess we can live with that. But it is rather strange.

A friend came for a visit and she brought 1 pound of Starbucks Coffee. It smelled good they said, but I was unable to tell the difference in the odor. The house always smells like fresh brewed all the time so what I was unable to comprehend was why would anyone pay $14 for a pound of coffee. I don’t understand Humans, the same substance..coffee… one place wants $7 and another $14. Wonder if there is a shiny object hidden in the bag somewhere for me to hop off with. Has to be…$14. Cra-Cra!

The Ladies were talking about the fact they felt bad for America;s First Lady. She looks so unhappy and they thought that she thought she was marrien a rich man and never bargained for being in this position, she must feel like prisoner to her own circumstances. Guess one must be female to understand that. Guess I am opening a big can of worms…. that only saves me to have to dig for my own, I can live with that.

The Father of Rock and Roll

The Father of Rock and Roll died in March. Many claimed that title, but there was ONLY ONE King of Rock and Roll. CHUCK BERRY. Here he is pictured with the great Muddy Waters. Sharing with permission.

So many of the Baby Boomer Generation are leaving…. wait…. Chuck Berry was a generation before Baby Boomers. Much dialog was dedicated to his passing. The world of music was changed when he came along and no matter where people came from they were familiar with this great Musician. It just shows how 1 person can change the world for the good and another will eventually be remembered for the turmoils and hardships he caused so many.

A few days later a copy of a letter came and I heard Lilian announce it was for the newsletter. Written with a Typewriter!

dear Chuck Berry

Heard my friend tell how expensive it was in 1962 to learn how to learn how to type.
In 2017 Babies are born texting….I kid you not. I read it on the Internet!

Love and Light


Lilian as crow avatar