March 2019 Newsletter

Just hanging around

Commander here. Just hanging around trying to make sense out of the last 28 days. Nothing conventional about any of it. Been hanging around Lilian for 20 plus years and she was as “DINGY” as the rest of the world. For one thing I remember BLACK HISTORY MONTH past. It was always full of festivities. She would get dressed up attending lectures, plays, dinners and give classes to educate or refresh peoples memories what the month of February brought forward in reference to historical fact so often overlooked by the newer generations. Not sure if it was the political temperature or the horrendous weather conditions around the country which prevented …willfully or circumstantial… that BHM just slipped away. Almost ALL of America was blanketed in snow white in a literal sense.

Epic Gridlock: Winter storm creates 115-mile backup along snow-clogged I-5 in Oregon

186 passengers on an Amtrak were stuck for 36 hours due to a storm when a tree which fell on the tracks the train from Seattle to Los Angeles was stuck on the tracks. They eventually had to return to Seattle. The rest of the country did not fare any better. It was constant snow, ice and winds creating much damage. It snowed in Las Vegas and Arizona, New Mexico and the dessert was all but impassable. People were busy with just staying alive. In Washington State schools and government offices were shut down and had “Snow Days”. Grocery stores had empty shelves and food trucks stuck on the highways prevented to deliver food supplies.

Crooket and I just hang out

Crooket and I just hang out in Lilian’s yard trying to observe the behavior of Humans and eavesdropping on her activities while stuck in her house. Stuck in part by circumstance and part by choice. She left her house three times during the month of February. One of those occasions in a cab to attend a local Pow Wow. She was a very irritating wreck thinking she would be unable to go since her car was buried in snow along with everything around. The fire wood was frozen together and after thawing out was so wet it was unable to burn.

Pow Wow locations

These are the Pow Wow locations around the country. Lilian attends the closest to her. She looks forward to it and includes it in her budget. She recharges her batteries she calls it. She needs the association. The dancing and the vibrations.

association, The dancing and the vibrations
association, The dancing and the vibrations 2

pow wow

“ Hey Commander. It is just too cold, time for me to get back into the house, besides I can inform myself better, too far away to hear dialog.”

“ You,Crooket are a nosy fella and the way you can bend your neck… guess you will never be able to repair that. At least you can turn it into all directions to hear what is being said AND watch TV at the same time.”

“ YUP. Remember the little 3-year old boy who was missing in NC and when they found him days later he claimed to have been taken care of by a Bear? Lilian talked about that for days because she did not agree with that explanation. While at the Pow Wow she talked to several friends which agreed with her. She was actually able to see and handle some bear claws while there. It only verified in her mind that what the boy thought was a bear must have been a Sasquatch. A Bear of any size would have accidentally hurt the child. It is said female Big Foot are very loving and caring so in Lilian’s and some others reality it was one of them that took care of the little boy.”

“ Unexpected DNA link: A Kennewick man shares paternal lineage with Kennewick Man.

paternal lineage with Kennewick Man

Look what someone posted on facebook….

“ Speaking of wild things…. the day Michael Lillie, the Photographer, came to take our pictures the lights went out right after he left. As Lilian was contemplating a plan as what do do next she noticed what appeared to be a Royal Blue cloud floating thrue her house. We watched it in amazement and at one point she thought she would take pictures and record it. Was awesome to have supernatural company.”

a Royal Blue cloud floating

“Commandor, did you know that Washington State is considering dropping the tax on diapers because many parents cannot afford to buy diapers. When interviewed several said they have to change Baby after 2 pees instead of 1. Lilian suggested they go back to cloth diapers and soap and water at which time some of the young ones thought that was disgusting and too much work. What problems, what problems. Especially since Mr Putin announced if USA had any idea of involvement in Venezuela he would point his arsenal at us and prove a point since so much fuss is made about NO means NO. He went further than that when showing a map of possible attacks.

The targets, which Kiselyov described as U.S. presidential or military command centers, also included Fort Ritchie, a military training center in Maryland closed in 1998, McClellan, a U.S. Air Force base in California closed in 2001, and Jim Creek, a Naval Communications Base in Washington State.”

“Either way you are talking about getting a handle on POOP.”

“ Gosh it is cold on this side of the Planet. It reached up to MINUS 60 in some places, one would think Humans would concern themselves with surviving the elements rather than making threats toward each other.”

“ Is it normal to have Tornados in Havanna?”

“No, but nothing is!”

“ Lilian discovered she REALLY like Trevor Noah, the young comedian from South Afrika. She watched his work for days straight. Talking about someone obsessed! But it seams to be helpful she had gotten so preoccupied with politics. Much better to laugh than staying upset. Between the dashing young Zulu and Steven Colbert it takes the sting out of reality momentarily.”

President is in Vietnam BS-n with who he calls Little Rocket Man and Vice President is in Venezuela. Guess we will know in a few days what damage was done. While they were out of country”

Subpoenas were issued as to find out what happened to most of the children taken from their parents at the border and kept in detention centers. It has been called KIDNAP even by some American politicians.

The Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Program is managed by the … Human Services (HHS) has custody of and must provide care for each unaccompanied alien child, defined as a child who has no … UAC are referred to ORR by another federal agency, usually the Department of Homeland Security. (quote from their website)

Lokesh Kumar Singh
Rahane Ke Bahane (Lokesh Kumar Singh is a friend who corresponds and adds opinions to the show : A Visit with a person of High Strangeness. He resides in India and is very highly thought of by us. This month he actually had some thoughts for us.

The time to concentrate on human needs like water, food, aviation, cheaper homes etc. One or two persons can research the final medicine for cancer. Some doses would cure the disease. All countries will work on the lifestyle of the citizens. 2019 may be the real time for some progress in research of mass energy relations more. 2019 should be peaceful for the world’.

Almost no-one knew what to do in February… life on Earth had arrows coming from all directions, for once it was a good thing to be Alien. And YES I am adopting your habits, hence the finger.

hence the finger

Valery Uverov talked to Lilian on several occasions over the years about the Pyramids he build in Russia. Here is an article which appeared in the news feed in February. You may find it very interesting.

This is the VIDEO mentioned of the Royal Blue Mist during the power outage.