September 2018 Newsletter

take in the last days of Summer

CONSUELA here. Trying to take in the last days of Summer. Not too busy to visit with you while waiting for the rest of the gang to get here. As you can see it is rather dry at Lilian’s. Only a few sprinkles in the last 2 months. She likes it because she does not have to cut the grass and she considers herself lucky to live in Washington State, with that having escaped all the storms and floods which have plagued the middle and east coast of North America. Lucky you say? Well the problem in the West of the country was fires. As a result it was almost impossible to breath because of the smoke from the many fires burning all at once. Many people were ill especially the “ Sensitive Group” as they sported the title they had been given by the news. At times ash covered cars, men and beast. For a minute it looked like one of the Volcanoes had awakened. Mt Edna burped but that is in Italy and too far away. Hawaii had a hurricane and the main-land was spared with the exception of a few waves growing larger than usual. Hawaii of course is still tying to recover from the storm and the mess Lane left behind.

lucky to live in Washington State
Pictures courtesy KOMO 4 and Michael Lillie

Yup, that is what it looked like. Mr. McKrekor went to check on the young Eagles who hatched on Moon Road on the Chehelis Reservation. Lilian has been monitoring an Eagles Nest for 8 years and this year it is occupied and shelter to new life. While there he, Mr MC KREKOR, friended an Alpaca and invited him to hang out with us, especially since he mentioned not in 100 years would he understand Humans. Looking forward to meet the new friend. In the mean time I will attempt to report to you what I know to date. The doors and windows at Lilian’s are open because it is Summer and for some reason she likes the heat. My “Hang and Swing Out “ is close enough for me to hear what she talks about on the phone or what ever device she has chosen to communicate on.

Much of the airwaves were taken over by the death of Senator McCain and the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. Both lay in state as we speak and thousands have undertaken the travels to pay their respect.

The final death-toll from the hurricane in 2017 in Puerto Rico is 2975, not 64. the number the President insisted was correct. He had a couple of bad weeks, a couple of his friends were convicted of felony crimes and for a change the news was not about him and his “ GREATNESS.” America concentrated on what was really important. Skirmishes have arisen in other counties since somehow they appear to follow his example of cruelty and need to want to run the world regardless of legalities or compassion. People are uncaring and unreasonable. Correction… a fraction of the population….

A man stole an airplane and crashed it in an act of suicide.

In excess of 500 children are still being held in immigration facilities. Very little is being said about that anymore. How soon we forget.

Complains have come to the forefront that some social media and google block out certain information. MAYBE a large percentage of the people does NOT want to hear more “TRUTH” and just stopped searching for things no longer of interest. Some of the people are unhinged and think mankind is in trouble. America and North Korea are at odds again…. let me get out of this hammock I am thinking like a human now… too relaxed and my mind is running away with me…. or is it. Need to google the difference in brain capacity between man and bear. SEE FOR YOURSELF:

It snowed in Montana and Wyoming…not a trace…up to 10 inches.
There is the gang, Coug, Frog, Mr McKrekor, except Raupe, she is a butterfly and has flown the coop.

“I checked the eagles, they are big enough to leave the nest..amazing how big the youngsters are, I feel so small.”

“You are small. I could squash you with one pawl. I have grown a bit during the year, don’t forget I belong to the cat family.”

“ Like I was saying…. as I was thinking about all the things which could happen to me because of my size there I met a new friend. Remember you are all mammals and unable to fly. Those baby Eagles were giants compared to me. Babies or not…they DO fly. Where is Raupe and what is keeping Frog?”

“Raupe became a butterfly… haha butter FLY. Frog needs water and he set off to find some since Lilian forgot to fill the bird-bath. Alpaka introduce yourself and tell us who you are, You are a immigrant and came from somewhere else since you are not “NATIVE” here.”

“We are often mistaken for Llamas. We are closely related and some of us
can cross-breed. We came from the Andes, Ecuador. Bolivia and Chile. We come from high altitudes. At one point it was discovered our wool makes awesome garments and here I am in Rochester Washington. Not sure if they miss me yet I jumped the fence they were talking about shaving us to look like Poodles again. It is confusing to turn any animal into something it is not. Also I spit and that would not be a good response. Thank you for letting me hang out with you, at least till they catch me since I am sure everyone is looking for a LLAMA.”

“Frog quit hopping in front of me, where are you going?”
“ I am trying to sneak into the house, obviously you are too big. Lilian is talking to her new friend. She became his Mentor they are talking some interesting stuff there. I will visit with your new friend in a little while.”

“ I have been hurting for a few days so tell me about the pain patches Lilian is recommending to everyone. Think it works for Cougars?”

