Can the AMERO Digital Currency Help Save Democracy?

As fascism continues to rear its ugly head and democracy is shoved aside in more countries by nationalism, capitalism and populism, a new people’s digital currency is about to launch that may just change everything.

The AMERO is a new cryptocurrency that launches on June 4th, 2018 within the G2B/B2B network of the North America Procurement Council (NAPC).  Starting in 2015, the NAPC, a public benefit corporation, created the first national and state public procurement portals in the U.S. and Canada and then gave ownership of the portals to the people. Today, the portals enable millions of businesses to freely access the bids, requests for proposals and other procurement solicitations from most every government agency. This increases competition for government contracts, reduces costs to taxpayers, stretches budgets and provides much greater transparency to government spending of tax dollars and reduces the opportunities for corruption.

An initial 500 billion AMERO will be created and 90% will be given to government agencies, non-profit organizations and those doing important R&D. A special program for local media will also be funded with grants.

The grants will be used for important projects and programs with the goal of supporting democracy, climate change adaptation and developing a more humane and sustainable civilization.

The way it works is that those receiving grants redeem their AMERO for the goods and services needed for the project from a growing pool of AMERO vendors. Those vendors then redeem their AMERO with other vendors who accept AMERO, and so on.

Hundreds of businesses are already signing up in advance of the AMERO’s launch and vastly more are expected after launch.

Additional digital currencies will be launched by the NAPC for other parts of the world, with an initial 2 trillion in currency created the first year and at least 90% of that made available as grants.

This will enable the 99% to take back their power from the 1% and create a parallel economy that works around the corrupt and obsolete institutions that are holding humanity back.

Soon, money won’t be an issue. Imagine the change that can created with massive funding through digital currencies and the world we could build.

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