June 2017 Newsletter

Mr McKrekor here

Mr McKrekor here stuck in the Twilight Zone.

Oh, that woman. I am talking about my friend Lilian. I have heard it said she gets like that, forever taking on a new cause and this is my first experience with such a phase in her life. I wasn’t even an egg the last time. I really wanted to pursue my endeavor of courting my new Sweetheart but here comes that woman, by the way she throws her purse over her shoulder and aims her step to the car. I can tell she is on a mission. Can I fly 50MPH and catch up with her car? I can try because I would really love to let my Sweetie know I am leaving for a bit. One more dip in the birdbath in front of the house to be presentable… It is, after all, 86 degrees and this could be a long trip to where ever she is rushing to. I just wish I had a little notice but Humans are a strange species. Everything on a schedule, everything has to happen right now and not flexible, at least not to my interpretation.

Mrs McKrekor

Lucky me, I see my love and am able to let her know I will return… whenever. She looks content, looking for worms in the field, no cats in sight as far as I can see. Guess I will take flight and catch my Human friend in her fast-moving mode of transportation. The traffic light is red, good, I made it. Glad the window is down, I fly through the open window and catch my breath on the backseat.

Outside of the TV Studio is a table. On a warm day, some friends and colleagues congregate there and discuss themes for their TV Shows or just talk about things which may be of interest to the viewers. So it is today. Sometimes someone is accompanied by a dog. Lucky me, not at the moment. Lilian collects her usual hugs, grabs a cup of coffee and the summary of the month of May 2017 begins.

Three of the people present are GLAD the rain has stopped. I am too. My feathers are still ruffled from the Tornado/Micro Burst at Lilian’s house. Tornadoes are almost unheard of in Washington State, but never say never. It did happen.

It was unbelievable and left several mobiles uninhabitable. Trees had fallen everywhere, Roads split, power-lines all over, it was a dangerous situation. Luckily Lilian was not at home. She is so afraid of storms, this made number 15 for her. But I am getting ahead of myself with the story.

The subject discussed is Mental Illness. In case you are wondering if it is only a Human affliction, it is NOT. It can also effect animals.


What I found fascinating was that Bird watching is a very good remedy, momentarily, for mental illness. Let me be quiet and listen to the conversation. Here is the recap and the plight of trying to get help for a loved one.

The woman had not seen her Grandson for several months. He suffered from Schizophrenia and had been hospitalized as a minor. Around the anniversary of his sister’s suicide he asked the Grandmother if he could come and visit for a few days. She was excited and happy about the visit after such a long time. As soon as he arrived at her home another one of her Grandsons stopped by which resulted in a confrontation between the brothers. Unbeknownst to the woman, there are many forms of Schizophrenia. The young man suffered from the type which made him extremely paranoid and delusional. He threatened to kill all family members, with the exception of one person, to get revenge for his sister’s death. The woman assumed this just to be talk. There were 7 psychotic events in 5 days and she realized this was not empty talk, especially since it became apparent she was to be the first victim. She managed to trick him to ride with her to the post-office to run an errand for her, at which time she escaped and went to the Police Station. With THAT started what Lilian wanted to report on.

When the woman arrived at the Police Station, on a Monday, no one was there. She had to use a Dispatch Phone to talk to someone. It took almost an hour before an officer arrived, listened to the story and suggested she get a restraining order. Despite the urgency, she was not able to accomplish this task until Wednesday. In the meantime, she was unable to return home. Not only that, after having been granted the Order which was labeled URGENT and faxed by the presiding judge to 3 Police Departments due to jurisdictions, the dilemma was, according to the police, that there was no address to deliver the order to the Grandson. She pointed out that he was 2 blocks away each day associating with his friends, but was told that was not an option. Homeless or not, an address was needed. She contacted a Delivery Service she was referred to. This was NOT an option because they required a nonrefundable retainer of $500 and charged $75 an hour. A Restraining order is not enforceable until served. The woman opted for not returning home for a week because we was afraid. Court was scheduled for 2 weeks from day of issue and had to be extended for an additional 2 weeks. The woman pleaded with the police almost daily to please walk 1 city block from the Station to where the grandson spent all his days and was told only IF there was an incident of some kind would the papers be served. After 3 weeks, an incident happened and papers were served. In the meantime, the woman alerted the Mental Health Provider of the urgency to get help for the young man and was assured they would help him as soon as he was located and contained. That did not happen and when she got to court the second time the grandson did not appear so she was given an order for 1 year by default. In the meantime, the family is in grave danger and Heaven forbid something happens. The question becomes WHY no one said anything, why no one reported a problem. The law can ONLY do anything if something happens.

