Well-Meaning but Mis-Guided Aussies Ban Bottled Water

The war on safe drinking water has recently achieved another victory as the tiny town of Bundanoon, Australia banned the sale of bottled water, forcing residents and visitors to buy unhealthy bottled beverages, drink tap water or bottle their own water.   The ban may have been a well intended attempt to protect the environment, but will likely end up causing more harm than good.  Most thirsty people will simply buy another beverage which has an even greater negative impact on the environment.  Only a few health conscious individuals will not drink chemical laden tap water and will likely carry their own bottled water.  The residents of the town will consume the same amount of liquids with perhaps more of it being from the local taps.

The ban supposedly came about after a bottled water company wanted to tap the town’s aquifer. In a country frequently stricken by droughts, protecting local water supplies can be a survival issue. In this case, the fear of losing too much water from the town’s aquifer turned into a movement to ban bottled water in general.  What would have happened if someone wanted to buy their water for a Coca-Cola plant, would they have reacted in the same way?

In many countries there are movements to ban bottled water but not other bottled beverages which are even more damaging to the environment plus damaging to human health.   Governments in Canada, Australia and other countries have banned the sale of bottled water and the use of bottled water dispensers.  If they were to ban all bottled beverages and provide a safe water supply then one could understand that a ban would be an environmentally sound move.

The true reason for the bans becomes apparent when one considers the fact that most city tap water is a toxic brew of chemicals which is hazardous to human health. Banning bottled water will force more people to poison themselves with fluoride, chlorine, chloramine and host of other toxins.  It is doubly suspicious that the countries where bottled water bans are emerging are those which put fluoride and chloramine in their water.

A 2005 survey by the American Water Works Association found that approximately a third of all utilities used chloramine – an extremely dangerous and unstable combination of chlorine and ammonia.  Choramine is toxic which is why bottles of bleach and ammonia have labels with strong warnings against mixing the two.

Chloramine exists in three different forms: monochloramine (NH2Cl), dichloramine (NHCl2) and trichloramine (NCl3, Nitrogen Chloride).  They are chemically related and are easily converted into each other and thus called chloramines.  Chloramines are chemically unstable and easily change form and combine with other chemicals to form even more toxic compounds, most of which are poorly understood and have never been tested for safety in drinking water.  Trichloramine is highly toxic and instantly kills rats at concentrations of 112 ppm.  Tap water with chloramine added to aquarium water kills fish within minutes.

In addition to being toxic by itself,  chloramines causes lead to leach from lead pipes, brass fittings and the solder used to connect copper pipes (before lead-free solder became the standard for plumbers).  Scientists from the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) reported extremely high levels of lead in the blood of children  after chloramines were added to the District of Columbia’s drinking water.

Chloramine is added to municipal drinking water supposedly because it is a better disinfectant but in reality the World Health Organization reports that chloramine is 2,000 to 100,000 times less effective than free chlorine for the inactivation of E. Coli and rotaviruses. So, chloramine doesn’t work well as a disinfectant for most pathogens. It also doesn’t dissipate from water easily like chlorine does.

You might ask, if chloramines kill fish and rats and puts lead in our water then what they hell are we doing drinking it?

Most drinking water in the United States,  in some parts of Canada and recently in Britain is fluoridated with fluorosilicic acid (FSA), also called Hydrogen hexafluorosilicate or its salt, sodium fluosilicate, collectively referred to as fluorosilicates.  Fluorosilicic acid is an extremely hazardous chemical waste produced by the fertilizer industry and is classified as VERY TOXIC in Canada and EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS in other countries. However, its actual health affects remain mostly unknown because it has never been tested for safety as a water additive.  Sodium fluoride, a natural but hazardous mineral, is added to most toothpaste and is used in various drugs and chemical weapons.

Fluorosilicic acid is used an industrial solvent for lead.  When combined with chloramine lead is leached from pipes and brass fittings much more rapidly.

It is now widely recognized that fluoride does not decrease tooth decay and can actually cause serious health problems.

So, if all of this is true (you can do easily do the research yourself or just read the links below),  the logical but preposterous question arises – why is such an effort being made to poison people through drinking water?

Well, it is not just our water.  It is also our food, air and other things such as cell phones which are damaging our health and rapidly reducing our cognitive function.

Possible Conclusion 1: A stealth war is being waged against the human population because we pose a serious threat to the planet.  Human overpopulation has caused the rapid decline of every eco-system and has already caused the extinction of countless species.  Because humans are unable to control their population it is being controlled for them before the Earth’s ability to support life is compromised.

Possible Conclusion 2: Fluoride is known to make people more suggestible and was used by Hitler and Stalin to make people less resistant to tyranny.  Countries which are fluoridating water are also become more fascist while the people in these countries are becoming less intelligent.  A powerful war industry has great influence over the countries which have fluoridated water and they need a compliant (stupid) population to sustain the senseless but highly profitable wars being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan and wars to come.

Possible Conclusion 3: The author of this article is a conspiracy nut who has misinterpreted the data.  While the scientific data shows that the chemicals added to water are hazardous,  the concentrations are so small in municipal tap water that it is perfectly safe.  Banning bottled water will somehow magically reduce the consumption of all bottled drinks and save the resources used in the bottles and transportation.

Decide for yourself: