January 2019 Newsletter



COMMANDER here! I came to Lilian Via SANI ZETO. Sani and Lilian were fellow writers for the STAR BEACON in the early 90’s. Sani heard that Lilian was surrounded by Aliens most of her life, so when she came to visit, in order to do a Visit with a Person of High Strangeness Show, she brought along, as a gift,a couple of the dolls she made. So. I have been hanging out in Olympia, at Lilian’s for 20 years. They called me COMMANDER.

My friend CROOKET is a bit bigger than me, but Lilian broke his neck when she grabbed him during the 2001 Nisqually 6.8 Earthquake, they hit the wall together and she broke his neck. We were never successful in fixing him properly and nicknamed him Crooket. And to be sure you understand, we, aliens, do NOT look like this, but OK since You, the Human Species want us to appear like this, let it be as you wish.

2019, a hectic year ahead you! If the last month of 2018 was an indication…. buckle your seat-belts, since for some reason that gives you a sense of security and safety.

Parts of Canada were hit with life threatening -65 chills.

Philippines had Earthquakes.

American South was flooded.

Mt Edna erupted.

A volcano created a deadly Tsunami in Indonesia.

Another Guatemalan Child died in US custody.
100,s of Refugees were”Dumped off” in Texas and NM cities.

The US Government was partially shut down. It put a hardship on many, especially Christians who were unable to enjoy their Holiday.

Throughout the year so many things, rules and regulations benefiting the population was done away with and distressed many around the world. A major blow was when pay raises for Federal workers were canceled and Military pay amounts were in limbo.

It was decided to pull US troops out of Syria and some out of Afghanistan which resulted in Defense Secretary Mattis to resign in protest. Many very important Jobs are unfilled at present. Unable to obtain a list… but it is impressive.

Israel headed to elections as Netanyahu’s coalition dissolves parliament

A tour-bus was attacked close to the Pyramid of Giza, many lost their lives.

During a live broadcast of Congress this came to light.

The Holtec nuclear waste storage canisters at San Onofre are lemons and must be replaced with thick-wall casks.

Is it a wonder that many people were so afraid when 11 enormous planes flew over a residential are in Stanford Florida? In fact many Americans have never seen anything like it. Those from other countries have and some have came from war zones, what about some of the Combat Veterans … It must have been a hair raising experience.

11 enormous planes flew by

Since it Was Trevon Martins Neighborhood a friend who took the Photographs send this one with the following comment

Trevon Martins Neighborhood a friend who took the Photographs

We need to feel sorry that many of Kanye’s followers were so easily distracted by Kanye West the day I saw those planes, 12 of them.  His followers don’t appear to be plugged into the planes, or how Trump is using Kanye as a tool.   Kanye’s followers are plugged into his rap music.  A Trump advocate, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer has the ear of POTUS44, the same one Obama accurately (in my opinion) called an ass.

Kanye is proposing we abolish the 13th Amendment

           [[the Amendment that abolished slavery]] 
… the Amendment that still allows a system of prison labor and mass incarceration of blacks to continue.  We The People must never forget how George Zimmerman.legally lynched one of our children.  
With this in minds, so what if Melania snubbed her nose at children of color yet again – especially those her hubby keeps in cages. While the world was not talking about these planes, Trump’s Tramp probably said – as she strolled with her financier across the Whitehouse lawn, probably tired, and mumbling in those skintight nude leggings ■ I don’t care, do you?

So what if I see a dozen, or so military planes fly through my neighborhood, not far above my power lines.  Are those bombs I see?

Some thought the Russians were coming especially sine several days earlier some Russian Plans were intercepted in Alaska after flying too close to American Airspace. HOWEVER… It turned out the planes in Florida were American C-17s

We just really looked over the pictures and pulled up C-17 pictures. Huge cargo planes with the ability to land on short airstrips and takeoff from short strips.

“OMG how do you keep all this straight in your oblong head and always the bad stuff?”

“ I have to. It is important to stay informed what goes on on the Planet Earth and that why they call ME COMMANDER and not you.”

” With all due respect If you was walking around with a broken neck I would like to see what is important to you. Myself, I concentrate of happy and pleasant things, people and events”

KWANZAA is a wonderful week of celebration
By Paul Lujam
KWANZAA is a wonderful week of celebration,

KWANZAA is a wonderful week of celebrations

Kwanzaa is a celebration held in the United States and in other nations of the African diaspora …. (self-determination) and thus violate the integrity of the holiday, which is partially intended as a reclamation of important African values. Today, It celebrates family. Many activities, sharing of food and gifts, It actually unites many as the observe the principle of Unity.”

” Crooket Aren’t you tired of celebrations and smells you don’t know anything about? Lilian brought so much food into the house this year I have never smelled before. And the stuff on her TV, It is not even in English any more. Keep having to push my translator to understand what she is listening to. People in and out, the alarms keep going off any time someone approaches the house. I thought she was Psychic and knew who was coming.”

Speaking of Renate Strang

“She does, but it came in handy when a murder was committed in her neighborhood and the suspect is still on the loose. Armed and dangerous they said. She cut her cable and tries to refresh her German skills since she has agreed to translate another book for Renate Strang..
Speaking of Renate Strang, her and Lilian talk each day for about 7 years. The other night as they conversed Lilian was doing strange stuff again. Renate took pictures over a 20 minute period while this interdimensional or something mist surrounded Lilian. Could also be it was healing energy since she has been ill since April.

mist surrounded Lilian

A few nights later Renate asked her to open her hand. What she saw was moving spots. Needless to say Lilian did not see any of it from her end. When the pictures of the highstrangeness arrived she sought aid from a person familiar with such things and this is what he reported.:I looked at the dots on your hand. Zooming in makes the images fuzzy. But in the one on the upper right, it looks like the constellation Cetus and the lower left looks like Persius.

dots on your hand

So you see I just keep track of the good stuff, but you should know this after 20 years…COMMANDER.”

“ No Power-struggle tonight, we save our opinions till next time but if it makes you feel better…CROOKET. One of Lilian’s Great Granddaughter….age 4…. was asked what she wanted for Christmas. She said she told Santa a Tablet and also told her Daddy. When asked why she told both she answered that just in case Santa did not get to it, HER DADDY WOULD!” one on the upper right, it looks like the constellation Cetus and the lower left looks like Persius.


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