May 2017 Newsletter

MR. MCKREKOR checking in

Mr. McKrekor shouting from the rooftops, actually the trees by the rooftops. April has finally left and oh what a month that was. On the surface. It appeared to be much of the same but one did not need a microscope to see how it really played out. To start off I want to tell you that it was the wettest month on record. In Washington State it rained 44.69 inches between October and April compared to 37-plus a few inches in a 12-month period. AND the rainy season has not even ended yet. Talking about ruffled feathers, I was soaked. On the Chehelis Reservation on Moon Road Lilian discovered an empty Eagle’s nest two years ago. Not so this year. A female had taken up residence in the nest and her young ones had hatched already. Imagine, a nest staying in tact for such a long period of time with all the wind and rain for 3 seasons. Who said we feathered friends don’t know how to construct a dwelling….

Tornatos killed so many in Texas. Flooding in Virginia, all up and down the East Coast of America, as well at the Northern Territory in Australia. Not sure if there were Crocodiles swimming in the streets in America, but they sure were treading water where my friends live in the OutBack. The Tornado in Canton TX was almost 50 miles long and 15 miles wide.

When shopping, Lilian with her Kohl’s cash ran into this awesome display. She raved on about the suit for days. How does one get the Kohl’s cash I wondered and there I heard her tell someone on the phone that for every $50 she spends she gets $10 in Kohl’s Cash, redeemable at a later time. I have seen her bring back $470 in merchandise she paid $31 for. She thought Kohl’s should make her a Spokes Person since she has mastered the art of shopping there and taught it to her friends. Would not surprise me if she was done with half of her X-Mas shopping for 2017, especially since all winter items were on 80% off sale.

I am thinking about finding me a bride and hope she is as thrifty as Lilian. Maybe I can find a nest already made like the Eagle female on Moon Road. I actually saw a female I like. Lilian was waiting for permission to show you the picture, her PC crashed and now she can’t remember the Ladies name who took the picture, so she is going out on a limb and here is a sneak peep at the female I am chasing. Needless to say it will be a mixed marriage, have to fit into my Human Environment with my chosen Family. So here she is, hopefully she will consent to being MRS. McKrekor.

MRS. McKrekor

So what say you?

And here is the suit she, Lilian, was so crazy about.

suit she, Lilian, was so crazy about

No matter where I fly, sit or rest myself everyone is talking about President Trump’s 100-Day bragging session, BESIDES his new website he has enacted…. to report Illegal Aliens…. I guess to make up for the many Government websites which were shut down…. it is called 1-855-48-VOICE. Needless to say someone posted it in this fashion: Please call and report your UFO sightings and green aliens from outer space to Trumps new alien activity hotline: 1-855-48-VOICE People are encouraged to report Illegal Aliens, and people are honoring the request by reporting extraterrestrial sightings to Trump’s new ‘criminal alien’ hotline. Many followed the call. All in the wording, all in the wording….

***** President golfed 19 times in 100 days.

***** Trump Warns A ‘Major, Major’ Armed Conflict With North Korea is: Absolutely’ Possible.

***** Mother of all bombs was used in Afghanistan

***** News is not reliable at the moment. False information was fed to the Media, they obliged. The Battleship USS Carl Vinson was said to be 300 miles off shore from North Korea, but in reality was heading for the Southern Hemisphere. I believe the ship is now REALLY heading to North Korea.

***** Many protested all round the country, it was said there were protests in front of the White House protesting Climate Change policies.

Thousands marched with Scientists trying to stop cuts to science projects that are VITAL to man and beast.

Millions are expected to march May 1st in conjunction of Mayday and Day Without Immigrants. Olympia WA had a riot.

***** While covering the 100th-day Trump Rally it was discovered that 90% of his followers approve of him as president, the rest of the world has given him the lowest approval rating in history, since most of the world does not agree with his way of thinking, I have heard it say it was 17%. John Kasish, Governor of Ohio seems to be the only fair and level headed Republican on scene. at the

90% of his followers approve of president Trump, the rest of the world has given the lowest approval rating in history since most of the world does not agree with his way of thinking, I have heard it said it was 17%.

Our Country is divided since our President promotes division…. steering the coal as we say… instead of trying to unite the country. This amounts to 46% dropping from 48% of the total vote.

I had a situation in my private life, in which I used the song The Snake by AJ Wilson as an example. President Trump immortalized the words of the song by reading it to the Nation.

FINALLY humans are discussing changing food….not only theirs but also mine… again by adding GMO’s. Lilian loaded 14 of her old shows to Youtube/psygeria, in that bunch are several from the early 2000’s when the subject was first brought to people’s attention. As a result people started sending Labels to her, here are a couple.






MARCO POLO is an App for Android phones.

It is a video Walky Talky. There is no time limit on how long you can talk and like a camera you can film with it. This way Lilian gets to see her Great Grand Children grow up, she can take you along on her travels through town so you can get a “Bird’s Eye View” just kidding, only I get that…. but you can come along with her …. for free. It is an app noone should have to live without. Lilian thinks it is greater than FB. I know how she thinks, she hates writing. LOL.

Here is the link:

Do this with me

Time for me to spread my wings for a minute and see if I can take another glimpse at my potential Sweetheart. Guess I follow Lilian for a bit, she is heading for the waterfall. Hard day, actually, it is her Granddaughter Vanya’s second anniversary of the day she died. I was not hatched yet when that happened, but I hear them talk often about the epidemic of suicides amoungst young humans. There has to be a reason why this affliction…. maybe the wrong word, but I don’t know what to call it….. its so rampant word wide.

Granddaughter Vanya

I think I would have loved her, they said she loved all animals and wanted to be a Veterinarian. They also said she was the second in Lilian’s family who was able to talk to animals.

The other day I snuck in the house and sat on one of the many “LIGHTPOLES” in the house, while Lilian was watching a German Movie. It was called: The Tree For a moment it looked like she was totally bored with the plot and ready to turn off the computer. As always she was talking to the screen and voiced her unsolicited opinion. She got quiet and talking to herself I heard her say that there was a metaphysical component to the story. It was about an old tree in this family’s yard. The father had a heart attack and died by the tree. One of the four children spent much time sitting in the Giant tree because she felt close to her Father. She saw things, talked to animals who lived in the tree and felt safe within it’s branches high up. What fascinated Lilian was the fact there were so many branches and roots over a large area and each one effected the other, like a maze, yet connected. The Tree also had many emotions, sometimes all at the same time and effected everyone on some way. Families are like that, all intertwined, depending on the other in some way. When families, communities, countries and everything connected with them is out of whack, eventually the tree decays and falls. It would be wise for Humans to take lessons from Nature since they no longer want to listen to one another.

Crop Circle season has started and I am awaiting pictures. I am sure there will be many of them by the time May has unfolded. Love the sometimes prophetic designs. I am not suppose to understand these things, I am but a BIRD. They say cats and dogs adopt the personality of their owners. I am as free as a bird, noon owns me but I am a friend of the Family’s so it is not surprising I fully understand human behavior… at least I would like to think so. So at this point some woud say TaTa till next month.

Love and Light

Mr. McKrekor

Lilian as crow avatar

All is Well is an older show which explains submarines and the way we speculated how the world could be…. unfortunately it turned out pretty close to it.

In DRY DOCK is dedicated to Vanya Arnold and deals with suicide