“ Lilian has been hurting a very long time. Not a little ache and pain, she has been in serious pain. It prevented her from attending Alien Con Conference. One of her long time friends heard about her dilemma and mailed her a box of Pain Patches. She trusts the young man, Adam Curry. So she put on a patch. The young lady visiting her at the time noticed that instead of barely being able to move, Lilian was swaying in rather snazzy dance moves in her favorite chair within minutes of applying the patch. It worked! She, Lilian, had not noticed before it was pointed out to her she was practically pain free. With the hype of the opioid crises it is almost impossible to get a prescription for pain medication. It is not right for chronically ill and seniors to have to suffer pain at a large scale and this may turn out to become a solution. She called all her friends…no-one believed it until they tried it themselves and Adam Curry became every-ones Hero.
Not that he needed fame, they named an asteroid after this young Genius at the age of 19. Her friends were also familiar with Adam because it was he who was responsible for Lilian’s Mind Lamp.

Mr MCKrekor you are master of “OBTAINING: things see if you can obtain one of those patches maybe it will work on poor Coug.

“ So tell me, why is it you equate black with obtain you start sounding like Humans. Discriminating and racist.”

“I would like to get back to to you with an answer but right now I want to hear what Lilian and her new friend are talking about. They have a lot in common, especially their love for Africa and formed an immediate bond. They talk paranormal stuff… now they switched to a different conversation. Time discrepancies of up to an hour and 10 minutes have been noticed and Ancient Alien Theorists are investigating ancient teachings with the fact that some inhabitants of the Planet are in agreement with the opinion that the gods left some time ago and are preparing to return. Wait… the phone is ringing, let me hop behind the big chair so I can’t be spotted. Subject: Omarosa. No Lilian did not watch TV Shows but was aware the Omarosa Lady in the White House had been a contestant on a show and one of the Presidents friends at the time when the Apprentice aired. Somehow he had appointed her to Director of Communications. Omarosa was the only African American working in the White House. Because of her job description it gave the impression she had betrayed her people and in some circles it was a painful experience. At one point she was fired and wrote a book about her acquaintance with the President. When it became known that she reliesed damaging tapes the news concentrated on her for several days. Lilian decided to make up her own mind about the hoopla and did her own research instead of forming opinions about what was said. She was surprized to see who were the people Omarosa was affiliated with before her time at the White House. Lilian recognized some of them. Especially her former late fincee Mr, Michael Duncon. Her gentle giant from the Green Mile. It appeared all the people were loving. Caring human beings and in Lilian’s opinion would not have associated with a person of the caliber described during this time. It occurred to her that just maybe Omarosa was able to infiltrate the Trump Clan with a purpose in mind. Sometimes people have a calling and it is necessary to become that Camilion to achieve a higher purpose. It also occurred to Lilian that there may be a time when people have to change their attitude toward the Lady and owe her an apology. Since the present administration is in power everything amounts to “THEM” and “US”. Politically and racially. Could it be that we will have to thank Omarosa, Stormy and a Pecker to have saved us…..Eventually…

“ OK Coug let me see your back side I did get one of those patches for you. This had better work, almost got caught. I got a glimpse at the TV. All I heard was about divisions, hate, fear mongering and misery. Maybe we should find a new planet to inhabit this one is a bit in trouble. Or we just stay helpful to the people by trying to bring a little joy into their lives. With simplicity. I enjoy meeting Alpaka. Bet he has some thoughts on solutions. He said he comes from species which is able to interbreed with Llamas. Coug is in the Feline family. CONSUELA has relatives which are Black Bears, Grisly Bears and Polar Bears living in the Arctic, all the same genetic species. All different but interchangeable.
Lets take a look at our Human Brothers and Sisters.

Human Brothers and Sisters

All Humans are of the same species and interchangeable. They are different races. Yet belong to the same Human Race. Yet they are constantly battling with each other instead of celebrating the differences which makes them unique. The battle for dominance has been around for so long. For thousands of years. There is enough living space, enough food for all of them. Even at that it is always about”Them”. Most times when pressed for an answer they don’t have one… in reality it does not exist. In 2018, when pressed for an answer as what do you think of the looks of this. How can only one people think they are superior to another. It is high time Humans start looking to the future and unite as one people, show love for one another… tolerance would do.

Us and them how can we reach a compromise. Each living being has the right
to live a life of peace, satisfaction able to experience the wonderful things life has to offer.”

we need one for the world

“ Do you realize we talk about the same thing every time we get together? It always amounts to the same thing. The Pain patch is doing something…. we need one for the world. I am ready to get back to what I was doing. Be careful Alpaka they will put you in chains if they catch you. You are valuable, you have wool. What we need is a Trump Card, a ACE in the Hole.”

“I’m gone…keep dreaming . Put that in the translator and you know what you get?
An Ass in the Hole.

Till next gathering
Love and Light

Here is the link for the Pain patches.

This is an interview with Adam I thought you may enjoy.

Birth of a butterfly someone send me so here it is under fair use act.