Imagine for a moment that the person you wish to help is now forbidden to contact you, you are unable to help because the order is mutual.

Imagine for a moment your loved one lives on the street, no money, no blanket, no food because you were convinced you needed to follow the rules in a system which stinks to high heaven when it comes to assisting the Mentally Ill. TRUE, no one should be able to determine who a person is, how to live their life, however it should not be so almost impossible to get someone’s attention without having to die to prove a point of get a law changed. Strange thing is that AFTER something happens everyone asks why no one could help anything ahead of times. In fact at times relatives are held LIABLE for the action of a mentally ill person.

While trying to get the police to serve the grandson a block away, on the other end of town in a different jurisdiction an incident happened with another grandson. Here it is in his own words:

Got rammed by a cop came out at gun point 8-10 cops came at gun point started yelling telling me not to fucking move or they’ll shoot tried to roll down my window telling them I didn’t do anything kept yelling and cussing at me sat in the car for 5 minutes with shotguns and pistols aimed at me reminiscing was pretty positive I was about to die they came up to the car threw me out of it and slammed me on the ground and dragged me away from the car saying I stole it they tore up my car looking through it than apologized saying it was the wrong car gave me a hug and told me to go then followed me for 10 minutes.

PS. When I opened my eyes I had a pistol aimed at my head and he was cussing I couldn’t hear him because I was in shock everything was blurry and he kept cussing at me telling me if I move I’m dead.
They’re thugs with badges

I literately thought I was dreaming a really bad dream.

Needless to say, the woman wondered how come an officer was unable to walk, ride a bike, a horse or drive 1 block to deliver papers, yet find so much manpower to track down what they “SAID” was a stolen car and put someone in such danger and traumatize an innocent person to such an extent.

The woman went to the police to complain about this and point out the the idiocy of the chain of events but was told unless something happened nothing could be done. A couple of days after being granted the restraining order, the residence of a family member listed on the order was broken into. The woman saw the damage upon arrival and called for assistance, assuming the grandson had entered the residence in her absence. A swat team arrived and in a VERY PROFESSIONAL MANNER entered and searched the house, explaining every move to her. No one was in the house and it was determined a home invasion had taken place by someone else. It was a scary situation to witness something like that. The woman decided to stop by the police station to say thank you for a good job and the professionalism shown, since she had complained so much about everything else. The station was closed. Through a phone in the lobby she talked to a dispatcher and was told to wait there for an officer. After 1 hour 40 minute no one coming to see about her, she called the dispatcher back and left.

Looking for some water. Gee it is hot, too many feathers, plus I am groomed pretty good since I am still wanting to look good when I see my Sweetheart. I guess we should look for a nest. Almost too late for young ones this year but it is always good to plan ahead. There, I found a glass of water, hope they don’t mind me drinking some. Really have to watch my weight, almost tipped over the glass, either I got fat or they don;t make glass like they used to. And please don’t tell me it came from the Dollar Store, their stuff is really just as good a at Mervin’s.

What are they talking about now…. Lilian is telling about her experience on the way home after the storm. She stopped at the Shell Station to get coffee since there was no power. Let her tell it:

Ever since I was small I had a fascination with Neanderthals. I wanted to know everything about them, especially when I found out there were people by the name of Neander in my family. When I entered the UFO research I always asked how Neanderthals and Aliens fit into the same picture. Of course, no one knew. In the meantime, we have a new understanding and know there might have been a connection in the distant past. The Show Ancient Aliens talks about it occasionally. Anyway, the day at the Shell Station a man came through the door, acknowledged me in a knowing kind of way. He looked like a Neanderthal up close. The face, the body structure, the movements. I did not want to be rude and ask questions. He paid for his soda, acknowledged me again in that way and was gone. It was like I instantly forgot I had seen him but when I got in my car he was sitting in the car next to me, accompanied by 3 Samoan men. It was so real and not my imagination.

Another one of Lilian’s long time Facebook friends came for a visit for a couple of days, they had a wonderful time and her friend was able to experience what it is like in a Flood Tank. A show on the subject is scheduled for June 17th and carried live on Youtube/psygeria.

one of Lilian's long time Facebook friends

They had a fantastic time and she was able to add anther friend to her list of FBF are real friends.

NOTHING ELSE was said about the leak of the Nuclear Storage tank at Handford, like the problem is suppose to have “disappeared”


In fact they said no danger from leakage…. let’s hope so. North Korea is almost capable of shooting Weapons at the Seattle Area or Los Angeles so it won’t make any difference where the Atomic stuff comes from. It is said roaches can survive such an event… guess we will have to cop a wait and see attitude…… The FBI Chief won’t be able to tell us, he was fired.

Corpus Christi, TEX had a storm, that is what it looked like.

Corpus Christi, TEX had a storm

President Trump and most of our heads of Government went on an overseas trip. Here is the summery, with permission by Martin Morgan

Dear Fellow Members of NATO,

We want to thank you for tending to our current leader during his recent visit with all of you. We know he overstayed his welcome and he wasn’t there that long. We understand that his behavior and interactions were less than stately. Thus, we feel we need to send this message to you.

To Montenegro: we want to apologize for our leader pushing your Prime Minister around. We are sorry our leader acted like he was trying to be first in line at Golden Corral. Please forgive him as he comes from a part of our country (called the “Upper Class”) where use of manners is not standard practice. Please compare it to being raised by wolves.

To every member of NATO, we want to ask for your forgiveness for the misinformation and ignorance of our leader. I know, most of the general public understands that the 2 percent of your GDP that is recommended is supposed to go toward YOUR military budget and would have nothing to do with what we, as Americans, spend on the military. In his mind, every country should put in an equal amount of what they have like a bunch of winos chipping in on a bottle of Wild Irish Rose. Hopefully, you can all understand that this is a businessman and has no understanding of how running a government works. He doesn’t understand international cooperation when it comes to defending the global network to maintain the standards for global success. Except for Russia. He knows REALLY well how to interact with Russia. Without anyone else knowing. At the time.

Last, we want to convey our condolences for your having to spend time with our leader, even though it was a relatively short period of time. Intelligent Americans have tired of his high jinx already, but we are optimistic that his clothing will soon match the color of his skin, if you know what we’re saying. That is why we are writing this letter. While we feel sorry for you, imagine how we feel. We have four years with him…maybe. In the future, we will not send him unattended. Please do not revoke our membership because one of our “guests” acted up at the club. We are sorry. Boy, are we!

We understand if you don’t respond right now. We know it might take some time to lessen the shock. We’re going through that ourselves.

From the concerned, intelligent, educated citizens of America

President Obama, along with Angela Merkel was in Berlin for the festivities devoted to the holiday Christ Asension and look how many young people came to listen what he had to say.

Obama, along with Angela Merkel was in Berlin

Lot of the world is under water, everything else is “NORMAL.” Demonstrations, police brutality, hunger, violence continue. BUT there is also hope that Humans will come to their senses, Lilian pondered over a post she read the other day and wondered what the man meant: All these kids these days wanting to get a sex change so bad. When I was 7 I wanted to be a Ninja Turtle, but guess what. I’m just a freaking white guy. Imagine that.

Looks like the meeting at the station is over, back into the car I go so I can hitch a ride before my Sweetheart gets frustrated and sets up house with another long beaked fella I saw her crowing at just a few days ago.

Lilian is an Empath, a person who feels other people’s pains and emotions. Some envy her for her abilities but not so fast. I witnessed an episode she had in reference to the story that started the idea of addressing the problem of Schizophrenia in the first place. She experienced the emotions, feelings and thoughts of the woman’s grandson. He was not feeling well, he was tired and had nowhere to go. He thought people were persecuting him. He felt helpless, hungry, with no purpose and was itching from a rash. He just existed on the planet without hope, almost mechanical. Half way home Lilian broke down and cried, she needed to reach out to someone. She found herself at the house of a relative, unable to explain herself she cried and asked for a Hug.

Till next time


Lilian as crow avatar

May is always the month we remember Mt St Helens

Joplin MO was flooded