September 2017 Newsletter


Mr McKrekor PRESENT….with my Sweetheart having lunch and trying to sort out the crazy month of August.

I wanted to discuss the possibility of a soon to be marriage and having our nest made before the cold and rain came back….a hard winter is predicted but she wanted to talk about the stars and the moon. I think she is hanging out with Lilian and her friends more than I realized. But who am I to complain, was it not for that I would not have ran into this beauty and I trying to her make mine….

Lilian did a work up on an update for 2017 events and posted her findings. Mercury usually turns retrograde three times a year, but in 2017 there are four Mercury retrograde phases,at this time Mercury Retrograde in Virgo: August 12, 2017

Saturn from April 6, 2017 until August 25, 2017.

Pluto from April 20, 2017 until September 28, 2017.

  1. Persons Ego will re-enforced because of flattery.  A leader who agitates.  Necessary to have power of decision.

    This is Trump. He is never going to change and it is up to the people to make a decision as to keep their leader or not.  It would appear by the time they make up their mind it is almost the end of the term and much destruction has taken place.  Can only hope I am wrong and there will be a quick solution…

  2. KRONOS looks scary, but is harmless if you pay attention.  Very tough on the outside, but can be reasoned with.

    Kronos is a mystical animal resembling a walrus with a horn.  It looks scary but is within it’s own species a gentle being which likes to be left alone and not react unless attacked.

    I think this AT THIS MOMENT is North Korea,  He will back down as soon as he no longer feels threatened and he wants to be validated.  Small dogs bark loud and often to be heard and true, their bite can be sharp and painful if they nip at you ankles.

  3. Sadness, hidden energies,loss of freedom,uncontrollable fear,  Lack of communications.
  4. Confusion.  Do not let yourself be carried away by passion or greed.

    Some think all is well and fall victims to delusion.

  5. Your protection will become your prison.
  6. Metal,wood,defend and attack. Excessive force. problems with security do to bad performance.

    The disorder on the top will continue, so will police brutality.

  7. Time lost, false promises.  The bread you deny others will be taken away from you.

    Many allies  are turning their back on us because they lost respect and noticed our uncaring ways.

  8. You got what you wanted.  Social standing is unstable and your circle will be endless.

    This makes reference to electing Trump.

  9. Uneasiness, nervousness, numb feeling…it is a mental block.  Do NOT wait till sadness knocks on the door….get back to reality!
  10. Sorrow, confusion,tears.  Psychic inability due to underlying violence,hard to determine anything.
  11. False promises and vanishing success.
  12. Fire,failures of fuel and electricity due to corruption.  Someone wants what belongs to us.  Creditors demanding payment and much death————– WAR.
  13. A need to cocoon, You should have taken an  advantage of the bonanza, only thing now is to wait for a new opportunity.  It is YOUR FAULT.

Lilian has been looking at her and some other’s predictions for 2017. It appears that everyone has a piece of what is going on at the moment. It is not really surprising since 2017 is so turbulent and in so many ways unpredictable.

Lilian was contacted by Swami Lokesh Kumar Singh and it was decided to have her look at 2017 again. Many things they discussed happened within a couple of days. She went to the studio, set up the set, all was ready to tape the show when her Guides instructed her to stop and NOT do the show. She did and went home. She thought she was not suppose to look at the future at the moment. After reviewing the original Predictions it appears that the events are correct except some played out somewhat different that perceived, which is a good thing since the “Trouble Shooting” is done to change things humans don’t like and what is predicted WILL have a different outcome.

total eclipse of the Sun
Picture by Michael Lillie

Some say the total eclipse of the Sun effected the tides in Washington State and a fish farm had damage to the nets, which resulted in 305.000 Atlantic Salmon escaping creating an imbalance in the Eco System. People were encouraged to try and catch them and we, Birds, tried helping also. Not sure how it is ending time will tell. All I know Atlantic Salmon and Pacific Salmon are not compatible and there is concern as to what will happen when Pacific Salmon is going to spawn.

Make sure you have ID regardless of age when buying whip cream at the Dollar Store. You have to be 18 and tell them you are NOT HUFFING Whip cream. They justified the comments by stating there was a chemical in the can that people get high on.

The 10 dead sailors from the US Destroyer John S, McCain are recovered and identified as junior ranking servicemen mostly working as electronics and communications technicians.

The world lost the great Dick Gregory in August, one of a few who told things the way the are. Comedian, Activist and Human Being he got an A+ for this lifetime.

Electronic attacks on US Diplomats in Cuba brought the subject into the forefront. This is not a new subject to some because Jim Marrs and Lilian were attackt like that at a conference once. Unfortunately Jim Marrs died this month or he would have had a lot to say about this. I am sure he would have speculated that Cuba does not have the capability to do so on their own but Russia and US do. That project has been in the works for many years it is only now that it is openly being discussed. Condolences for Jim’s Family came from all around the world. Ingo Swan would have been another friend able to shed a bit a light on the subject but he passed away a few of years ago, guess we have to rely on whom ever wants to explain what happened…. Jim was a good friend and had a lot to offer the world, a big loss for Lilian and her friends.

L-R Lilian Ingo Swann Jim Marrs
L-R Lilian Ingo Swann Jim Marrs

Ingo Douglas Swann was a claimed psychic, artist, and author known for being the co-creator, along with Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, of remote viewing, and specifically the Stargate Project.

Lilian's grandson's plight with his custody of his daughter

We have been following Lilian’s grandson’s plight with his custody of his daughter. To refresh your memory he had lost joint custody earlier in the year and was giving visiting privileges for 2 weeks each year. His time for the visit was in August, I will give you the highlights.

He lives and works in Corpus Christ TX.

He flies to Michigan to pick up his daughter and comes home to Washington State. ( Seattle Airport).

They spend 1 week with the family.

At the end of the week he flies to Michigan to return the daughter since MOM decided she wanted to send the child one week at a time only.

He flies back to Seattle and returns to Michigan 1 week later to fly back to Seattle.

One week later he flies to Michigan to return his daughter and returns to Corpus Christi TX. Dizzy yet?


He was going to document it for you including cost of 6,repeat,6 plane tickets except he is tight up with Hurricane Harvey at the moment so he will revisit the Child Care fiasco with you next month.

Speaking of Malcolm.  He works on Wind Turbines in Corpus Christi.  He lives in Rockport and had to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Harvey. He went to Austin and thinks he will be able to return in a few days.  Unless you are a bird there is no way all roads are closed or washed out and 100’s of miles are under water.  The Death count has not been established but this storm is one of the worst in American history. It was also the only storm I have known to make landfall 3 times in my friend Lilian’s lifetime. She is 70 years old. She did see this storm in October 2016 in the predictions for 2017. Much worse than Katrina…my Sweety reminded me. Malcolm did make it back to Rockport safely. While on the road he reported the following:

Driving back to Corpus Christi and I’ve seen dozens and dozens of personal trucks and trailers heading to Houston with pallets of water, generators, diapers, formula and other necessities. It has put some faith back into humanity for me.
Texans going out of their way, spending thousands to help those in need makes me finally think, Texas isn’t so bad.

Thanks to everyone helping out, stay safe.

Luckily he had taken his Camper with him and it is still unclear how he managed to travel so many storm effected roads.

Lilian was a nervous wreck all during the time he was traveling and tried to imagine the energy apprehension multiplied my thousands felt like. She talked to several friends in different parts of the country who like her experienced periodic crying spells that came on all of a sudden. We,animals sense and feel discrepancies in Nature,so do some human beings who are Sensitives. The world is so contaminated with electronic smog I wonder just how much longer we can ‘Feel” things before electronic sounds drown out everything.

OH,OH,my Sweety is getting frustrated, she does not like it when I get so involved in ‘Humanness” she calls it and than I have to attempt to explain again that we are ALL effected, man and beast, by the screw-ups of modern man who is contaminating the planet into extinction.

Next post from Malcolm was as follows:

I visited the RV park where I stayed for the last 6 months and it was unrecognizable. I was speechless driving through town.
#hurricaneharvey #rockport #damaged #cat4 #eyeofthestorm #gladipulledout @ Rockport, Texas

it was unrecognizable 01it was unrecognizable 02

The President wished everyone well and suggested they stay safe while he was busy doing his work and THIS is what happened in 1 day. Repeat 1 day:

North Korea lounged 3 rockets. ( 3 more a couple of days later)

President Trump issued formal orders to ban Transgender people from joining the Military. If I am not mistaken it also includes dismissing transgender military already serving.

President Trump granted a full pardon to Sheriff Arpaia while his trial was still in process since he had not been sentenced.  By doing so interfered with the judicial process of the case. Arpaia is the Sheriff who ran his jail like a Concentration Camp and is responsible for people’s death.

