October 2018 Newsletter

CONSUELA coming to you live

CONSUELA coming to you live…well., somewhat. Been napping in the hammock long enough, time to get moving, after all I have to eat a lot since it is almost time for me to hibernate. If fact I have been eating quiet a bit, which resulted in getting nightmares. OH WHAT IS THAT SMELL still in my nose! I thought this was part of my nightmare but it’s not!

Mr Skunk what are you doing here

“Mr Skunk what are you doing here, have not encountered your kind in years. I know there were many of you at one time so where did you come from after such a long time?”

“ Sorry about the intrusion. I am aware of the smell associated with , so I thought it was time to pay a visit since everything in the Human World stinks to high heaven. I came quiet a ways. It took a while to find someone to tell me how to return to our previous domain or I would have attended your gatherings earlier. Have you seen the
weather across the world?

weather across the world

weather across the world--hurricanes

Many people died in the hurricanes in the Carolinas, it has been 2 weeks and the people are still under water. Earthquakes and Tsunamis around the world killed many and have destroyed so much. Still worried about the relatives and the Gullah Geechee on the Islands. We are lucky to live in the North West, we had a wonderful, peaceful Summer, asides from a horrendous fire season, So Consuela tell me about the nightmares which are troubling so much.”

We were all in Lilian’s front yard when a large Swastika appeared and we all found ourselves in a different time period. Things looked the same, yet the Humans in my dream were from the past, they were mingling with us. Somehow they recognized things and events which they mistook for their time in history. At first I thought they were aberrations. I turned to the friends, Mr McKrekor, Raupe, Cough, Frog, Alpaka… come to think of it you were there…HMMM… premonition I suppose…. except it all appeared so timely. Remember thinking how I wanted to wake up from this unnatural state, Lilian would never allow these terrible Humans in her yard. BUT then I remembered her mutilated cat and the Confederate flags flying in her neighborhood without objections from anyone, or so it appeared. I heard small panes and helicopters taking off from the near-by airport… just like always and and one point wondered if I was in some other reality. All these things appeared so acceptable and normal except on this other level I knew it could not be real. NOONE would allow a repeat of time.”

a repeat of time

And then the scene changed and it appeared they were on opposite sides. I must have really over eaten, maybe it was the cucumbers which really do not belong to my diet.

on opposite sides

“I know a little about the origin of a swastika, maybe if I share it with you you feel a bit better.
In the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, swastika means “well-being”. The symbol has been used by Hindus, Buddhists and Jains for millennia and is commonly assumed to be an Indian sign. It also symbolizes all four directions, in other words it covers the globe.
Early Western travelers to Asia were inspired by the positive and ancient associations and started using it back home. By the beginning of the 20th Century they used it as a good luck symbol.
The word ‘swastika’ derives from an Asian Indian Sanskrit word, in which the meaning of the swastika stands for universal welfare. “Swastika” means well-being of one and all and “key” means symbol. The way I would perceive it it was intended for only positive. The swastika is one of the most ancient of all symbols and used as a symbol for peace, life and good luck. It represented the revolving sun, fire or life.”

“Nice try”

“No. look here is a Navajo sand painting. I am SURE it is much older than that awful Hitler and what comes after.
It takes ONE bad apple…as they say… and yes it spoils the barrel. So it is today. Many have attached themselves to the thinking of ONE BAD APPLE and associate Swastika with FEAR and Terror. It appears to be working.”

Navajo sand painting

“Humans are so strange, will never understand. There is such a thing as natural order. And you, my Skunk Friend, have spoiled my appetite for apples for a long time. I like them as treats…. Well. I use to as of this moment.”

“So do you think Lilian will be upset about my visit?”

“ I don’t know, She said she missed your kind, when she first came to USA she lived in a prairie and she instinctively knew who you were when she first encountered you. There were no skunks where she came from. She still has her door open, that is how we hear about the going on’s about the Human world. She has been burning sage, lavender and any other healing herb she can get her hands on since she has been ill for several month. Is she going to welcome you…. don’t know, Guess you have to behave and not fight with the numerous cats hanging around. Lilian has a good SMELLER. It is because her open door we were able to keep up with the latest Drama… 2 weeks in the making and ongoing. Everywhere, TV, Radio,Neighbors talking. A new Supreme Court Judge has been nominated and the country is up in arms… or feet if you will. It has been suggested that when he was a young man it sexually upset a woman, which is not acceptable for a man in his position. Lilian’s generation dealt with a similar situation in 1991 when everyone was quiet involved in the scandal in reference to Judge Thomas. At that time many people sided with the judge, especially people of color. It was during a time we refereed to many suffering from “ JUNGLE FEVER”. Many men of color married out of their race and some of us resented that. In 1991 we still talked like that. It was a different time. Lilian now feels we owe Anita Hill an apology, women should have supported her much more than they did. Ms. Thomas is white. Had we understood the mechanics as well as we do now Judge Thomas would not have been appointed.

Anita Hill

Clarence Thomas


METOO totally stand behind the women

METOO totally stand behind the women
METOO totally stand behind the women 3


This time we are wiser and listen to the woman. A Movement METOO totally stand behind the women in this case. We have come a long way and speaking out against things happening to the female Human species and it needs to stop. Everyone is equal and it cannot be allowed for the new generation to find themselves back in the thinking of 1960’s. It is being investigated by the FBI and we will have an answer as to the outcome in next month report.


Amy Goodman, a TV : Democracy Now was threatened with imprisonment of she does not stop reporting some things which are not mentioned in main stream media. Lilian knows her well and it is something to ponder…. she also speaks her mind.

NIKE made the kneeling Kaepernick the face of the year and stock has shot thru the roof. In fact most of the women in congress wore NIKE shoes to show their support of freedom of expression and we want our voices heard.

Bees were put on the endangered species list and we are keeping a close eye on our whale population. It is shrinking at an alarming pace.

A crop circle appeared in England. The only one which caught Lilian’s attention. She is very familiar with the subjects and has been in 110 herself. This one stood out because to her, Lilian, it represented the duality of time going on at the moment. Like we have opened that door and see things how they really are. A NEW AWARENESS!

crop circle appeared in England

Lilian spend her late granddaughter Vanya’s Birthday with her granddaughter Ebony and her family. It has been 30 years since she traveled to Bremerton and she was in awe how much the place has grown in that time period. One of the things they had fun with was interpreting a photo someone sent. Most people when hearing the word paranormal think GHOST. In this case Lilian thinks it is a aberration and a different time occupying the present space.

aberration and a different time occupying the present space

On her way home she stopped at a Wood Shop and was allowed to take pictures of the carvings. It was so refreshing to finally land in a happy place, so this is what she saw.

Wood Shop

If we REALLY seek to find wonderful things in our present time just take a look, A Flower, a spring of water, a bird just anything. It is there. Just become aware and be thankful for what the moment has to offer. So I have no idea where the rest of our gang is today. Should I demand and answer I bet they would answer:


For today I remain in Love and Light

Bill Oliphant
A long time coworker of Lilian’s, Bill Olephant, passed away in the last week of August. She was shocked and is grieving.

Bill Olephant, passed away


HEARING 2018 for appointment for Kavanaugh