August 2017 Newsletter

R. McKrekor here, in a hurry

If July was a river, flying over it would have resembled fast rushing water after a snow melt. It flowed fast and furious, if one thinks it flowed at all. Depends who you asked. We, in the Bird family have a grapevine much a sea creatures do, having said that I found out that much of America had flooded and Europe was drenched in rain for days and days. The American West could have used a bit of moisture as fires were raging. One would think in a perfect world things would be a bit more balanced…HA… nothing balanced these days. OOPS, had better pay attention where I am soaring to but I am in a hurry to meet up with my bride, been a few days since I have seen here, She is a Beauty, would you agree?

She is a Beauty

Some of the repairs from Lilian’s neighborhood from the Tornado/Wind Burst are all but completed. Sadly the Hawk Family who had their nest under the overhang of the neighbors roof is still looking for a new home. They continue to circle over Lilian’s house and even paid a visit the night the Space Station flew over the neighborhood the night of July 24th.

I had planned to meet my Sweetheart at the local TV Station, a great place to pick up some gossip and visit with friends, especially on Fridays when Lilian spends time there while loading her shows to Youtube/psygeria… In order to get there I stopped in the parking lot at Target and nibbled on a snack, in fact I tried figuring out to save some goodies for my Lady, except that turned out a silly notion I sometimes forget I do not have pockets. Which reminds me I heard rumors that it is time again to get concerned about “THE BIG ONE” small quakes are happening almost daily and tuck on our memories not to forget where we are and Mother Earth is on the move. At least once a week something to that effect is being aired on local Television and adorns the isles of local grocery stores by the cash registered so it won’t be missed.

Make sure you and those with you are safe.

  • Prepare an emergency kit with at least a 2-week supply of non-perishable food, water and other basic items.
  • Consider taking steps to reduce earthquake hazards in your household.
  • Make sure your natural gas water heater is strapped to a wall or post.
  • Be familiar with the shut-off valve on your gas appliances.
    Use flexible pipe connections to connect all gas appliances to the hose line that goes to your meter.
  • Install a gas shutoff valve at each gas appliance so you can turn it off when necessary.
  • Consider installing an earthquake valve.

IF the water of the Sound raises by 1 (ONE) inch Olympia will be submerged by water.

While circling the parking lot at Target I witnessed an exchange between a Police cruiser and Lilian. She put her hand up in the air as she approached the police car and said she wanted to report a what could be real quick out of control fire she saw on her way to town on one of the back roads . The Police officers demanded she put her hands down stressing they was NOT going to shoot, listened to her and decided it was not their jurisdiction. A few days later a Lady in Minneapolis was shot after calling the police to report a crime. The things people have to think about these days. On the same line of “CRAZY” a few days later Lilian drove to town. The roads were in the process of being repaired when she came to the stop by the old Olympia Brewing Company. The Beer factory has been dormant it and without power for many years. Lilian has excellent hearing and thought there was a whooshing noise coming from the abandoned building. She drove 3 miles to the Olympia PD to report in person what she thought she heard. She was told it was happening in Tumwater jurisdiction, she should go back and investigate it further. I can’t repeat how she answered but it ended with Hell No I am going to a family Party and left.


And Parties there were…. Malcolm came from Texas and Skylar flew in from Michigan for a Daddy-welcome- home Party and Iliana 7th Birthday Party a few days later. I had never seen so many kids in a back yard swimming pool before. Not that I had a lack of water, can’t drink chlorinated water anyway…. in fact I zwitchered about that to some of the young ones. They think water is water. In fact Lacey Water is not good for us feathered creatures, it is fluoridated, BUT an ordinance was just adopted so that practice will quit. Fluoride is medicine and someone at one point had the great idea to put it in to EVERYONE’S drinking water.

The streets are full of beautiful RETRO cars and the new ones look like the old ones, the ones people claim to have had fun driving. All colors. Happy fun cars. People in the yard washing their prize possessions and socializing, a sight to see.

They talk about the crazy politics tolerated by so many, the new skirmishes between Palestine and Israel. The virtual world is so connected at times it feels like everyone knows someone in each land in the world and imagine how easy it would be to accept that they are all of the same species…well…. Most of them…..

When they say Birds of a feather….. I have something to say about THAT!

Dysphoria or Ethnic Identity Disorder (EID) is a Psychological condition, in which a person (HUMAN) believes that they are a member of a group other than their biological parents. It doesn’t matter what you know, it matters how you identify yourself and how you behave, and who you associate the most with. In the Bird kingdom a Cuckoo lays his eggs in someone elses nest to hatch and be raised my another bird species. This does not apply to humans, that would be a foster parent or an adoption. There was a question put to Native Americans what considered one a Native by percentage and DNA. Lilian’s Australian Aboriginals responded by saying this is NOT how they look at this subject, IF a person considers themselves to be Indigenous that is what they are. Lilian gave this some thought in reference to the current President. Giving his Birth Background and who he identifies with. Please take a look at his choices in wives and friends. He looks as many things much like an Eastern Europien would and chances are he has really no clue what it is like to think like an American, in which case he really sees nothing wrong with his line of thinking. A friend of Lilian’s, Sharon Lewis, is a Blues Singer. She goes on World Tours and just returned from Russia. Lilian asked her what the average person in that country thinks about this subject. Sharon thought they were wonderful. Caring, loving people. Lilian remembers her childhood and interactions with Solgiers from that country as brutal and very scary. At this time in her life she also remembers her friendship with a few natives from there and that were very good relationships. Therefore one cannot stereotype and in my bird-brain it would be logical that the term Dysphoria or Ethnic Identity Disorder (EID) applies. Count your blessings, it could be worse…. in form of a God Complex.

An Iceberg broke off
An Iceberg crack

An Iceberg broke off and it may be some time before we know just how much danger it represents, the face of Mother Earth is changing, if only Humans would pay more attention, especially now that in America there is an administration who does NOT wants to acknowledge Climate Change.

Lilian got lost on her way to the Doctor and ran into a GREAT MOUND. She secured permission from the tribe who the property belongs to to take a look. She wants to just sit there and see if she can connect with the energy present. She thinks more attention should be paid to the Mound and it was not accident that she ended up there.

Sadness arrived with the death of another some in her family were close to and we wish her well on her journey. She was allowed to live on Earth for 52 years and it so greatly missed.

homegoing celebration card

Lots going on in Lilian’s cyberspace reality and on July 17th, a day she celebrates, she posted the following:

Today 51 years ago I arrived at my new home. America.

Roberta Ellen Smith Apple, Guddu Tiwari and 10 others responded, here are some of the comments.

Suzanne Gribble
 Welcome. Sorry it’s not in as good condition as it was.

Sharon Lewis Happy to have you! ❤

Cari M. Huston I’m awfully glad you did.

Another person apologist for it not being the same country she came to because of all the problems we are currently experiencing.
Wait, if you take a good look at everything things are mighty similar, people went forward and now backwards again.

Another friend of Lilian’s practically got a standing ovation, if that is possible, when he notified the public of a decision he made.

With Regret – Why I Must Leave MUFON Completely
Posted on: July 22nd, 2017
by James Clarkson
With Regret – Why I Must Leave MUFON Completely

I am addressing this letter to all MUFON State Directors and Members of the Board. I joined MUFON in 1987 in Washington State where I have lived since 1977 when I was honorably discharged from the Army. Recently I resigned from my position as Washington State MUFON Director for reason that will be explained. Chase Kloetzke asked me if I would remain as an FI, STAR Team member and investigator for the Special Assignments Team. Hesitantly, I agreed to remain out of respect for her. Shortly after that, I heard about the MUFON Inner Circle as part of the disclosures from Jan Harzan when he was interviewed by Kevin Randle. For the reasons explained below I believe I must leave MUFON altogether.

Since I am certain that most of you know very little about me, I will tell you that after I arrived in Washington state on 1975, I completed a 20-year career as a police sergeant with numerous assignments such as fatal accident team supervisor and detective sergeant. I have also spent 2 years as a child abuse detective and 10 years as a state fraud investigator. On a parallel path, I have had a lifelong commitment to trying to explore the UFO Mystery.

Given the situation that I am addressing, where I live is extremely relevant to my decision to quit MUFON. I live in Olympia in Thurston County in Washington State; Olympia is 19 miles from Yelm, WA, the location of the world headquarters of the cult leader, JZ Knight AKA Ramtha, who is arguably the richest and most powerful member of the MUFON Inner Circle. I am painfully aware of all the negative consequences that may arise from the influence of those in the MUFON Inner Circle.

I did not know JZ Knight’s role in MUFON until after I heard the Kevin Randle interview of Jan Harzan, not long after I resigned as a MUFON State Director. Given the power and influence of JZ Knight, and not knowing how much influence she truly has in MUFON, I may be taking a risk by daring to voice a concern about her Inner Circle status. At the same time, I will not have my reputation in this field compromised by affiliating with a rich and powerful cult leader who is now a member of the MUFON Inner Circle.

To fully understand my position, I would ask that the reader should study two web articles and then return to this letter:


Right after the recent resignation of another MUFON State Director and charter member, Rich Hoffman, I resigned my directorship because of long-term burnout and a growing sense that MUFON as a serious UFO investigative organization no longer exists. I suspect that I am not the only State Director suffering from a deep malaise while watching MUFON become an income-generating enterprise. The triggering event for me was the lack of an immediate dismissal of John Ventre from his State Directorship after his racist outburst on Facebook, or at least an immediate statement that Ventre’s comments were not acceptable coming from a leader of MUFON.

Because of what I am about to explain, remaining in MUFON in any capacity is morally unacceptable. Simply, I will not place my reputation as an Investigator and Researcher into the hands of JZ Knight or other mysterious people who have purchased a position of influence at the highest levels of MUFON. And from the Kevin Randle interview I have learned that John Ventre is still an Inner Circle member. He may also be appointed to any number of key positions in the future. Before you pass judgment on my reaction to the disclosure that JZ Knight is a member of the MUFON elite, please consider that you do not live in her immediate shadow. You are not privy to the local news that I am.

I communicated directly with Rich Hoffman after he had said his goodbyes, and he told me that he was worn out trying to seek better treatment of field investigators and state directors by the leaders of MUFON; he said he was just worn out from trying. If you want the specifics, then you must ask him. I also resigned because I have had the sense for a long time that no matter how often I promoted MUFON over many years during numerous UFO lectures, in my books, lectures, and elsewhere, I would remain “Unacknowledged.” I don’t pretend I am better than anyone else, but any work horse in harness would like to be given an apple occasionally and be patted on the head.

I think I am not a lot different than other State Directors who devote hundreds of hours to running on the CMS Hamster Wheel, who spend their own money, time and effort to promote MUFON to the public. One of the criticisms I have of MUFON is that if you are not a Jaime Maussan or a Steven Greer, or someone with money to donate, then you are just one of the cogs in the machine. You do your job until you wear out and then you are replaced. Even State agencies as bureaucratic as they are, will give you a certificate and a pin for longevity.

For the last 9 years I have been the Washington State Director. I have personally investigated over 750 cases for MUFON; I have assisted in the investigation of countless others, recruiting and training Field Investigators and by assisting Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center and William Puckett of UFOs Northwest. I have lectured at major conferences across the country and once in Paris. I have appeared on countless internet radio interviews, a TV gig or two and I have written two books. I have always proudly talked about my position in MUFON. Right now, I have a YouTube interview which garnered over 19,000 views in 4 weeks. But I really believe I could walk in with a Gray on each arm and hand out pieces of memory metal as souvenirs, but in MUFON I would be invisible. I am living proof that “No man is a prophet in his own kingdom.” It is hard to watch an organization that you once served proudly become an income-generating entertainment company. And then you just can’t do it anymore.

It is not my way to draw attention to my background or accomplishments. There are many in MUFON with far greater than mine. I am describing myself fully so that others may relate to how disconnected I have felt while working as a State Director while watching MUFON move away from being an investigative organization to what will probably be a UFO entertainment franchise business. I draw that conclusion because I was one of the six State Directors who was interviewed at length by a business consultant.

That in-depth interview may be summarized simply: Have you incorporated your MUFON organization? How much income do you generate as a MUFON State organization, and how much can you donate?

I am hoping that this letter may be a catalyst for real change in MUFON’s direction if it is not already too late. The influence of the money-worshipping corporate mentality is already damaging our country like cancer; what is happening to MUFON doesn’t seem much different.

It appears the focus is so concentrated on income generation that anything like investigative integrity is just an anachronism. Caring about investigative integrity has become a nuisance. I am providing evidence in the form of one example.

The Special Assignments Team (SAT) was asked to investigate “part” of a very dubious 1946 UFO Crash case submitted by Paola Harris. Who ever heard of partially investigating a UFO report, especially when the key piece of evidence is a cast aluminum windmill pump part that is being presented as an artifact stolen from the interior of a crashed UFO in 1945? The SAT found critical investigative failures. She claimed the site was deliberately planted with noxious weeds that were genetically modified by the Government to deter UFO researchers from exploring the alleged crash site, and then on Harris’ own YouTube videos, we see the same group walking through the weeds wearing shorts. Apparently, they no longer needed to wear the full body isolation suits that look so “scientific” on camera. And the result? We got to watch Harris be given special status and an award at the Symposium. I have attached a report with evidence to support this statement. Please note that Frank Kimbler supplied the scientific data and he gave me full permission to use it as I see fit. I know that he would appreciate its inclusion herein. This is one example of many.

Within the Kevin Randle interview the reader is left with the suggestion that being a member of the Inner Circle is just about receiving a few perks. That was implied so that none of the readers would be too alarmed by having to imagine what happens when a cult leader who channels a 35,000-year-old Lemurian Warrior named Ramtha ascends to a position of authority in MUFON. I would point out that Marie Malzahn was an Inner Circle member of MUFON who worked as the Director of Investigations replacing Chuck Reever in 2010. So, every State Director should contemplate what happens if Ramtha is running UFO Investigations for MUFON, or if there are even stranger developments arising from recruitments to key positions in MUFON from the Inner Circle elite.

I know this situation has the potential for very bad outcomes because in 2011 when I was trying to assist an excellent new FI regain access to CMS after she was arbitrarily locked out, Director Malzahn ordered me to obey her or else. I chose the “or else.” After I returned in 2012 at the request of Dave MacDonald, I made peace with Ms. Malzahn. In 2013, she asked me if I could carry a gun in Nevada to help guard Dr. Steven Greer who requested armed bodyguards at the Symposium. Somewhere along the way she must have offended someone who had real influence because little was heard from her after that.

I will end with a cautionary tale to point out that the rest of the UFO community may not be quite as sold on MUFON’s supremacy in this field as we are led to believe. In 2010 my wife inherited a trip to Paris and while we were there I presented to Les Repas Ufologique. I told the story of my friend June Crain and immediately sold all my books. The Parisian Ufologists were very gracious and welcoming. The only disquieting moments occurred when they commented that they had not trusted MUFON for a long time. This has been a recurring theme in various places I have visited over the years; I could build trust personally with the audience and other researchers but there are always many people who don’t believe MUFON lives up to its avowed mission. The newest version of this arose on the Internet after the John Ventre scandal and the Kevin Randle interview; MUFON is now being called MUFONINO – MUFON In Name Only.

The value of MUFON has always been its reputation for integrity. But every time we endorse the Greer’s, the Maussan’s, the JZ Knight’s, and all the rest who will push anything for a buck, then MUFON has that much less integrity to lose. I know all the arguments; you must give the public what it wants to generate the most Symposium tickets sales. When you argue from a business perspective, the intangibles such as integrity, reputation or honor become sadly irrelevant.

It would be great if this is not true. I will always help anyone who asks me to assist their investigation whether they are in MUFON or not. It is with regret that I am resigning from MUFON, but I don’t see that I have an honorable alternative. We should all be on the same side and not divided into Elites and the Subservient. Thank you for reading this. I have tried to be as honest as I know how.

James E. Clarkson
Former MUFON State Director
Career UFO Researcher

While filming the 4th of July Fireworks Lilian accidentally captured a UFO on her video. Unfortunately it is in her Marco Polo and noone knows how to retrieve it from the program so it can be send in to be analyzed. Wish I was not a bird, bet I could figure it out…. Technology and humans….

The Target parking-lot is a busy place today, lots of trash everywhere. It has not rained in Olympia for 39 days, maybe that is why the pavement looks gray today. My Sweetheart is late. Every road in the County is under construction and hard to maneuver. That by itself should not interfere with her flight, maybe she stopped to look at something. I on the other hand am getting impatient, 4 hours human time is a long time in bird life and I am not interested in becoming an Old Crow before she gets here.

Lilian as crow avatar

I remain yours truly
Mr. MCKrekor

2 new shows were posted on Youtube in July