August 2018 Newsletter

Prototype of women

CONSUELA on the prowl again with some information you may have missed ad-midst all the craziness of August. No one here except me so I guess I will talk to myself while waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive.

Only two days out of Mercury Retrograde  and and other planet starts spinning backwards in our skies. This time it’s Saturn, the planet of karma, responsibility and life lessons. Not to worry, Saturn Retrograde is nothing to panic over..

The meaning of  Saturn  IN  Retrograde 2018 for your Zodiac Sign involves a lot of karma. If you were hoping to celebrate the end of Mercury retrograde, not so, not so. Not till August19th. Don’t plan any parties just yet. On July 26, Saturn, one of the most feared planets in all of astrology,did move into a retrograde. Anytime you have an event when two planets “run backwards” it is reason for concern for man and beast.
Time for a Karmic Check In.

“ No need to have self conversations I am here, guess I am above your head, no wonder you did not see me. You must really be upset as not to notice me, what is troubling you so my friend?”

“ I tell you later, so what do you know?”

“ Lilian Video chats with her sister Jeanette quiet often, because I am Mr McKrekor the nosy bird I pay attention to what they are saying. Jeanette and Lilian did not see eye to eye on many things when young, but now in the autumn of their lives they are tackling deep subjects I must tell you. DEEP SUBJECTS. They were comparing members of the family living on different continents, different racial mixtures….they have several of those… and their offspring and how there are so many similarities amongst them. They way they think, the way they decorate their houses, the likes and dislikes in food, just habits in general. So they concluded it had to be cellular memories of a genetic nature.

Take a look around your family

Take a look around your family.”
“ And you think that is funny… we are all a different species. A bear, a crow, a cougar, a frog and a butterfly, excuse me a caterpillar”

“ So what happened to Squiry? Think she is off with nuts?”

“ Well it is early Summer but many trees look like Autumn already guess she got confused and stuck in her own little time-line.”

look like Autumn already
Speaking of time-line… There are fires everywhere, Lilian had a brush fire withing a few blocks. It was reported at 2:30 AM. She has the smell of a bloodhound and the ears of I don’t know what and she noticed NOTHING.
She commented about it on her Facebook page and this was the response
she got, in part from her most logical, clinically observant detective friend
James Clarkson:You are still my favorite “resident alien.” You have always viewed the world from a different perspective and you have been very open about it. It is hard to stand in two or more worlds at the same time. The difference is that when this “AKAKAKA” character communicates, it is overwhelming and leaves no room for discussing or trying to understand. He never acknowledges that maybe he doesn’t see or know everything. In these uncertain times we are all feeling a bit defeated, but we have to keep defending the Light. Namaste.

Speaking of fires,some of the world is drowning and western part is on fire.

western part is on fire

Raupe, the Caterpillar has joined the conversation, do frogs eat caterpillars? It is so dangerous to become a butterfly, so many dangers from everywhere but it would appear to be a safe place here.

“ How long did it take you to crawl her in our little world?”

“Well. If I start at the beginning it is like this:
All butterflies have a complete metamorphosis to grow into an adult they go through 4 stages. EGG,LARVA,PUPA and ADULT. Each stage has a different goal-for instance, caterpillars need to eat a lot and adults need to reproduce. It grows inside the egg for about 4 days It then munches milkweed and grows as a monarch caterpillar (larvae) for about 2 more weeks. The caterpillar’s life inside the chrysalis (pupa) lasts about 10 days and its wonderful life as an adult butterfly lasts from 2 – 6 weeks. I just have managed to wonder into your world for just a bit, unfortunately I won’t be able to say long. Maybe you can explain the Human world to me quickly since my time is limited.”

Frog is the optimist maybe he can summarize some of it for you. He leaps up and ahead and catches a fly in the process. He has to eat a lot also.

That is how I found my wonderful friends. Some of us was having a hard time since the moon effects everything water. Lilian was bouncing off the wall, she had no equilibrium, eclipses make her so ill. She does not need water to react, but than she is somewhat strange. Guess that is a reason to seek her company….

Red Moon Eclipse 01
Red Moon Eclipse 02
Pic Andreas Losert

Red Moon Eclipse 03
Pic Renate Strang

The Red Moon Eclipse was not seen in USA so the friends in Germany reported. We only felt the effects. The word Lunatic comes from events like this when Humans have a hard time functioning because the react to events involving the moon… and then, like CONSUELA told “HERSELF” there was also the dancing of the Planets. The solar system’s largest moon, Ganymede, seems to float alongside Jupiter in a picture taken by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Astronomers on Earth have now found a dozen more moons orbiting the gas giant, bringing its total to 79.
Oh yeah you asked for headlines and human behavior.

