February 2019 Newsletter

Commander just hanging around

Commander just hanging around to get an overview as to the Going On’s and there are quiet a few! Not all together true, the reason for the hanging part, but I feel like Lilian when she has a back ache, not comfortable anywhere, just want to hang from the ceiling.

She is sitting in her chair just chatting away with her Niece, she is surrounded by the most wonderful people.

Melani reports:

Searching for a new direction. Yesterday I volunteer for the (PIT) point in time count of homeless people. I walked into the Providence community care clinic and I saw a young lady that struggles but amazing. She ask if she could hug me. She is not homeless anymore but love to hangout and encourage. I looked up and there were so many people in different places of their lives. Then I saw 3 young men in front of a 3 sinks watching their arm pits. I just started crying. This is America Land of the Free, land of opportunities, lots of empty buildings etc.. why are people trying to bathe in the middle of a room full of people? Why can’t this country not end homelessness? We need affordable education, we need good pay for educators so we can start at head start to educate our children, we need mental health, we need free health care, we need affordable housing, we need mentors, we need to break the cycle of poverty, we need family, love, compassion, forgiveness, drug treatments, ……….. I often hear they made that choice but having been on both sides of the fence; circumstances, trauma etc. made those choices for you. So many factors plays into why people do certain things. Some choices are made because someone placed you in that situation. My journey has touch every aspect of life. Joyous, Blessed, Traumatic, Painful not wanting to go on but I am who I am because of my journey. I am able to give, love, forgive, understand because of the journey I had. I am NOT PERFECT. I made and still makes mistakes, sometimes I don’t understand people’s choices at first, but then I work on educating, mentoring, listening and supporting them to grow and be the best they can be.

OHN this hanging is not for me, was a bad Idea to begin with! Where is my partner CROOKET I have to find a better place for me to “hang”.

my partner  CROOKET

That is much better,now if we could just do something about CROOKET’s neck….

“ OK I am used to it! Whats on your mind Commander? Looks like you been think, too.”

“ Remember right about Christmas Lilian went into one of her “obsessive” moods. She started searching for something without knowing what she was looking for. She stayed like that for 3 weeks and was hard to live with. She attempted to find a comparison between Pre-War Germany and present day USA. She wanted to see if she could determine what the average person experienced emotionally before the Fuhrer lost his mind.”

“Yeah, except she was unable to and instead ran into the time period after the war, of some she actually remembered. She was born in 1947 and 2 years old when she got to where she grew up for a time. She wondered how any of the kids survived the after war period and the poor Mothers struggling to keep their offspring alive.

war period

She was lucky and lived in the American Sector of the now LIBERATED, OCCUPIED country. In the 1960’s many of the troops stationed there brought young brides to USA. The girls had to be 17/12 to request visas, get married and were grateful for their new home. So MANY of them still living remember the challenges a dictatorship and war brought along. In the mean time there are many other countries and refugees which have experienced the same or simular hardships.”

“ So while Lilian is doing all this reminiscing January went downhill real fast. The US Government was partially shut down and created immeasurable hardship for a large portion of the population. This problem of imposing the
Leader’s will is by no means resolved and he threatens another shutdown OR a State of Emergency {which does not exist but only in his reality} and the people are stressed to no end.

74 years since the liberation by the Allies

Today, January 27th,,Europe commemorated 74 years since the liberation by the Allies.
Lots to think about for Humans don’t ya think? It was after the Fuhrer declared a State of Emergency the Terror started.

“ You know young Earthlings have no point of reference. It appears everything continues to repeat. NOT saying this is the case now but it would be wise to study history a bit. It is always in motion. But in a way these are also interesting times in as much as it it seeing things unfold. Roger Stone is the latest to be indited, wonder just how many noticed the shape of his head. Some say it means something…an oblong skull. Some say the world is being influenced from other places….but you would not know about that!”

January 25, 2019 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA - Roger Stone, after his release, outside the Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, Jan. 25, 2019. (Credit Image: � Amy Beth Bennett/Sun Sentinel/TNS via ZUMA Wire)
January 25, 2019 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA – Roger Stone, after his release, outside the Federal Courthouse in Fort Lauderdale on Friday, Jan. 25, 2019. (Credit Image: � Amy Beth Bennett/Sun Sentinel/TNS via ZUMA Wire)

“There is so much Humans don’t want to understand, just give it a little more time. Heard Lilian tell a Lady, just the other day, that when people become frightened or unsure of things they seek out people who they think have some answers, like psychics, Healers, preachers and yes sometimes people who claim to know things, I think they are called Charletons. Wrong word? You know hat she meant right? They, the ladder,
of course, are there to take their money by letting people think they have a quick fix. It is HARD work to live on the Planet Earth these days.”

“ I want to talk about the other strange thing which took place. About the rare illness. Lilian’s Granddaughter sufferes from horrible, debilitating pain, so Lilian suggested she get checked for Gout and have her blood checked. Sickle Cell Anemia afflict several of the family members and it causes pain on occasion. Dr did as requested and discovered
the presence of another RARE blood-disorder present in the family.
People whose hemoglobin does not produce enough alpha protein have alpha Thalassemia. It is commonly found in Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, southern China, and occasionally the Mediterranean region.

There are four types of alpha Thalassemia that range from mild to severe in their effect on the body.
Silent Carrier State. This condition generally causes no health problems because the lack of alpha protein is so small that the hemoglobin functions normally. It is called “silent carrier” because of how difficult it is to detect. Silent carrier state is “diagnosed” by deduction when an apparently normal individual has a child with hemoglobin H disease or alpha Thalassemia trait.

A blood disorder involving less than normal amounts of an oxygen-carrying protein.

Fewer than 200,000 US cases per year.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder characterized by less oxygen-carrying protein (hemoglobin) and fewer red blood cells in the body than normal.

Symptoms include fatigue, weakness, paleness, and slow growth.

less oxygen-carrying protein (hemoglobin)
red blood cells in the bodySickle Cell looks like this

When Lilian discuss this with her sister it came to light her Mother was RH Negative and besides Lilian there was another family member who lost a child to RH Factor.
Genetics show that even though we like to think all humans are alike that are NOT in as much as we can now prove ancestry.”

“ It sounds like you are agreeing with the madness of the present mood of some people….us and them.”

“ OMG NO, quiet the opposite. It proves that there are different Humans living on the planet, ALL HUMAN and only when everybody lives together in harmony, equally and peacefully can the planet recover from the terrible abuse it has endured. It also suggests the possibility of other species having lived on the planet. We can enhance the planet by living together in peace, HUMAN descendant of all origin, man and beast.”

THIS IS NOT EXCEPTABLE. People freezing to death in the streets because so few care.
Homeless people in #Chicago found frozen to death.?￰゚マᄒTake a moment and think about how incredibly fortunate & blessed you are right now. Forget about Trumps wall, the Jordan’s you want, the new purse you want.

Homeless people in #Chicago found frozen to death.

“Humans have to start visualizing a different future for themselves. Speaking of visualizing. Lilian had a Dr Appointment. It is quiet a distance and she takes the back roads. About half way into her journey she had to use the bathroom. In the middle of nowhere. She ask Universe… her usual source of help… to do something. It as really urgent. Within a few feet on the side of the road stood an Outhouse. It looked new. She slammed on the breaks, pulled aside on the road, jumped out of the car and examined the Outhouse. It was tangible, clean, urinal was spotless and there was a new roll of toilet paper. When everything as accomplished, the Outhouse was still thee, tangible and Lilian was worried for nothing in case it was all in her head. HUMANS CAN visualize and materialize! How about some WORLD PEACE NOW!

“A few of Lilian’s Native friends were at the house. They came after the Indigenous Walk and the Woman’s March at the Capitol. They had a great visit, They left about 10:45 PM. When opening the door there were MANY birds singing. They wondered what could that mean. In January and the middle of the night. The next morning at 9:40 AM Lilian had a phone call from TEXAS. 100’s of birds were singing, diving through the air. It was a scene like the one in the movie The Birds. She recorded the event as well as she could since it was so unexpected. Unfortunately she is not able to transfer it to the newsletter. She said she is too dumb but will ask a technician at the TV Station to transfer it for next month.”

“ You had better get your neck fixed CROOKET, you truly do look like you are from Outer Space…at least that is what “THEY” think.

armor for deceased cats
armor for deceased cats 2

armor for deceased cats 3

Lilian’s Native Friends suggested to make armor for deceased cats in which they could be buried. IF someone conducts archaeological digs 1000 year down the road they may determine that we sent Felines into battle!

we sent Felines into battle

learning from gang members Kevin Seybert I lived down the street from Homeboys and I was able to get my coffee and pastries from Mario, I am proud to know him and his homeboys and homegirls!

Genetic illnesses of the ROMA . So interesting to read about
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC31389/?fbclid=IwAR1A6QmJz-L4xvtS1cg-VvjFaTaZa8xlWMLWKWbmKEwcan-pAdQhe4O9qtk roma

https://www.facebook.com/IndigenousLifeMovement/videos/240375230191013/ Olympia march

160 verified UFO Sightings in Washington State in 2018
https://komonews.com/news/local/160-ufo-sightings-reported-in-wash-state-last-year?fbclid=IwAR1mpjFQOxJI9jyzUTFEh4t8-qyTJbhDekyNEAufPH8Zp1DUSrZYyMjhJWc HOTLINE

Thalassemia….A blood disorder involving less than normal amounts of an oxygen-carrying protein.
Claudia’s visit to Dachau for our show