President Trump started the process of overriding laws which were put in place top protect the Dreamers.  Undocumented people brought to the US as children by their parents.

President Trump, per Twitter, promoted a friend’s book and talked about the stupid wall.

President Trump is planning on reversing President Obama’s ban on local police forces buying military equipment, which was put in place after police in Ferguson, Missouri controversially used tanks and other military weapons against protesters after the shooting of Michael Brown.

A few days before it became apparent during a speech in Charlottesville VA why so many of President Obama’s protective laws put in place for minority population were reversed. The White Supremacy Agenda reared it’s head and it looks like it will stay for some time.   I wonder if this applies to me and my Sweetheart since we are of different color….guess I have to keep you posted.  What I do know it is of great concern for me and my Sweetly, especially since we plan on hatching a few eggs before years end and unless the Trump Administration changes it’s course it will present a big problem.

Subpoenas in reverence to the “RUSSIAN-PROBE” have been issued.  From the original staff at the White House many are no longer on the job, they were either fired or resigned.  Hundreds of important positions in Government have not been filled and one wonders how anything even resembles the government.

Trump signed the executive order mid-August, effectively getting rid of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard, saying it would allow the permitting process to go by much, much faster for important infrastructure projects.

Wolves and Coyotes are in danger, it is now allowed to kill those wonderful animals and one wonders what is next.

India, China agree to ‘expeditious disengagement’ of Doklam border dispute.

10 refineries were damaged, within 2 days of the storm gas went up 30 cents per gallon and this is only the beginning.  Wonder if it would be advisable to tell people to grow wings real quick so they can get around.  Mail per pigeons are almost a thing of the past but I am telling you it worked in the past and at the rate the world is going it is reverting back to the stone age…well, maybe not THAT far, but some of the old methods are still workable solutions.  Social Media is how people stay informed, locate missing persons and keep track of the affairs of the world.

Flood in Houston 01Flood in Houston 02Flood in Houston 03
Flood in Houston Steve Gonzales/Houston Chronicle Second Top: Somalia. Bottom: India

The name Harvey means : DUALITY….TEACHER… 222 so it represents Union….is ruled by both. Chaos in a orderly fashion runs through his life and he projects the mood of people around him….. he likes to ponder his ideas and utilize what he has discovered .  STRONG AND ARDENT,guess he lived up to his name is is still causing death and distraction as we speak.

Harvey united the people. They helped one another, no matter who they are. Maybe instead of going to Texas President Trump should go to his tower and let everyone be Americans again.

While the storms rage there was also a second fire in her vicinity at Grand Mounds WA. Many houses were lost and this weekend Lilian with me and Sweety in tow will check out the damage for next newsletter, since there is a lot to THAT story.

Lilian was a hub, if you will, for contacts during the disaster. She has acted in this capacity for many years and jokenly calls it a traffic cop for disaster. As she was making a copy of the latest weather map for friends who only had limited access to the internet she noticed the storm resembled an animal.

Looks like a bear to me
BEAR is your judgment off?  How about the ones around you,  are you missing what is beneficial in your life.
Are you not seeing the core of goodness in this situation. Bringing awakening power to the forefront and become strong.

Alaia Leighland
like a bear to me

Millard Mayfield
Global warming is real stay tune for the winter.

Shelia Powers

Shelia Powers

Susan Bain

Susan Baina

Lilian Mustelier

Lilian Mustelier
bear is fitting for me…
BEAR is your judgment off? How about the ones around you. are you missing what is beneficial in your
Are you not seeing the core of goodness in this situation, Bringing awakening power to the forefront and become strong.

Renate Strang

Renate Strang
I see both, the bear and the hyena

Rom Johnson

Rom Johnson Hyena

Lilian Mustelier

Lilian Mustelier HYENA: ability to love, even when abused. In Greek
Mythology it is guardian of the dead and also motherhood
representing nurturing and family

Harvey to make third landfall Wednesday.

If only there was a thirsty Dragon from the sky stopping by and drinking all that water……..

As Lilian drove around she, like she does often was talking to herself. She does not play the radio while driving, she says she has to be able to hear her engine. She was questioning herself if every word she says was being annualized by someone as they do with President Trump, if people could understand what she means. She also talks in riddles at times and one wonders if it is perceived in the way it is presented. She let out a yelp and wondered if she could accidentally be mistaken for a TRUMP-ET.

Lilian as crow avatar

Love and Light