November 2018 Newsletter

Some of my friends

Consuela heading for my Winter quarters. Some of my friends offered to make sure I stop to rest often and I get there safe and kept reminding me I have not related any stories. So here we go:

Almost all the leaves have turned, some struggle to stay on the trees, but nature has a way of trying to stay on track much to the dismay of some of Earth inhabitants. Much of the world encountered problems… BIG problems and so many perished. Man and beast.

This is what the skies looked like right after Hurricane Michael.

after Hurricane Michael
Fair use…photographer unknown

The United States Geological Survey reports a preliminary magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck near Port Hardy, Canada at 10:39 pm. local time at a depth of about 7 miles (11 kilometers).

At 11:16 pm., a magnitude 6.8 earthquake struck the same area at a depth of 13 miles (21 kilometers).

At 11:22 pm. a magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck the same area at a depth of 6 miles (10 kilometers).

The U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center reported that a tsunami was not expected.

tsunami was not expected

The West Coast of the US was spared some of the extremes with exception for the, which eventually amounted to 6 and the midsection of the country had a Fracking Quake.

A quake of a different nature arrived when a total of 14 pipe bombs were mailed to Democratic officials, counting 2 Ex Presidents. At first the claim was made the culprit to be Native American, that claim was later corrected. He was Caucasian. It momentarily presented a problem for the tribes because the court ruled unless you list a street address you are ineligible to vote. Most residents of Reservations have PO Boxes and therefore are unable to vote.

As soon as this threat was resolved another Radical walked into a Synagogue and gunned down 11 people.

A week prior to this a journalist was brutally murdered at the Saudi Embassy in Turkey.

14 pipe bombs were mailed to Democratic officials

24000 people marched against a Nazi Group in Berlin Germany, which thanks to modern behavior has sprung up once again in their country.

Lilian concentrated on the beauty of the seasons when ever she was able to leave her home. She said she wanted to create memories for herself for times when she is unable to leave her dwelling and emotions are rampant for her.

beauty of the seasons

So much bad news, is this cheering you up? It was intended to do so.

Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft was called to his next assignment. Seattlelites get very emotional when they lose one of their own…. and they have claimed Paul Allen for a very long time. He was also the owner of Seattle Seahawks and Portland OR team. He will be missed by many, especially since he gave so much, so much and was a person we wish had remained a bit longer.

Preston Nichols, a dear friend to many people,left this Earth plane and is thanked for all the work he did to investigate the Montauk Project and bring issues to light that others would not look at. He always said his purpose was to get humanity through to a certain point.
It is my hope that Preston will be able to do more from his new place in the universe.

Preston Nichols

Preston Nichols 2

Preston Nichols 3

Preston Nichols 4

Preston Nichols 5

Preston Nichols 6

Preston had quite an impact on Lilian’s life. When she was unable to cope it was him, Al Bielek, Peter Moon and Dr Gilbert Jordan to come to her aid and help her get back to this reality.

Lilian did her early workup for the predictions of 2019. She does this each October and asked a couple of her friends to add to the equation.

Lack of sublety.
Speakers Critics absence of solidarity.
Alternate of two places, pending contradictions.
Slightly unethical failure at different levels.
Twins doing things two times Fortune.
Sharp explosive statements.
Earthquakes, volcanoes, decisions made have to be sincere.
New conception.
Firewalker- no fear results in good outcome.
Feeling not valued, lower your defenses.
Compare lot with others, unite to create a balance.
Promise times will return.
Things will end as they started.
Agreements, Contracts depending on other cards.

Peter George is a psychic born in Sierra Leone. This is his perspective.
Speak up/ Critics.
Except there is a problem.
Determination and hard choices.
Power strength, strong in purpose.
Balance of power-too much government executive.
Divine intervention.
Be attentive and aware what’s going on.
Visualization-be intuitive and see things as they are (suppose) to be.
Stance at the crossroads, bold action is required.
Ask for help and guidance.
Faith Trust take chances and believe everything will be okay.
Amerika is strong will make it through, makes you stronger and intact.

A friend and confidant of Lilian’s. She thought you may appreciate his insight for 2019

Lokesh Kumar Singh
Internationally known Astrologer at astrologer & Playback Singer Lokesh Kumar Singh

The time to concentrate on human needs like water, food, aviation, cheaper homes etc.
One or two persons can research the final medicine for cancer. Some doses would cure the disease.

All countries will work on the lifestyle of the citizens.
2019 may be the real time for some progress in research of mass energy relations more.
2019 should be peaceful for the world.

“Where is the rest of the Gang?”

Where is the rest of the Gang

“ That answer you question?”

“No. because we took this picture yesterday”

“ Look way to the end of the trail. They are sitting in a circle. Let’s go and see what is keeping them”

“ I am tired, can’t you see? But OK I’ll try.”

“ What is your problem Cough? Mr McKrekor has been yelling for you for a good while.”

“ I know. I am mad at Skunk, he made me smell bad yesterday. He did not agree with my vote so eventually he made me stink. I am mad at you guys because you are still talking to him.”
“ Careful now, you sound like a human, they have a habit of doing that. One is mad they are ALL mad and shun you.

The blind Obedience and taking sides is used in many cultures. This Trope also applies to character and no-one examines facts or feelings of the ‘OFFENDER” Blood is thicker than water they say, but sometimes it is also Tribe rather than blood who becomes guilty of this practice. In fact it appears it could be hereditary, since it has been this way for so long.
Loyalty is essential for genuine family solidarity, BUT, blind loyalty can also lead to great dysfunction.

It is very painful to all involved and feels like your heart is breaking. Ask Lilian or anyone else shunned by either family or a religious sect. Not even support groups are helpful and it is a trigger for suicide.”

“ Do you suppose that is what is happening in America in the political setting? Blind Loyalty to a Leader with a negative agenda?”

“ OMG you could be right, let me stop this crazyness, do not want to be mistaken for an uncaring hereditarily disadvantaged human.”

Make sure you do not adopt this…they can help this ignorant, unhealthy, arrogant… behaviour, do NOT use this for an excuse to act like this. We have INSTINCT, lets use those rules.”

“ Have you seen Whales, Dolphins, Birds and Herds all move in Unity?”

“ Yes, but Human brains and emotions work different, they have choices to use Love, compassion, forgiveness and Unity. It is OK to tumble sometimes. Now walk me to me Winter dwelling while I tell you a Lilian story. In case I get too tired I thank you for your friendship and looking forward to Spring.”

“ We will miss you Consuela. Stay safe and we will send you good thoughts while you sleep. Now tell the story.”

“ Lilian arranged her home to Winter mode. She removed a large board from the wall and put it outside. She is very conscious of potential problems Earthquakes and storms can create. She intended to move it away from the entrance to the house. The phone distracted her and it ended up too close to the door and she forgot to correct this error. The next morning she was unable to open the door because the board jammed from the outside. After 45 minutes poking it inch by inch away from the door with a BBQ fork she finally opened the door enough to squeeze out.

Later that night she told her friends about the dilemma. Her friend asked if she had a back
door. Of course she did and all she would have had to do is exit per back door, remove the board and free herself.

DUH… Have brain… should use it!

Consuela heading for my Winter quarters