December 2018 Newsletter

Consuela left a note for us

Mr McKrekor here. Consuela left a note for us. How thoughtful not to forget us while she is taking a nap. It is a bit early for Happy New Year, but I am glad she thought we would miss her, yes and miss her we do! Bet she is dreaming of Summer, only 5 month to wait, more or less and then we will complain about the heat again.

miss her we do

I was so relieved when Consuela took the rein, she had such a broad perspective. So there she dreams in the winter phase of 2018. Would like to know how she ended up in the mountains… well OK, it is her dream.

In REAL life the Human population… well some of them … thought they were also in a dream. United States had Mid-Term elections. The tug of war between BLUE and RED is ongoing in December. Democrats re-took the HOUSE, which was a blessing.
It may shift the lawmakers to make a few better decisions, not that it will heal the country. but it is a start.

Fires were raging in California

Fires were raging in California.

The Camp fire has scorched 153,000 acres, destroyed more than 18,000 buildings, most of them residences, and left a death toll of 84. 249 people were still missing as of the end of November and it is estimated a total of 135000 are homeless. Not sure if all of these are a result of the fires.

Climate Denial Continues

As Trump’s Climate Denial Continues, a Global Rebellion Spreads … caused by the wildfires and where just under a thousand people are still  missing. Trump is the only world leader who rejects the Paris Climate Agreement.

a case of insomnia 1
a case of insomnia 2

I have rambled on and on enough now, about time everyone decided to congregate for the monthly hang out session at our friends Lilian. Minus Consuela she is doing what bears do this time of the year. BUT many reports from around the world mention that there is a case of insomnia going on because of season changes and some of the bear family …to use human terms… could actually use some Prozac. They are confused and unable to sleep. We heard Lilian is a bit under the weather so we switched positions and location. Besides this is not a formal meeting. Since when do we call this a meeting anyway. Just hanging out.”“Have you heard the latest? Lilian went to Walmart to buy some screws, paint and knobs for her bathtub. As she entered an employee came towards her and asked if she needed help. The Lady, Rachel, said she needed a breather from the every day crap and wanted to help explore. And so they did. Up and down the isles in the enormous building ducking and dodging between the many shoppers who had came to look for bargains at the beginning of the shopping season. Rachel showed her pictures on her Iphone what Thanksgiving looked like for some from a Bird’s Eye View… No pun intended Mr McKrekor.”

“Some of the world started Carnival Season 11.11. 2018. What a great diversion from the mess Humans created for the world.

Carnival Season 11.11. 2018

“Me, Cougar that I am, would really, just ONCE, sneak into one of those festivities. Don’t think I get away with it people calling me hey there Kitty Kitty. I think it would be such fun to mingle and looking at all the costumes and inventions of disguises Humans create during such times, imagine it goes on for a long time, it does not end till Ash Wednesday. Bet they dress up as animals no longer on the Planet, I saw a list on Lilian’s Garden Table. Don’t know what she was doing with it BUT I “obtained” it and this is what it said: The report concludes that populations of vertebrates – animals with backbones, including fish and mammals – fell 60 percent on average between 1970 and 2014.

10 animals that have gone extinct in the last century

  • Baiji dolphin. Year declared extinct: 2007. …
  • Thylacine, also known as ‘Tasmanian wolf’ or ‘Tasmanian tiger’ Year declared extinct: 1986. …
  • Pinta tortoise. Year declared extinct: 2012. …
  • Golden toad. Year declared extinct: 1989. …
  • Caribbean monk seal. Year declared extinct: 2008. …
  • Caspian tiger. …
  • Formosan clouded leopard. …
  • Pyrenean ibex.

“ This makes me so angry I could just spit! Think of how many of the animal world are used for food. I heard it said Thanksgiving alone cost 46 million Turkeys their life. JUST ON THANKSGIVING! Imagine your soul purpose for being born is to be eaten. They shave me and make me carry heavy things so I am glad I am a Llama.”

“ Being a Skunk is lucky also, don’t you think? But than there is poor Frog always having to watch his legs.”

“ After seven months of traveling through space, the NASA InSight mission has landed on Mars. Millions watched it on TV as the craft sat down on the surface of the Planet… sat down once again.”

“ What do you mean… AGAIN.”

“ In some circles it is said that Humans originated on Mars, destroyed the environment and escaped to a new home. Planet Earth. Since they are doing such a wonderful job of ravishing Earth they figure maybe Mars has recovered to the point where THEY need to take a look to see if THEY can repopulate Mars again.”

“ Now THAT is crazy Raupe, just because you can shift shapes and escape as a butterfly does not mean… NAAA…”

‘In the 90’s man made structures were discovered on Mars and several books were written on the subject. Lilian knew some of the Authors and featured them on her shows. It sounded pretty convincing. Who is to say it is not true, think about it. Why amid all the trouble on Earth, the poverty, misery and pollution is it so important to go to Mars without a reason? Many people shutter at the fact some Humans believe there is life on other planets and make movies about it. People pay a lot of money to take time out of their day and watch them in Theaters and now someone is is actually spending Billions to land on Mars, while others shoot teargas at refugee women and children trying to seek help in a country known for compassion.”

“Where have you been. Deer is known for gentleness and look what happens to us. Look at Men’s history…compassion… don’t make me joke on the blueberry leaves I just found, they are so tasty.”

“Hope Consuela wakes up soon and takes charge of this circle of friends we sure have caught some sickness talking crazy, even if we are just giving our thoughts on what we see and hear. How about we reflect on how wonderful it has been to share time and space with each other and ask Lilian if we can come back next year.”

“ Sound good so we end on a positive note. Lilian’s book will be online in 2 weeks and she said for people without money during these hard times they
can send it to their friends as gifts.”

Duck Dud

List and insight of animal extinctions

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