The present administration of the United States has canceled almost every rule and safety-net there was for men and beast. As a result this came across the news-feed.

Sea level in Seattle could rise anywhere from 1.7 feet to 3.1 feet by 2100 The projections released Monday show what to expect at 171 sites in Puget Sound and along the state’s outer coast sea levels rise due to global warming. The information is more local and specific than previous assessments. STYyOTI0NTE1MToxMDE1NjY1MDk2NTk5NTE1Mg/

Killer bees have changed their location and turning up in places never seen before.

A Whale mother has up to date carried her dead calf around for 9 days. The whales are dying due to lack of food, In fact it has been reported that the herd eats less so the Mother Whale can recover and eat more.

A Whale mother has up to date carried her dead calf around for 9 days
Photo by Ken Balcomb, Center for Whale Research

A Lemur was stolen from a Zoo in California and a shark…a SHARK was stolen from an Aquarium. Both were found savely.

The US PRESIDENT has been accused of dancing with the enemy.

An explosion on 51st Ave in New York has contaminated much of the neighborhood with Asbestos.

Because of Human ignorance and not paying heed to upcoming weather 10 Young boys and a teacher were stranded in a cave, it took many international geniuses to rescue the boys after many days. It was reported that they all became monks after their experience. This does not surprise some when one considers to what dept their understanding of life they must have learned at such a young age and I am sure they received a calling as a result of it.

10 Young boys and a teacher were stranded in a cave

Lilian gave this a lot of thought trying to deceiver which appeared like a miracle and she was trying to find a purpose. Most of the Elders are leaving this world and move on to the next adventure and some wonder if there are enough young ones to take their place and take the world forward.”

“Coug you have not uttered one opinion what;s the matter today.”

“ Well I tell you I don’t want to spoil your fun but I can only report good observations to you today, did not sound like you all wanted to hear pleasant news.”

Let’s have it! Yeah…. said the frog!

Lilian has been ill and in a lot for pain for 3 moth now. Unable to do to much she has with the help of friends and the internet been many places. They have taken her per LIVE FEED along. Here are just a few things she did.
She went to a wedding.
She went on a crocodile hunt.
She went to concerts.
She went to Lake Fair.
She saw the Blue Angles.
She came along on a Canoe Journey.
In essence she visited Haiti, Germany, Australia and Washington State.


ləhigʷalikʷ čəł ʔə tiił st’ulǰəxʷčəł Honoring Our Medicin
They journey over open waters to visit their relatives and friends once a year. Each year a different tribe becomes a host celebrate with singing, dancing, stories and sharing food for the Tribal Journeys of 2018 to our Puyallup Territory of the Medicine Creek Nation. To give you an Idea what that looked like here is a list. I copied it from the Puyallup website. There were 108 Canoes.

Honoring Our Medicin 01

Honoring Our Medicin 02

Honoring Our Medicin 03

Honoring Our Medicin 04

Honoring Our Medicin 05

Honoring Our Medicin 06

Honoring Our Medicin 07

Honoring Our Medicin 08

Now you tell me if the world could just get together in peace like this….not saying you have to paddle….. me and myself would not have to get so angry that you are destroying the planet and there is a sad future ahead for our offspring. Man and beast.

You all told od cllior memories. MEN KIND has made war for so many centuries. BUT If you look at history never anything was really gained by this. There is enough for us all. Never before has Men Kind been so educated…well that is up for discussion… but technologically speaking it has never been like this before and the planet could be saved and beautified into a livable home for us all. I Guess we are angry.”

planet could be saved

“Come on, come on, there comes that nasty landlord, once again he wants to check ID’s and Criminal background checks on Lilian;s Visitors. He has managed to do this 4 times, guess it is in his DNA, he thinks 45 gives him permission to be discriminating against people and animals of different tribes.”

Lilian was talking to her therapist of 30 years. He commented on the fact that out of that time-frame she had been in pain more times than not. They had discussed cellular memory and KARMA earlier in the conversation so Lilian concluded she must have been a SADIST in her last life.

Take care and go forward.


Since some deny Climate change this is what lays ahead. It is the article about the raising sea level STYyOTI0NTE1MToxMDE1NjY1MDk2NTk5NTE1Mg/

Fire close to Lilian’s house. She is at 9011 highway 99 and the fire was at 93rd and Highway 99